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Seth - A Final Recording
by StellarWind Elsydeon

36 years before I met that Chaz, Rika, Rune and Wren near the Soldier's Temple, I was born in the small village of Torinco. Back at that time, mainland Motavia and Torinco were united, since the great earthquake that detached it didn't take place yet. As the matter of fact, it only took place 22 years later, when I already graduated from the academy. I am recording this now when I'm temporarily free of the control of the demon so someone will find that recorder, and learn my true story. Someone MUST know.

Even at a young age, Ancient relics sparked my interest. When I was 16 years old, I finally got a ride to Piata, where the great academy resides. I studied like a bookworm, focusing on archaeology of ancient history, but something didn't seem coherent. I found it highly impossible that some of the "ancient" artifacts documented were been in fact awfully advanced for their time - In fact, they were even more advanced than what we have now! Continuing my studies, I have learnt of a great conflict that ripped the advanced technology of olden times apart, and caused an ancient, nearly two thousand years old civilization to vanish, leaving behind various artifacts and control systems, as well as some mechanical beings known as "androids". I have grown quite interested in this civilization, and researched it. I have read that the primary reason for the deterioration of this masterpiece society was the coming of an ancient living super-computer known only as "Mother Brain". Not much data was about it but all I found was that it's true agenda was destruction, it was powered by ancient evil, and built by a species of alien humans! That was indeed strange in my opinion, but I read that it was our kind that brought fourth its downfall - becoming so dependant upon this "Mother Brain" that it forgot how to survive in a climate as harsh as ancient Motavia's was. I have also read that this "Mother Brain" is the one involved in the destruction of another planet in the Algo system I was never aware of. A world once known as "Palma", and then as "Palm", And now documented as "Parma" for some reason. This world, first in distance from Algo's Sun, So I heard, used to be the second one and so its habitable climate was formed, however by a strange space anomaly it switched orbits with my home planet. Palma, or Palm as it was called then, didn't deteriorate into a desert like old Motavia was since Mother Brain took control of it quickly after. I've also heard about Palma's history, and as it being the home of Alis Landale, A powerful queen of Algo, who defeated a great evil known simply in the ancient scriptures as "Thoulphallus". Translating the Palmalatin into standard Palman, the name "Dark Force" resulted. I read that the ones who destroyed the evil Mother Brain also encountered a "Dark Force", albeit it was a different "species" of the "Dark Force" - With a different appearance and different abilities. I spent four years in the academy, and when I was 20 I finally graduated. I was now officially an archaeologist.

And I spent my years in travelling, exploring villages who date back to the days of Alis Landale and "Rolf", The leader of the party that eliminated Mother Brain - villages such as Uzo and Zema. I explored the ancient ruins of the once-proud Motavian capital of Paseo, near Zema. I have listened to stories from the beaks of native Motavians, uncovered ancient artifacts (this recorder is in fact one of my findings, and it apparently belonged to an ancient Palman "Robot-Cop"), Developed my own theories about how the world came to its state. And then, disaster struck.

As I returned to my home city, I noticed it was no longer there. There was a huge crater parting the water between what used to be my home city and the mainland. Using a rugged Jet Scooter I found and assembled from ancient parts I recovered somewhere around Zema, near what looked like the ruins of an ancient Motavian dam, I traveled to my home town and found the aftermath of the greatest disaster of my life. My entire family was dead. All of them. The earthquake totaled our house, and they were trapped inside. I was shocked. There were other dead and other wounded, and other houses destroyed... Indeed a disaster, but when the family that raised you finds its death so easily... I do not know if it's the scream of the earth or the laughter of fate, but that infuriated me. And it sapped my powers. I was devastated. I walked outside the village, and looked at the huge crevice. Then I saw the spark of metal... "It couldn't be!" I said, and rushed into the crevice on what seemed to be almost natural staircases.

Then I discovered it. A HUGE spacecraft was lying there. Its door was closed, but not locked. There was a strange logo embroidered on it, with the words "NOAH Project, EASA" written underneath it in a strange, yet oddly familiar language. For a second my heart jumped. This might be the discovery of my lifetime. I opened the door and walked in.

