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Falze Prophets
by Moogle Luv

"Reverent Fifth One I've brought you the records you wanted."

"Thank you Messil," Rune took the crystal from the young Esper. The End of The Dark Millennia, it was required reading for trainees but to A Lutz it was old. After all the Lutz in his memory had lived it. Rumor had it that the trainees had to read in order to understand why the Lutz following the First were so effeminate. Truth was that Lutz was a direct ancestor of Rune. Linta to Noah to Lutz to Rolf to Rune. There was even Landale blood in him from Rolf.

The Dark Millennia, the time when the Desan fight against Dark Falz was lost and the Espers learned of The Great Light and his sister/wife, The Profound Darkness. It ended three thousand years ago, and Algol had almost been lost. He had reviewed t his record many times, this time he also took a look at the record of an acolyte. This was because of Rika. The acolytes were the beginnings of the genetic program that spawned Rika.

He needed to look through one last time for anything at all that could warn them about what they were facing. The temple of Dark Falz was located south of where Mile was now. This acolyte was as good a place to start as any.

Acolytal record: recorded by cortex implant A568D255. Start of record on SC331.99 at 10:45pm Motabian time.

The priests, she thought lugging the pail, the damned priests. The damned priests of the Holy Dark Falz. She knew the stories. How the true prophet Dark Falz had broken free of the bonds that the evil Desans had kept him in, how the Holy Oracle, L assheic, now Holy Caliph of Motabia, had destroyed the leader of the Desans, and brought about the Dezosyian Jihad with which to cleanse the skies and lands of the last Desans, the Eshpahs, and exactly how the priesthood punished those who whispered again st Dark Falz.

It was a holy day. The moon-sun was black, the holy sign of Dark Falz, and the priests were preparing their finest robes for the ceremony. Soon the "True God "would awaken. The time was very near. She looked forward to it. The planet of heretics and blasphemers, Rhykrhoss, would be destroyed and the Holy Crusade would be over and Anu could come home at last. Until then she was serving her holy duty as an acolyte to the priests of Dark Falz.

Finally she reached the door. Acolytes held great positions of power and this task would have been left to the servants normally, but this water was to be blessed by Dark Falz himself , a task too holy to be left to that rabble. The Priest Sihara ha d promised her a very special assignment for doing this and she would get to witness the sacred water blessing and see Dark Falz!!

She hurried on to the interior aqueduct. To see Dark Falz! What an honor!. She would not be able to become a full priest, due to Dark Falz restrictions over being served by women. She had heard it was either because the "True God" was female, or because a female had bound him. every thousand years. Nevertheless, she was to be honored today by being in his presence. It was more than she could ever have hoped for, service itself was an honour.

The Aqueduct was of a dark green marble stone flanked by beautiful representations of Dark Falz. Water flowed down from the luscious jaw of The Prophet and flowed quickly and smoothly down to the damned priests' chamber. Were it not for their Jihad Anu would be home, in her arms, safe from those Dezoysian heretics.

She stilled her anger as she poured the water. The Jihad was a necessary evil, but still^┼That was the last of it and she ran to her quarters to make herself presentable for the blessing.

The bathing water was perfumed with the sweet smell of Maura leaves and her robes were anointed with Asuline. As she prepared for the ritual she remembered the last time she had seen Anu, almost 4 years ago.

They had been laying together one morning in his bed safe at home in Albion on Parlma, and she had rolled over to look at his well-chiseled face and sculpted body. As she watched he opened one green eye and grinned at her. She ruffled his auburn hair and leaned down to kiss him.

"You needn't worry about the war," he had told her, twirling a strand of her fuschia hair, "Nothing more than some lowlifes starting up trouble. I'll be home before you realize I've left."

"Oh Anu, " She placed her head on his chest, playing with the few sparse hairs on it.

"Shh. My love. Don't worry about me. You're an acolyte to Prophallus, Our Dark Falz. Surely he wouldn't let the loved one of his acolyte die in some minor skirmish now would he?" He kissed her again.

"You're right. He is good and benevolent to his believers. How could I doubt? Anu^┼^┼" He had stopped her with another kiss and they spoke no more that morning.

