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Sketch: Gryz And Odin's Axe
by Neko

"... Something's here, that's for certain."

"Yes, that is to be assumed."

"We'll never see it if we can't see! Demi, don't you have some sort of light?"

"The battery ran out fifty-five minutes and thirty-eight seconds ago, sorry."
A loud sigh.

"If I hadn't given all my money to Alys way back then I woulda had the money to buy a couple spare torches."

"Wait... I think I might have brought a spare flashlight. Hahn, check the far botom of your pack."


Clank. Clink. "Ow, forgot about that knife - Ah, here it is. Demi, Didn't I ask you NOT to put stuff in my pack?"

"I thought it would come in handy in case we were forced to split up."

"Either way..."

A fairly loud click, and there was a thin beam of light, enough for the three to actually see each other.

"... Well, what do you know? There's a door right in front of us."

"It is similar in design to the door to the Bio Plant facility. However, this location has no registered facilities, nor notable electrical output."

"Well, there's one way to find out what's inside, right?"

Gryz casually walked up to the door and tried to push it open.

It didn't budge.

He looked for a handle, a tiny bit exasperated.
There was no handle.

"Demi, did doors like this often have hidden locks?"

"... Actually, occasionally, yes. Let me look..."

All it took was for Demi to approach the door, and it opened.

Hahn commented "It might be triggered by electrical signals outside of it."

Demi backed off, and the door closed.

Hahn approached it with the flashlight - it opened.

"That answers that. Let's go in."

Hahn quickly walked into the door... And within a second, walked out.

"... Huh? Are you two mirror-images?"

"No, I'm the Same Demi you were talking to a second ago."

"Then what made me turn around?"

"... Gryz, you try."

Gryz nodded. "Mabye it's a magical barrier that only Motavians can go through or somthing."

When Gryz walked in, he partially expected to see some sort of spooky mechanical facility.

Instead, he just found darkness.

"Hahn, can you toss that flashlight in here?"

The light passed in, giving him a second's glimpse of the room - and flew back out. Based on the sound, it probably hit Demi in the face.

"Uh... Perhaps you can set it close to the door and let the light shine in?"

The light partially flooded the room, this time staying in.

"Well, that was a little easier than expected."

On a pedestal of some rocks stood a small axe and an engraved rock.

Gryz decided it proper to pick the rock up and look at it first.

"I have set this axe here and had my allies seal it, for I did not want it to be used until the proper time had come. I can only hope that the proper time HAS come and that you are the intended user - for that is what the protective barrier was designed to allow in. This axe is made of Laconia, the strongest metal in existance. Use it well, and if it needs sharpening, rub it in dirt first. Trust me on this. - Odin."

Gryz looked at the finely carved axe, and picked it up - it was surprisingly light and not exactly to his tastes, but a test swing at a rock clearly showed it's power by slicing the rock in two.

"Well, Grandfather Dorin was correct in telling me where to look."

Gryz walked out of the room holding the axe across his shoulder and the rock in his hand.

The only thing that went wrong on the way back to Tonoe Village was Demi's rare display of emotions in a distinct grumble about how Hahn should have figured the flashlight would have bounced out, that being how maic barriers of that sort usually worked.

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