The place was an archaeologist's dream. A whole crashed ancient starship for me to explore. Nothing much was salvageable except for various robotic parts, D.N.A samples and.... then I noticed it. It was a statue of a gigantic woman. Beautiful, yet evil. Her face had a lifeless expression, and the wires she had for hair were cut off from the ceiling. It was very complicated from inside. And then I noticed the small sticker. It had a company logo on in the same strange-looking language, Although it appeared to say "Microsoft" for some reason and the words "Mother Brain Project" under it. And under that - "Where do you want to go today?"

So this was the evil computer. She looked utterly harmless now, as dead as she was. And then I noticed something lying amongst her remains. It was a small chest. It probably fell off from an upper level through the gaping hole in the ceiling. It was sealed tightly, and was glowing in a strange shade of teal. As I pondered if to open it, I felt a call for help. The voice was truly despaired, but yet corroded and... almost sinister. "Pleaaassssssse... Release me from my prisssson..." it called to me. And I felt compelled to open the box. As I opened it, all I recall was a wave of darkness sweeping over me as the towering, terrifying humanlike creature emerged, and glared at me with its deep, vicious red eyes. "I..." it said "Am one of three Dark Forces sent to bring mayhem across this system. Our mistress has grown powerful enough with the hole in the seal to send more than one of us... But my mission is special. I have been waiting in this chest, this `Pandora's Box`, for someone who will open it, and I could use his body to finally learn the greatest secret of them all... The secret of the fourth planet!" I attempted to escape, but my path was barred. And I felt a sensation of terrible pain as suddenly the most terrible memories of my life resurfaced, slowly draining me...

And so did the demon manage to seep into my body. It took over. And shared its knowledge with me.... and I knew. I knew everything. I felt powerful! But at what cost? I was but a tiny speck. All was black now. All was Dark Force.

Where have I been for fourteen years even I don't remember. All I remember was two great howls of pain from the creature that was inhabiting my body, twice, but with large intervals. And then I felt its voice again, curdling my spine "It is time." It boomed "The one who has been sent to rule upon the systems has been eliminated, and so was the one who has been sent to govern the living tower of Grauberk." And I quickly saw the flash images. The mechanical hum of the control satellite as the Dark Force was bio-wired to the computers, pulsating. The organic beat of the fleshy walls, the roar of the tower, and the gigantic, teal-colored crab-like being that was connected to them through pipes in its back, causing green fluids to pump through bone-like pipes in the structure of the tower. And them. I saw them. In the mechanical dungeon, there was a short, green-haired female android armed with a small sonic rifle, whom I identified as Demi-Type. In the living tower, there was a young, short-haired Esper girl wearing the standard Esper attire - partly robe and partly armor - and holding a pair of Laconian slashers in her hands, one of which was glowing strangely. But in both places I noticed the four people which I have been travelling with up to now. A tall android, which I quickly identified as a Fuoren-Subtype Wren-Type android, armed with a massive rifle. A blue-haired male Esper wizard, holding a staff and having a perpetually sarcastic look. A young pink-haired woman with black-tipped catlike ears, wearing what appeared to be an armored one-piece bodysuit and a short cloak, and lastly, a young man in a red half-armored suit, golden hair, and a sword.

Black lights started glowing, and I found myself on an island near a cave. I knew what I had to say. I knew that I was controlled. And they appeared, right on schedule.

Fortunately they didn't climb to the temple straight away. Instead they chose to take on a couple of Hunter's Guild missions, and after rushing through half the blasted world fighting monsters I never believed I will fight before - from huge birds with antennae on their head to robots of all shapes and sizes, Chaz and company decided to rest back in his house at Aiedo. I awakened in the middle of the night just to make this entry.

I will leave this recorder here after we leave. Someday Chaz will listen to it, and know that I wasn't acting under my own judgement.

This is Seth, signing off.

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