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Love In The First Generation
by Myau of Algol

In the hall of the Cillean castle are it's king, it's princess Maia, prince Lyle of Shusoran, the Orakian princess Lena of Satera and finally the Orakian prince Rhys of Landen.

"Stop !" the king bellowed out.

"I need no further proof of your determination for my daughter. Cille would be proud to have such a fine king as yourself."

Rhys looked away in modesty, "... Thank you sir ..."

Behind the king was Maia, whose bright eyes pierced through Lena, whom was standing behind Rhys with Lyle. Lena seeked comfort from him for the eventually announcement of Rhys and Maia's marriage in Cille. Lyle started whispering to her "Lena ... if he wants you, he won't marry her ..." Rhys' posture suggested he didn't fell comfortable. King Cille moved out of the way of Maia. He surprisingly didn't look too overjoyed deep down either.

"Oh Rhys ... !" Maia sighed as she hurried into his arms. " I was so scared of that Laya - ridden beast, I thought I would never see you again ... thank you my love for finding me ..." She gave him a peck on the cheek and they locked arms again.

Rhys was silent and jerked his head to try to look at the group behind them. "What's wrong dear ? You don't feel comfortable ..." She looked into his eyes.

Rhys stuttered, "Uh, you need to know something, my sweet Maia." She was twirling some of his hair and whispered "... Yes dear ?" Struggling to gain a comfortable position in which to answer, he looked into her eyes. "I'm really sorry sweet Maia but ..." and with a drop of Dutch courage Rhys finished "... I ... I love another ..."

Everyone could hear this, both a little shocked and a little relieved. Maia became a little rough in the throat "... Who is She ?" Maia took a quick look at everyone. Lena tried to hide her relief. Rhys grasped onto Maia's shoulders. With a sigh, he confessed, "... I'm in love with Lena ..."

Rhys tried to stroke her hair to comfort her, but Maia ran to her father. Rhys turned to the group behind him. "Lena ?" The Sateran princess walked up to him.

"Rhys I ..." He put his finger on her lips. "Sshh ..." He turned to everyone in the room, looking contented.

"Many months ago, I found and nursed maia, the beautiful stranger. Nothing was known about her past, her royal background nor her identity as a Layan. She could have been a peasant for all I care, but I still loved her with all my heart and soul. Let that be a lesson that love needn't have boundaries."

He nodded at king Cille and turned to Lena. Rhys knelt down before her. "Though I sought Maia, I choose you Lena. Will you marry me ?" Rhys cupped her hands into his.

"And I'm sorry I neglected to thank you for opening the dungeon gates for me. I felt horribly inbittered and helpless ..." He looked down and restarted "... I'd seen allot of you from afar, but before this adventure I'd never heard your voice, felt your hair, held your hand ... thank you Maia for bringing us together. I hope this is the last proposal I'll need to give, Lena, will you marry me please ?"

By now Lena was drying her eyes out with her handkerchief. "... Of course I will marry you, my prince. I wouldn't say no for the world."

Maia started eyeing Lyle from behind her father's back, as he walked towards his uncle. He gave a subtle nod. Regaining a standing, position, Rhys purred " Now how could I repay your help, my love ? "

As Lena giggled, she finger to him "This ..." as their lips met into a public display of passion. They became one as their hands rose into each other's hair.

Lyle and his uncle held a small conversation. "Lena told me that she liked him when I met her in Landen. Maia had gone missing then and she was terribly worried in case something happened to Rhys on his journey to find your daughter. She seemed a nice enough and an able girl so I let her join him in Shusoran. Well it wasn't really coincidence, since she owns the dragon's tear."

Maia couldn't even bear the thought that Rhys had dumped her at the alter and was snogging Lena in front of her eyes. "Excuse me father." Maia dashed by the couple. They didn't notice the slightest that she was crying her eyes out.