She finished the Maura absolution and put on her robes. Four years ago and the Jihad was still going on. Rumor had it that the Eshpahs had a stronghold in Altiplano on Dezosya. Soon though, the Holy Army of Prophallus was closing in and the heretic al movement would be crushed. And she would be with Anu once more. She made her prayers and blood offering of a impudent Motabian farmer then hurried to The Chamber.

She approached The Chamber with much pride and excitement welling up in her ample breast. The honour of this moment! How many other acolytes had ever seen this?.

"There is no other Lord than the True Lord. May his Prophet and Priest Prophallus watch over his faithful Rappies and protect us from The Evil Light"

"Enter young acolyte and prepare yourself for the presence of the Prophet Prophallus."

She entered with her head bowed and her eyes closed. As she approached Brother Sihara, she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. Perceiving it as a nervous pain she attempted to continue her approach when she realized something had caught her by her wris t. She stopped.

She suddenly became aware of a pain in her other wrist.

"Still you look down like a faithful acolyte. Totally believing in the mercy of Prophallus." The voice, it was Lassheic's!

Suddenly her head was pulled back and she saw Sihara kneeling in prostate to Lassheic, bloody and gore streaked.

Like he had just come from killing pigs

There was a rancid breath at her ear.

"Not pigs daughter but villagers. A blood sacrifice for Dark Falz." Lassheic purred with his satisfaction.

She looked back and saw spiked dark blue tendrils wrapped tightly around her wrists.

Suddenly her arms were yanked in opposing directions. Sihara walked over and delicately removed her robes.

"I promised you would see Prophallus, did I not?" He began to plant hooks in her naked body. "And you will my dearest acolyte" The hooks were all in and he brought over a brander. "To Our Phophallus! To Our Dark Falz! To The Profound Darkness!", and with that he planted the brander in her.

End of recording due to cranial damage suffered by the subject. Remaining images were claimed as hallucinations due to the pain and subsequently deleted.

Eshpah note: hallucinations referred to may have been sights of Dark Falz and/or The Profound Darkness. Currently all efforts to retrieve any remnant has been unsuccessful

Eshpah record of events on Dezoysa, Altiplano, Rhykrhoss and Motabia. Start of record SC 332.00. Desan War and the subsequent ascension of the first Lutz to use the Telepathy Ball, Linta, after the death of her superior Utnapashstan and the destructi on of The Orb.


The Eshpah waved Anu on. To cast Legion took much concentration and he didn't need that defecting twit distracting him. Stupid soldier types. Oh Well they needed him and all the information on the so-called "Missionaries". The Desans and the Esh pahs were losing the war. Whatever element of surprise they had had was lost in the flurrying onslaught of troops. But here, was a high ranking officer, not a general, but a Lieutenant, and that just might give them the edge. That and this new magic th ey had developed.

Anu covered his face as several blinding blue flashes assaulted his former comrades. When the barrage had ended he took down his arm only to see the Eshpah brat Linta running towards him. It could only mean one thing. She was here to tell Utnapash stan that their spy had come back alive and with the magic they needed. Magic. Pah! He never understood why anyone believed in it. Even his lost one, his beloved acolyte had believed until the end. And Sihara had killed her, personally. The memory plagued him. It had been relayed to him from a member of an acolytal delegation rooted here on Dezoysa. Why? She had always been faithful. Yes, she was upset about the war going on for so long, but that was his fault for telling her it was no more th an a skirmish.

"Fall back!", the call for return to Altiplano was sounded. Anu fired off a few shots before planting the psi-scrambler and running over to the evacuators

"Scramblers planted! Let's go!", he ran over to an evacuator. He looked over his shoulder to see the Missionary rushing to get a lock on the psi-printing left by Ryuka use. He grinned. They had yet to find a way to get around the scramblers. Espec ially since they self-destucted after .05 seconds and that the design for them was constantly changing. He couldn't believe he had ever been dumb enough not to see that simple ploy.

Within a moment they were in the inner courtyard of Altiplano. Anu saw Linta whispering to Utnapashstan. Shortly there after an Eshpah came over to tell Anu he was needed in the inner sanctuary. Anu grunted his compliance. It would be time better served training these Eshpahs in physical combat. They lacked that. Heavily.

