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Chapter Two

  The light from the candles danced across the Dojo’s walls. Twelve students sat with their legs crossed meditating. They were lost, confused with the recent death of their instructor, the great swordsman Zoke. The light and shadow intricately flickering across the faces of the students. They had been in deep meditation for more than 4 days, the loss of the master was a great blow to the students. The surviving master, Anze, sat with them. A small elderly man, Anze had once been Zoke’s master, and had only agreed to join Zoke in the Dojo after learning of the dangers on Ragol. Zoke had taken three of the four great swords and journeyed to Ragol. He had sensed a great evil beneath the soil. A hunter from the guild had found his body deep within the uncharted ruins, all of Pioneer 2 mourned the loss.
  The sole female of the group, a light blue haired Newman woman, suddenly screamed as if in tremendous pain. Sitting to her left, the group’s sole Android, a short white hunter model, activated his eyes. He looked the woman over, scanning her with his eyes to ensure there was no physical harm. Once he had determined there was none, he tuned his head and deactivated his eyes. This event seemed all too common to the others of the group, and it was a surprise when Anze spoke.
  “Trys...”, the elder spoke softly, “You are troubled? Your meditation brings you no solace?”
  Her face obscured by her hair, Trys replied without opening her eyes. “I saw something that troubles me master, but think nothing of it.”
  The wrinkles on the elder’s brow compounded appearing more weighty than they actually were. “You cannot deny these visions any longer Trys, they are a message, you must listen to what they are telling you.” The elder opened his eyes and raised his chin. He stared Trys straight in the eyes. After only a few seconds trys could not stand this and abruptly stood up. She turned away from the master and began to walk towards the door on the far side of the Dojo. “You cannot run forever girl, and until you face your inner demons, I forbid you from returning.” The other students opened their eyes and looked upon the elder with a myriad of surprised faces. Trys turned her head and looked at the elder out of the corner of her eye. without saying a word she once again faced the door. A few moments later she had left the Dojo. The white Android, still sitting with his eyes disengaged, once again activated them.
  “You’re making a mistake master”, the Android spoke, “sending her away like that...” Anze interrupted the Android’s words with a stern look. Realizing his disrespect the Android lowered his head. “I... I apoligize master, please forgive my lack of respect.”
v “What was Zoke thinking?” Anze wondered to himself. “Accepting a machine into his school, how absurd.”
  The students looked upon the elder’s silence and slowly returned to their meditation. The Android slowly stood up. “I am sorry master,” he spoke, “but I cannot allow her to combat this alone.” The android turned and faced the door.
  “By the wishes of Zoke I allowed you to remain in this school BWS-1, but know this: If you walk through those doors now you may never return. I will indulge no such fancies as androids studying the arts.”
  Angered by the elders words, BWS-1 spoke, “I refuse to allow my friends to face peril alone. If you will not help her, then I will. Goodbye.” BWS-1 took several quick strides toward the door and exited the Dojo.

  Trys fired a bolt of Zonde in the direction of Tygrin, it had no effect. Iris and Tear were safely outside the lab now, and all that was standing between Trys and her freedom was 2.2 meters of angry red android. She sprinted for the nearest door only to be cut off by the faster moving red behemoth. She desperately tried to maneuver around him, but it was no use. He was fully covering the door. Tygrin’s eyes glowed brightly as he slammed his fist into Trys’ lower abdomen. Trys violently exhaled and began desperately trying to draw in breath. Tygrin clutched Trys’ by the neck and lifted her off the ground to his eye level. Trys’ grabbed his wrist with her hands and tried unsuccessfully to pry herself loose. If he had been capable of doing so, Tygrin would have smiled. Then he was shot in the back.
  Startled, Tygrin dropped Trys and quickly turned around to see two black androids and several humans in dark clothes, all holding photon guns pointed at him. The front most human spoke.
“You have nowhere to run Tygrin, this is your curtain call.”
  As he violently charged the group of government soldiers, Tygrin’s eyes glowed brightly. His speed caught them by surprise. The human who had spoken was greeted by a fist to the face, which was dealt with such strength, that it knocked him back several meters into the humans standing behind him. They all stumbled and began to fire their weapons in the general direction of the ceiling. The two androids were not so easily surprised, they fired several volleys at Tygrin, who despite being impervious to techniques, was not at all impervious to photon bullets. Tygrin stumbled back, several well aimed shots had come very close to his critical systems. The humans were getting up, and the androids were reloading. Realizing he could not win, Tygrin did the only sensible thing possible. He detached his head and threw it out the nearest window, and while the military was busy trying to figure out what the &#%$ had just happened, Tygrin’s head rolled away from the lab complex to safety. Inside, Tygrin’s left arm raised up, and from the hand the middle finger extended. A loud beep was heard seconds before the headless body exploded.
  From the doorway to the teleporter room, Trys watched the government soldiers recover from the odd scene they had just been party to. The lead human looked directly at Trys, he had a large indent in the shape of a fist in his face,
“Ouch” he said.