When the love spectacle has finished, Lena blurted out "Let's get back to Landen and Satera !" As she cutely poked his nose, Lena whispered "I might have a special surprise for you, tiger." This gave Rhys a gut feeling. He blushed and he never felt happier.

"Did I make you blush Rhysy ?" Rhys playfully turned to her "No !" They started fooling around until king Cille coughed "Will you be staying with us any longer ?" Lena replied "Not really ..." trying to sort herself out from not looking too scruffy after that encounter with her first love.

"Well I wish I could thank you Lena, for helping us dearly with our plan." the king thanked. Rhys looked puzzled "Plan, sir ?" King Cille stepped up closer to the Orakian couple. Lyle followed.

"... Long before Maia disappeared in that boating accident, she was arranged to be married to Lyle, her cousin ..." Rhys looked a little startled "... After the boat trip, I was to tell Maia of this arranged marriage. After she disappeared, the first I heard of her was that she was already engaged to another ... an Orakian ... ... But now I'm glad that this has happened. It brought you two together ..."

The king turned to Lyle "... And if you play your cards right my son ... you and Maia could be joined in holy matrimony before spring ..." Lyle looked in securely at his uncle "Please don't, that's just not me !"

Lena held Rhys' face close and kissed him "Shall we get going, dear ?" Rhys could just about manage a "Oh, OK." while under Lena's beautiful curse. He turned to the arguing Layans "Goodbye Lyle, and thank you." None of them looked away, so Rhys and Lena, engaged to be married quietly waves goodbye.

"After you, Maim." Rhys curtsied. "Thank you kind sir." They both giggled out of the Throne room. The laughter could be heard from the furthest room. Mieu and Shirren were waiting outside in the corridor

"Everything goes well sir ?" Rhys nodded and went up to him. "Shirren ... back to Landen dome. We have a wedding to plan." Shirren stared at his master "Without Maia sir ?" Rhys linked arms with Lena, whom was grinning "Yes Shirren ... without Maia." A door could be heard opening. "... Is that you, Maia ?" After several footsteps, the physic of Maia could be seen.

"Yes you basterd ..." She was in a night gown. Her eyes were red with pain. Those sparkling eyes that were once filled with joy a while ago were now gone.

She walked up to the Landen prince and slapped his face. "Take this letter with you. Although I should hate your guts, my heart begs to differ ..." Maia stared at Rhys and Lena,. "Damn you Layan gargoyle ..." she whispered. Maia waved weakly to Rhys, mouthing "Goodbye forever" before turning to walk back to her room and not look back.

"Maia ... !" Rhys thought to himself. Lena looked up at Rhys, "Aren't you going to look at that letter ?" Lena was cautious on subjects that involved Rhys with other girls, ESPECIALLY Maia. He secretly was hoping to read it anyway. It had a pink envelope, of which a beautiful perfume enveloped. A neatly folded pastel blue piece of paper was what was contained. There was joined up feminine handwriting scribed on.

Hello Rhys, and possibly your hag girlfriend Lena,

I have written this shortly ago, while you two ... were eating each other. You didn't see me run out, did you ?  Oh no, cared more for your stupid wedding then your first love and fiancé. I couldn't even live with myself in the Throne room while you were throwing your vows away at me like dirt. There's a sin for that you know ?  Filthy Orakians indeed ...


No, I can't hold you down any longer Rhys. Since I woke from unconciseness, and it was you I first saw, I just loved your touch, your soft kiss when you nursed me, in your own bed chamber ... and your honesty. I really appreciated that, your ability to let one know of your feelings and let your heart talk instead of your brain. That morning when you asked ME to be your wife, well ... that day will remain alive as a memory in a dream world even when my children can weld their weapons. Remember Rhys that the strongest emotion, love, does not go away all too easily.