Upon entrance of the inner sanctuary, he was shocked. There clad in the Acolytal Robes of Dark Falz, standing next to that brat Linta, was^┼^┼.her! Anu nearly dropped.

"I^┼I^┼thought you were^┼^┼"

She looked at him and said, "You don't know? Of course." She shook her head, the fuchsia locks falling in her face, "You never knew about the Acolyte program." She looked up at him then, "All the Acolytes are clones of each other."

Anu finished his collapse. "You mean all of you are^┼." He waved his hand in the air.

She knelt by his side. "Yes. Yours was not an original, in fact all of us are genetically engineered. I don't even know why. I still cannot find Dr. Schneend who was the head of this program but^┼.."

"How come no one^┼.."

"Beyond your lover, how many acolytes have you seen, none?" He nodded. "See. We're hidden. And those who go off to join the acolytes, well they're used as^┼^┼'genetic raw material'"

She helped him up. "My name by the way is Rynkashi." She straightened the elaborately embroidered blue of her robe and pushed her hair back behind her somewhat elfin ears. "And I have the formula you Eshpahs need. Megiddo."

"Megiddo is the ultimate magic, the greatest technique. It takes all of your anger and your hatred, your sorrows and fears, gives them form and turns them against your enemies. There's one slight problem with the technique though."

Linta nodded ,"Whatever it is we should be able to mend it. Right?" She looked up at the tall blue haired figure of Utnapashstan.

Utnapashstan shook his head, his blue ponytail swaying softly. "There seems to be an inherent problem with the whole precept the technique is based on. To use the darker emotions^┼the very things that our control over makes us human? Is that ^┼ saf e?" The raven on his shoulder cawed as if to reply. He took it in his hand and began to stroke its feathers. "Rynkashi. You came to us seeking asylum from the acolytal slaughter and you brought us the information to lead us to this technique. We have trusted you totally in our desperation. Tell us now what is the problem and can it be fixed?"

Rynakashi bowed her head. "I don't know if it can be repaired or not. But I do know that the problem lies in that^┼.the technique will harm the user and his allies."

"Makes sense," Linta noted, "An uncontrollable burst of anger, hatred, etc. is always potentially harmful to those around you." She paused and cocked her head to side for the moment. "But if one could exert a reasonable control^┼.."

"Priestly research currently concludes that the control cannot give the technique the backing power it needs."

"Re-Faze!" They all turned towards Linta.

"He can figure it out after all isn't he the eldest son of Falz?!?! If anyone can do it, it's definitely Re-Faze." She nodded her head curtly a few green hairs falling out of their pins.

Utnapashstan nodded to Anu. "You see now why I chose Linta as my successor. Bright, energetic, ^┼.."

" ^┼A spoiled brat." Anu muttered as he shined his sword.

Utnapashstan hung his head. "Sometimes Anu, you should see the forest for the trees. Linta may act like that at times, but still she knows what she is doing. That is why you shall accompany them to Rhykrhoss."

"No. No way. No. No^┼."

"Oh come on, Anu. You know you've always wanted to be trapped in a small enclosed space with me." Linta giggled.

"Please let's hurry and get to Rhykrhoss. I don't like the idea of being in a Ryuka Ball to be Trans-warped to some strange place. Or of spending time with Linta."


"Yes My Lord.

"Those accursed Desans remnants have the formula for Megiddo."

"I will track them down and kill them at Your command, My Lord."

"Kill them all. But leave us the defecting Missionary."

"The one whose woman was sent unto Your Holy Presence and was taken by Your Holy Will?"

"Yesssss. And as for the last Desan priest. make sure he suffers before he dies, then hang pieces of him through out our system as a warning to those who would continue this Horrid cult of Falz."

"Yes, My Lord. I shall leave immediately."

As she went the Dark Falz rolled easily back on his throne and began to chuckle. Soon, his mother, The Profound Darkness would be free and then^┼. well that faithful little acolyte knew. He looked over at her, now a part of him just as she wanted. Although being a bump on his elbow might not have been what she meant. Forever conscious, forever in pain, and forever a part of him. Too bad. She could have had a wonderful life. Too too Bad.

