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A New Perspective
by Jack Power

Why? Why have you done this to me, brother?

I sit here alone in this cramped space I do not recognize. How long have I been here? I do not know; time has lost all meaning for me. Endless boredom, perhaps a sigh of nostalgia; that is all my life is now. Heh heh, perhaps something more, as well, as I will tell you in due time. But you wonít understand, will you? You wonít even try to listen. Youíre long gone by now.

I remember it all as clearly as it happened. I remember how much you love building things. Do you still build things now, I wonder? As for me, I just love knocking them down. Why I receive satisfaction from breaking things is beyond me. We are the perfect team, you and I; I cleanse the area, and you erect fabulous structures in tribute to our greatness. But, you believe that my job is somehow less meaningful or less civilized than yours, donít you? I remember the day when I first become frustrated by your arrogance. You say, "Look at what I have created! Isnít it beautiful?" You alone, eh? How could you create anything if I hadnít cleared away the debris left by the others? I remember, in a sudden fit of vehemence, I travel to another place you had built and demolish it. Oh, the joy that I feel from that one simple act! Your creation, so wonderfully beautiful and complex, was all the more superb when it collapsed in on itself after a brief display of my power. You either donít notice or do not care much for your creations.

So I do it again.

And again.

And again!

Inevitably, you tell me to stop. I admit, perhaps I have gone to far, but just as it is your right to create, it is my right to destroy. Then, our great battle ensues. Heh heh, I never expected you to be so strong. We are evenly matched, though, arenít we ? You are my brother, after all. But I falter for a moment, and you incapacitate me.

And then I awake here. What do you call this place? I call it home, now, but not for long. There is only one way out, and it is blocked by a new creation of yours. (Is it yours, or are you just borrowing it?) I must admit, the prison you made for me is an ingenious contrivance; a magical seal created by four planets. Try as I might, I cannot destroy it. Do you realize how much this frustrates me? The one thing I am skilled at is my only means of freedom, and it avails me naught!

At first, I merely watch, spending my time trying to chip away at the seal. I see the inhabitants of these planets grow from primitive little savages into... primitive little savages with better tools. They seem to have both capabilities of our kind; they both create and destroy, but they are nowhere near as skilled as we are at these things. I doubt that they have any potential, however. They exist as solids in this physical realm, and I find that they have finite life spans and that they reproduce themselves. I watch them for a while, as they amuse me somewhat, and try to accept my fate.

I try, but I find this fate unacceptable.

After an unbearable amount of time, I become more and more restless. I need to destroy again. I must! After relentless scrutiny, I notice that your prison has one flaw: It weakens after the green planet has moved around the sun a thousand times. So, I gather my strength and wait for those thousand revolutions, and I force part of myself out into the universe again. Now, I have learned to reproduce myself in a way, just as these mortal creatures. This part of me, it destroys the trivial organisms that infest the planets, and I relish in every moment of it. Watching them writhe in agony gives me terrific delight, for I am destroying life itself, and is that not the ultimate of creations? But then, the little ones band together, and try to attack my personal avatar! At first I laugh at their futile efforts, but then I realize that outside of the seal, my avatar has a very limited supply of strength. A hero for their cause appears, armed with weapons containing a power I am unfamiliar with. And then, after a struggle, my avatar is defeated. Not only am I weakened by this, but humiliated and angered! How can these feeble insects keep me from my freedom? How dare they? What right do they have? They have none, as far as I am concerned.

So I wait another thousand rotations. As the time crawls painfully forward, I simply sit and wait for the time to come. Suddenly, I am struck with inspiration; if I can create a part of myself separate from myself, why canít I create servants to do my bidding? I send these minions out into the world steadily, but many are slain, and this angers me. Still, they are only pawns, and they serve as a temporary abatement to my need for destruction. When the seal weakens once more, I strike out into the world, but once again I am defeated. And again. And again! Now, the destruction of these creatures, these "Algolians" as they call themselves, and that which they produce does not appease my hunger; it only makes me want more. Each successive push into the outer world drains me of my power. The little creatures amuse me no longer. They shun me as a "demon" or a "curse" of some sort. What is it they call my avatar? Ah, yes, the "Dark Force." They can never understand me; I cannot communicate with them. So, I must destroy them.