(I would feel less restless if only there were a more meaningful material reminder of our love, for the sake of Cille and my heart. Mighten I carry our child ?  I only help but wonder.)
The letter had changed Rhys' perception of Maia forever. " ... A child ? What must she be thinking ?" he whispered to Lena. She couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the Layan princess ... until she reminded herself of her own emotional turmoil wondering if her chance was up to even meet Rhys face to face when he was still single. Lena asked him "Were we arranged to be married, like Maia and Lyle ?"

Rhys didn't answer, he was too entangled into the mystery and heart of Maia's letter " ... Might she still have me ?" he whispered. Far unst to him, he was being watched at by the two cyborgs and his new fiancé. "Are you ok Rhys ?  Since that slag gave you that letter, you look like you've had ... seconds thoughts."

Far into his thoughts, Rhys was quick to butt in "No, of course not dear !" He gave her a quick, rather fake, smile. Lena started looking a little uneasy. "Well I guess I have to trust your word." As much as she wanted to, Lena really couldn't trust the word of Rhys.

He was love - sick with two women, and the Orakian - Layan issues were not felt as important anymore. Lena joined Rhys with leaning on the corridor wall. "Come on, love, shall we go home ?" Lena subtlety pleaded. If only Rhys didn't have his eyes closed in thought, he could see what he was putting Lena through. "No ... not yet ..."

Lena sighed, even as his fiancé, she couldn't get rid of that whore. "Well ... you think about it, love." She got back up onto two flat feet again. "Drop a load, it looks like we'll be here long." Lena then proceeded to walk back into the Throne room, wiping her eyes.

The silent prince was bamboozled. He had two women, both he loved. He wasn't too sure how much about either, and he had to abandon one of them, not seeing them again. A typical Romeo he was. He had an image of Maia in his mind, but he kept on hearing "I'm Lena .... I'll help you escape ... follow me ...." They both eluded the images of one another, and that's why it was so hard.

If only he could clear his mind, think about the present. He let out a deep moan which echoed throughout the old castle. "Why Maia ?  Leave me in peace, and let me marry Lena ... please."

An attendant walked by through the corridor "Um, everything all right sir ?" bowed the servant. He slowly raised his head. He could look at this pinkie toe of society's body, yet he couldn't even show his eyes to his dear Lena, ashamed of himself to her. " ... Love, eh ?" Rhys gave a similar fake grin to that to Lena earlier.

The corridor became quiet again, and Rhys began to feel tired from all this pondering, and the fact that he'd had a battle against the king of Cille without a rest a short while ago. He slinked to the floor and rested his eyes for a few seconds.

Rhys awoke in the corridor. It was the same corridor geographically, but it looked like the walls had fresh covering. "L, Lena ?" He called out. A silence answered. "I'd better check out the throne room." He thought. There was sunlight around him, so he pretty much guessed he'd fallen asleep for the night. He walked into the Throne room.

Maia and his loyal cyborgs Mieu and Shirren was there, but there was no Lyle or king Cille, and Lena was long gone. There was also a strange boy with a pony tail in a prince's robe standing next to the empty throne; Maia was on the other side. Maia bowed to him "Good morning dear." God she looked older. Why was maia here ? Rhys hoped that Lena was just asleep or something, not wanting to wake him up ... but maybe she abandoned him in Cille with his cyborgs and left with Lyle to escort her home.

"Er ... Maia, sweet ... where's king Cille ... and Lyle ... and ... has Lena gone ?" Maia looked a little worriedly at her heart breaker. "Lyle's in Shureon, he is king of course, and, if you've gotten mad, you're king of this fine land ! Ayn, make sure your father doesn't start talking to the trees !" The blue - white boy, whom stood in silence like a loner till now answered "Yes mother." Rhys stood with mouth wide open "I'm king ?  And this boy is your son ?" Maia looked at Rhys like he needed a paddy wagon.