"This is^┼.Rhykrhoss?" Rynakashi stared in awe at the crystalline landscape and borealis filled sky. She turned around slowly, finally resting on the Silence Temple. "Is that where we're supposed to go?"

"Yep. Re-Faze should still be sponging of Le Roof." She grinned. "Come on."

As they entered the Silence Temple, Anu noticed an odd lacy quality to the walls. The walls also seemed to pulsate with light. As he reached out to touch the walls, Linta grabbed him by the sleeve.

"Come on, "she said dragging him through the temple door.

"Welcome. I am Le Roof. I remain here to guide those that are left of the Desans and to remind those protectors that forget their mission: to keep the Profound Darkness sealed!"

The room had vanished and the three stood on a spiraling galaxy in the midst of a black sea. The voice floated down to them from nowhere around them, everywhere around them and from their own hearts.

"You, Rynakashi, have abandoned the evil which gave you form, yet it will take long for those like you to escape the Darkness which spawned you, but you are the beginning of hope of all Algol." Rynakashi put her head down and sniffled.

"Anu, you were a devout follower but when belief killed your love, you turned against it and sought to tear down the religion and expose it for the evil it was, but you do this out of hate and vengeance not out of love for your home." Anu flushed wit h anger.

"How dare you^┼."

Le Roof ignored him. "Linta, ^┼'re just an arrogant spoiled brat." Linta's jaw dropped and Anu's anger gave way to amusement."

"I cannot lie and I must examine the hearts of the Protectors, not to mention test them. So are you ready to go to the Strength and Courage Tower?"

"Actually," Linta said her face still red with embarrassment, "We need to see Re-Faze

Le Roof sighed. The galaxy vanished and the room came back to normal momentarily before plunging back into darkness. Suddenly a fireball appeared in the room.

"Re-Faze? We need your help." Linta finally showed some reverence in her voice. "We have a technique here stolen by from the Darkness and we wanted to know if you could refine it."

"Megiddo. That's a dangerous technique you have there. You intend to challenge the Darkness with it?."

"What is this "Darkness"? Is that the power behind Dark Falz?" Anu demanded.

"Well how's this leave me the technique and go see my brothers, Sa-Lews and De-vars. Pass their tests and see Le Roof. By that time. I should have it all set by then."

"So come back here and see you and Le Roof?."

"No. I feel that we'll need a new tower to guard this technique from the Darkness and those who would abuse it. When you finish with Le Roof head west of the Courage Tower. I'll be there." And with that Re-Faze burned brightly and then shot past t hem into the black.

Linta looked concerned. "By the holy light of Falz , we must be the ones to banish the Dark Falz."

"I don't understand. Linta what's going on?", Anu grabbed her shoulders frantically.

"We^┼are the ones for this millennia. The Desans were a priest hood of Falz, The Great Light."

"The ancient sun-god worshipped by the priests?"

"The sun, Algol of Falz. If I remember the legend correctly, it was once half of a larger being that split into two. A battle between the two halves ensued and the victor, Falz, sealed the other's power.

Anu let her go. "But what is Dark Falz? The escaped other half?"

Linta nodded. "As I understand it, yes. That's why we named him Dark Falz and reviled him. Every thousand years a group of Desans would come to Rhykrhoss to be tested by the sons of Falz, Le Roof, Re-Faze, Sa-Lews, and De-vars, who then sent to th e Darkness. But we think a thousand years ago they lost and Dark Falz was free to corrupt certain select humans. We think that the Caliph Laasheic was one of the first those thousand years ago."

Anu stopped Linta. "But Laasheic still lives. He's only about forty or so, he can't possibly be the same one!"

Linta shrugged. "We don't know. All we know is that none of those who left ever returned. And then the cult of Dark Falz over threw the Desan supremacy. All that are left of the Desans are us Eshpahs." She lowered her voice, " Some of the Desan C ouncil think that Dark Falz is but a small part of a greater Evil."