  Trys stood holding the railing looking over the edge of the shopping district to the massive city within Pioneer 2. Lost in thought, she barely noticed the crowds walking past her in all directions. The white android from the Dojo, BWS-1, walked up beside her. “How are you holding up?” , he asked.
Without looking at him, Trys responded coldly, “fine”.
“Look Trys, I only want to help. You’re my friend, we’ve known each other for years. If you can’t trust me, then who can you trust?”
  Trys remained quiet for several minutes, then spoke, “I’m afraid B...” she said with a dry emotionless tone. “Iris is up to something, I can feel it, but I don’t know what... I’m worried.”
  “Are you still having the dreams?”
  “Yes, but... they’re different, and they’re faster now. I don’t know what to do, Lyca hasn’t had a single one, and Iris and Tear are out of reach. I need to know what they were doing to me in that lab, I... I...” Trys’ voice trailed off.
  “It’s okay” BWS-1 said reassuringly. He turned his head to face the city beyond the edge of the balcony. “You’ll find out, you know you will.”
  “...yeah, eventually, I know B, but...”
  “Hey, by the way, speaking of the little minx, where is Lyca? Weren’t you supposed to pick her up after training today?”
  Trys abruptly pushed off the railing, her eyes open wide. BWS-1 looked at Trys, “so” he said “it’s one of those days eh? 100 meseta says she’s skipped her meds had 2 already, and probably working on the third.” Trys glared at BWS-1.
  “Hey, she’s only 16 you ass, what do you think she is? Some kind of slut?”
  “Trys, I’ve seen her when she doesn’t take her medication before you remember? I don’t think... I know.”
  “Oh just shutup and c’mon.”

  Trys and BWS-1 were walking to the inner district teleporter, on their way to the Purplenum sector to pickup Trys’ younger sister Lyca from school. The message indicator light on Trys’ Datalink flashed indicating she had received mail. “Hold up B”, she said, “I’ve got mail... it’s from Lyca.” Trys briefly read the message on the screen of her Datalink. “She’s gone down to the forest with Anim, they’re going to hunt rappies. She says ‘Don’t worry, I took my medication at lunch’.” Trys looked at BWS-1, and rolled her eyes.
  “I guess”, said BWS-1, “She’ll be fine then, there’s no danger in the forest anyway.” As he finished speaking, BWS-1’s Datalink flashed. through his direct connection to it, he read the message. “Oops, sorry Trys, I forgot I was supposed to meet Haruka after we finished training today. She’s a little mad, I’d better go.”
  “All right B, tell her I say hello. And... thanks, for everything...”
  “My pleasure Trys, I’ll mail you tomorrow, we need to work out this... situation.”
  “Yeah, later B.” BWS-1 turned to his left and quickly walked off into the crowd in the direction of the dining district. Trys watched as BWS-1 walked away, and just as she was about to start for the teleporter again, she was taped on the shoulder from behind. She quickly turned to see two army soldiers standing in front of her.
  “Are you Trys Sols?” The closest soldier asked her.
  “Solstrys”, she corrected, “Family name first if you please. Yes, I am her. What is this about?”
  “My apologies, approximately 10 minutes ago someone using your Hunters Guild ID caused quite a commotion in the Bluefull sector before teleporting to Ragol. The initial DNA scan verified the perpetrator as you, however...”
  Trys’ mind raced. There was only one person who could fake her DNA signature. Trys knew even before the soldier said the words, Iris had made her move, she was now on Ragol.
  “...a secondary scan of the DNA signature using archived guild data confirmed it was in fact a rogue hunter known as Solsiris.” The soldier continued, “We have orders to bring you to our commander, if you’ll follow us miss...”
  The color drained from Trys’ face, when she spoke it was barely above a whisper. Her mind was working to furiously to contemplate any kind of complex answer, she managed to say “Okay”, as the soldiers escorted her to the teleporter.

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