"You have forgotten who Ayn is ?" She turned to Ayn and they both chuckled, damaging Rhys' pride. " .... And are you still mad at me for proposing to Lena ?" Rhys was totally mixed "When did you?" Maia answered

"I don't recall you doing such a despicable thing to any girl but me. Do you mean that brown haired Orakian Lena from 18 years back. She went back home really heart broken. Lyle took her back home and nothing was heard of her. Lyle said she was devastated that she'd never see you. Oh well." Sitting down on the Cillian throne, where his (once) enemy sat in rule before, the king of Cille was going off his rocker

"18 years ago ? Oh poor Lena ..." a different expression sprang onto his face, turning to the mixed - race Ayn on his left " .... You are my son, Ayn ?" Rhys took a good look at him. He looked awfully like his mother; pale yet bright. He fake - grinned for the sake of it, a look that was used many times by the Landen prince.

"Oh, don't worry Maia ... probably just starting to forget things in my old age." She gave him a cute little sorry grin, but when was late 30's old ? Although the average age that one died was a little older then what the two parents were, late 30's was still quite young. Just an excuse, it was. All too mysterious this was. He closed his eyes, returning to thought, just as he was doing previously before waking up.

"Hail king Rhys, queen Maia and prince Ayn !" Three Layan messengers entered the room. "Cyborgs are attacking our land." "The vile cyborgs have beaten all our monsters !" "My lord, King Lyle of Shusoran begs for help. He has been wounded in battle."

After what had seemed like another full nights sleep, Rhys woke once more in the corridor outside the throne room. No longer during that time where Lena was not there. He could hear familiar voices around the corner, Lyle, Lena. Rhys breathed a sigh of relief, as another chance he had been given, a chance of a clear mind and realizations.

A realization that Lena had none to go back to in Landen. There were only two royal families in Landen dome after all. Maia, hopefully, would be fine, she was arranged to give her hand to Lyle.

"Yes, it's settled then." Rhys thought to himself. He stood up with an eagerism, no more of this mindless pondering needn't be carried out. Walking through the high doors of the throne room, he looked pleased that one of the toughest decisions that anyone could possibly have to take on was decided of. He looked at Lena while softly walking up on the red carpeted section of the floor, wanting to capture this moment. She and Lyle were sharing sections of the throne whom which they were sitting on. Kings owned separate bed chambers then other royal family members, of which they were often next to their ruling space. Lena and Lyle were chatting.

"The messengers get a reward of meseta for their services, often of which are mighty hard I hear."

"Gee, you Orakians must be bankrupt from using messengers for everything. Layan countries reward their services with meals and inn passes." "Meals? How do meals help servants with shopping ?"

"I don't really know how, but hey, it's still interesting learning about the Orakian system of ruling."

"I agree ! Defending your value system defiantly revives your appreciation of what you have, and not what you don't have, ... RHYS !"

Lena jumped off her half awaiting his choice of mind. "Well, what have you decided ? Who do you desire ?" Lena was biting her lip for the announcement. He smiled at her.

"Lena, there's no need to fear. We will leave for Landen." Lyle soon jumped off the throne.
"Hmm, so how did you make up your mind ? Lena tells me you looked like you were going round in circles in your mind." He was.

"Lyle, it was merely the worry of what would become of Lena had I not married her. The reason we were arranged to be was because there was no one else in the Orakian kingdom, just the Sateraian and Landen royal families." Rhys and Lena commenced an exchange of hugs, Lena thanking him for taking care of her future.

"Yes, that's true. Maia will be all right, she's got me to be married to ... " Lyle gulped.

"I was hoping that that would be the case Lyle. I don't want Maia to live and die alone. If that were going to be the case, I'd go the world over to prevent that." It was pretty odvious that the love for Maia would not go away, but trying any longer for her would not be a practicle move to take.

"Don't worry about Maia, I'll take care of her. You two just go home, Landen's expecting you." Lyle winked to Lena, she knew what he ment. Keep quiet about ol' Dragon Knight Lyle it ment.

Lena and Maia in wedding dresses
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