Rynakashi, in the mean time, was shredding her robe. How could all this be true? She left because she didn't believe that Dark Falz was holy at all. She thought it was just a myth. And here was a legend that corresponded with all the secrets the h igher acolytes knew. These remaining Desans couldn't possibly have known. This cloth. A symbol of the evil she had been born to serve. And now it lay on the floor in rags, leaving her in the simple black bodysuit she always wore under her robe. She s trapped her claws onto her fingers, and stood looking at Linta and Anu.

"I think^┼.that it is time to put Dark Falz back in his place."

Anu unsheathed his sword and checked it over. "I couldn't agree more."

This was bad. Very very bad. Utnapashstan's energy was just about spent and the original Dezoysan priests were busy attending to the other wounded. He doubted if he had enough left to cast Res. Where was his raven, Munin? He wasn't going to survi ve this battle and he needed to make sure that Linta would have what she needed to save them. Allyas, another acolyte clone, had led this assault and she was deadlier than most. Rumor had it that she reported directly to her lord. If that was true then she must be more than your average acolyte.

Munin! There he was! He had the Orb. Thank Falz. Suddenly he felt his Deban falter.

"So Desan! Did you think such a paltry shield could keep back a Genocyde Claw?" A smile spread across her gore-streaked face. "Know now the price of heresy." Her claws dug in swifter that he could react.

"LE ROOF!!!!!!" Linta shouted. "We have returned with the rings!."

Silence greeted her.

"Le Roof?" She felt a deep pit in her stomach. Had the Darkness found Rhykrhoss? Did it attack Le Roof? Would it? Could it? She felt on the verge of panic.

No, she thought, I am Linta, heir to Utnapashstan, last of the Desans, Mistress of the Altplano Sanctuary. I do not panic. I fight against darkness without fear.

The fears still plagued her. Had they already lost?


"Le Roof! I feared that they had attacked you!" Linta breathed relief.

"Protectors, the seal is weakening. Dark Falz gain his full power and^┼.Utnapashstan is dead."

"Utnapashstan." Anu whispered. He had always liked the old priest even when they were enemies. Now he was dead.

"I have already lost my physical form in the last Rhykrhossian assault, a thousand years ago. I fear if the Hand of Darkness reaches here this time all will be lost," Le Roof's voice had almost a sad quality to it. He had indeed lost his body in the successful effort to expel Dark Falz. Now it was the planet's energy barrier which hid it from the view of Dark Falz, Laassheic, and their visionary priests. Now his soul was left to guard Rhykrhoss from the Silence Temple.

"Protectors, hurry. See Re-Faze and then to Altplano. You'll know what to do there" And with that Le Roof let himself become reabsorbed in to the net, hoping and praying that they would yet succeed.

"Look O Lord., for I your faithful supplicant Allyas have brought you the Lutzian treasure. The Orb itself. All the memories of all the Eshpahn leaders are here including the location of their sanctuary!." Allyas held The Orb up to Dark Falz. His tendrils slowly snaked out to grasp it. They wrapped around the ball and her upstretched arms to the elbows. She shuddered in either pleasure or horror at their touch. The strands slowly slid up her arms and took The Orb. She lowered her arms dripping with the excretions of the strands.

My arms have been blessed and purified by the Lord, she thought.

Dark Falz turned The Orb slowly in his hands. He could feel the power but he could find no way to access it unless^┼of course!!

Allyas watched as her Lord opened his massive jaws and popped The Orb inside. He rumbled and growled and the fell silent and limp. She was terrified. Had her gift killed her lord? What had she done! Approaching slowky she reached out and lightly touched Him. There was no response. In her horror she attempted to back away when He awoke with a vicious smile on his face and a terrifying growl from the depths. The shock caused her to stumble and she fell down The Thousand Holy Stairs, breaking ev ery bone in her body by the seven-hundred and fifty-fourth, and her organs all bruised another forty steps down and by the time she reached the three hundredth stair she was mercifully dead, her excessive endurance of the fall an attribute of her genetics .

Altiplano. How obvious it was. He even knew the secrets of the psi-scrambler. He reached down to absorb the body of Allyas. She carried many secrets in her. Very useful, she was. This war was over. NOW.