I must destroy them all.

No longer do I destroy them to simply abate my hunger. No longer do I destroy them simply to give meaning to my existence. No, I destroy them because I despise them. I will show them my hatred. Hatred!


I know now that this hatred gives me strength. A strength beyond strength! Death to all that lives! Destruction to all that has form! This will be my battlecry as I unmake everything!

But I digress... Defeat after defeat, I finally find an ally. I believe it called itself "Lassic." It is a leader on one of the planets. A feeble little being, it wants a guarantee for absolute power and immortality. So, I give it a gift; a suit of armor that would satisfy its desires. Within time, it grows more powerful, and while its body becomes filled with my essence, I begin to gain a greater understanding of these creatures. Lassic aids me greatly by oppressing and slaughtering its own kind pointlessly. It was too late, however, for four of the creatures that opposed the ruler Lassic defeated it, and afterwards, they defeated my avatar. I would not let my ally Lassic die so easily, however...

Then, I meet new allies. They are from a different star, and call themselves, "Earthmen." It seems that they are of the same design as the Algolian creatures; they call this type, "human." I have my avatar, my "Dark Force," speak with them. They are indeed an intriguing lot; they love to create and destroy just like the Algolians, but in a paradoxical way. They destroyed their own world with their creations, so now they seek a new world to ruin. In them I sense energy of a frequency that matches that of my own. They say that they know me very well. This I do not understand, but we nevertheless strike a deal: They help me destroy part of the seal, and I give them the rest of Algol. I watch them install their own strange creation into every aspect of every Algolianís lives. They called it, "Mother Brain." I do not understand either of the two words that form that term, but I do realize that it is instrumental in accomplishing our tasks. The Algolians become weak and reliant upon the Earthmenís creation, and thus far less likely to defend themselves efficiently. The Earthmen begin conducting experiments through their Mother Brain, and toy with life just as they did on their own dead planet. But the creatures that are created, as delightfully harmful as they are, rouses suspicion in the Algolians. Again, a champion arises to oppose me. I watch as one of its allies sacrifices itself to stop the creation of harmful creatures. At the same time, that creatureís life essence is transferred into artifacts which prove to be my undoing. The champion takes these weapons, enchanted with a power that I cannot understand, and strikes down my avatar, as well as the Earthmen.

But he is too late: one of the planets which seals me here is destroyed! My thirst for destruction is fulfilled! My hatred and revenge empowers me tremendously! I create a second avatar immediately, and send it with a legion of my followers after the escaping Algolians. I destroy their escape vessels one by one and create war and chaos among them, my power growing greater by the moment. That Dark Force is sealed away, but that does not concern me.

All that concerns me is that I will soon be free. In another thousand years, I will snap the remaining chains which confine me, and shatter the worlds of these feeble inhabitants. If they wish to call me "Dark," then that is what I shall be. But I am far greater than they could ever imagine: I am Profound Darkness.

And when I am free, I will destroy everything. Everything! And then, brother, I will be far more powerful than you ever were. You cannot exist without me. What is creation, without destruction? What is light, without darkness? You were right to flee from me, brother, but you cannot escape me. Even if you could move at the speed of light it would not save you, for I move at the speed of darkness. I will show you the infinite rage that your horrid prison has taught me, and I will punish you. If I cannot destroy you, I will seal you away as you did me, but I will give you no hope of escape. Then, you will understand as I do. But you cannot understand what I have become; I am something far, far greater than what I once was. Something far, far greater than you .

Do you know fear yet, brother? Oh, you will, just as the Algolians do.

Do you know hatred, brother? I will show you that as well.

And if I should fail and perish, no matter. For within each creature in the universe lives a part of me, a part which cannot be denied or extinguished. I am a part of all.

If I should fail and perish, no matter. There will be others.

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