Darkness. Pain. Chaos. And yet she could feel that all that was at an end. Soon, she thought, soon my brother/husband. I will be free of this wretched prison and I will have destroyed your miserable guards and our sons on Rhykrhoss. Oh I've alwa ys known where you hid them. You imprisoned me for a petty reason I can't even remember now. You took my children all of them, even Falz. You sealed me with Falz and his sons. But you left his twin with me. You discarded your sister/wife and son and mated with mortal women to create your precious protectors and their descendants. Lutz. The Great Light. I will have my revenge!!! And as The Profound Darkness twisted and writhed in her own pain and ambition, she was unaware of the subversion of Lutz by Dark Falz. The subversion, if completed, that would render the seal powerless.

"It'll WHAT???" Linta staggered. Utnapashstan, dead and The Orb in the hands of Dark Falz.

"The Orb is The Great Light.. If Dark Falz were to somehow destroy The Orb, all Algol is lost." The elderly councilman shook his head as the Dezoysan priests wailed loudly.

An explosion shattered the solemn silence following the Elder's words. Eshpahs, Dezoysans, and refugees began scattering in absolute chaos. The protectors started to stop the trouble but Zosa stopped them.

It is Him. He has sent his people to us and we must do the same. We have a plan for most of these refugees in a case like this. Do not worry. Go to the Ryuka Ball, quickly and we will Trans you to Motabia where the Evil resides. Don't Linta. I s ee your protests before you do remember that. GO NOW!"

Reluctantly, the four obeyed and climbed into the Ryuka Ball, the sounds of destruction behind them. Once they were settled in and going Rynakashi spoke.

"Linta. The one who killed your Lutz? She was an acolyte like I was. And she is dead. I don't know how but it was painful. Extraordinarily." She looked at her own claws. Given to her by Re-Faze who not only took the time to refine Megiddo but h ad forged armor and weapons against the darkness.

Forged of the purest Laconian Silver they reminded her of the tusks on the giant Locustas she had often cleared out of her temple's village on Motabia. Linta carried a thin Laconian rod, which was possessed of more and greater magic power than all o f the Eshpahs and Dezoysan priests combined. And Anu, with his Laconian sword imbued with the cleansing spell Deon, carried Megiddo. Was Re-Faze right to entrust this technique to him? He seemed so out of control at Ryhkrhoss and Megiddo required the u ltimate control.

Their assault on Motabia began as everything does, quiet and simple. They moved like efficient killing machines and they were. Mages, guards, and priests all fell before them. The acolytes faired no better. Linta attacked with a fury that was unk nown, but Anu whose rage had been unquenchable against the others almost faltered here. Rynakashi knew that he was struggling to remember that none of these was his lost lover.

The trio left a trail of black oozing ichor to The Chamber of The Thousand Holy Stairs. They stood out side the door for a moment. This was the moment in which the future would be decided. Either Dark Falz would be resealed or the worlds would be plunged deeper into Darkness.

"Dark Falz." Linta said breathlessly, "We are your end. WE HAVE COME FOR YOU!" Her Hewn spell threw the doors of their hinges and she strode in with the weight of Algol on her shoulders, fire in her eyes and two vengeful companions with her.

Laassheic never turned around to beat his hundredth death. No matter he knew that as long as the Darkness existed he would live again and again.

"Leaves you and us Dark Falz. You killed her, and Utnapashstan and countless others at Altiplano and allover Algol. It ends here." Anu readied his sword.

Dark Falz screamed and began his attack. For all his added strength, for all the additional powers he had gained from the dead acolytes and his Lord, he was losing. Quickly against these humans, these mortals. He played his gambit then, he brought out The Orb from within himself and shattered it.

Linta screamed then. The Dark Falz was gone, using the last of his power to destroy The Orb and in that instant she understood. About the Darkness contained in Chaos and it's brother/husband contained in the Order of The Orb. She saw all possible f utures and the one that must be so. It would mean years of pain for her people but she knew how and why.

Anu and Rynakshi never got that far. The Profound Darkness, free at last had destroyed the both in an instant. She was free and her lover, her dearest brother was nearby. She turned and saw^┼

^┼Linta was The Great Light. The Orb into which so many of the Lutzians had poured themselves in to after death, The Orb she would have possessed after Utnapashstan's death as a symbol of her Lutzianship, leader of the Eshpahs, That was The Great Lig ht's prison. Imposed upon himself to become a warning against His sister. And he had imbued his power to Linta.

The Profound Darkness squealed. Still at it after all these years. Still crawling allover those mortal hussies. Look at that he's all in her now. But this isn't to create is it husband, you want to destroy me. But I am the ultimate destructive fo rce. You are creation. Remember that. That will be your end brother.

But that wasn't it Linta thought. She could feel the Darkness' anger and pain and almost felt sorry for her. The two of you are reversed. Woman is creation and Man is destruction. The two of you apart could achieve neither fully. The Great Light must take when he gives and The Profound Darkness gives when she takes. That's why The Great Light bonded with me, a natural born fertile female unlike Anu and Rynakashi. He used a woman once to make the barrier and to reseal it, it shall be a woman on ce more.

She put up her hands as the ceiling shattered and both the light of the sun and the dim natural light of Motabia's moon poured in. Linta wove. She wove and The Darkness screamed. It flailed around only entangling itself in the light web more. Afte r all that time all that effort behind Laassheic and Dark Falz, the priests the acolytes all for naught. Little girl. You will not rest easy. Ever.

Linta sealed the breach and sat down. And cried. Anu, Rynakashi, Utnapashstan, all gone. She now had the responsibility of putting Algol back together. She looked at the pieces of The Orb.

They were slowly condensing. Linta stared in amazement. She picked up the condensing mass and in her tired, bloody hands it formed back into a ball.

"Lutz, this will be my last message to your people. My using you to reseal my nemesis took much out of me I fear that when I next am able to your people will be gone and my sister will either reign or be defeated. My vessel will still serve its Eshp ahn purpose, to carry the memories of the past Lutzians, to pass them on with the knowledge of my sister and our children and now what has happened these millennia and that it may be prevented from ever repeating. Linta, I have charged you with another m ission. One that will require all of your Ryuka Balls and will isolate the worlds for another 3 centuries. I cannot bring that those that were lost but I can be sure of their memory. The sword will be Elysdeon and will forever harbor the memories of th ose who battled against my sister and her pawns. The other weapons will be sealed away until the time comes once more. Megiddo will be sent back to Re-Faze, that he may further refine it. Linta before you isolate the planets see to it that only Palmans remain on Palm, Dezoysans and Motabians on their own planet. The Desans may stay on Altiplano but isolated. Linta, you are now the Lutz of the Desans. Remember your duties."

With that Linta stood up with the ball and prepared to return to Altiplano. She still had a mission to finish.

The return was an occasion for the Desans. The Dark Falz vanquished and Algol at peace. When Linta called An clandestine emergency council meeting, some feared the Darkness still lurked in Algol.

And when they came out the Palman refugees were asked to gather their things for they had an important task. The Motabians and Dezoysans were sent home, and the Palmans on Motabia returned to Palma. When everyone but the refugees had returned home t hey were gathered in the courtyard.

"You are all to go to a new world where you will be free of Algol's curse. Neither you nor your ancestors should ever come home. but they may. I will leave you with words that will not be remembered for centuries."

And with that the refugees climbed into the Ryuka Balls and were Trans to there new home in the Sol system. All of them were willing to accept Linta's proposal. There was nothing left for them in Algol. The Darkness had taken it all. But they coul d be free of the Eternal Darkness and that was what they wanted.

The Elder Reshel came up beside Linta and asked her, "Honorable Lutz, I did not hear what you told the Palman."

"I told them that 'The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all of its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance, in the midst of black seas of infinity and it was not meant that we should travel far. The sciences each straining in their own direction have hitherto harmed us little, but someday the piecing together of disassociated knowledge shall piece together such terrifying vistas of reality that we shall either go mad from the revela tion, or flee in to the peace and safety of a new dark age.*"

End of Eshpah record: 332.02

* H.P. Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

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