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Republic Insa: The Android Sin


Elenor Camuel, the famed android for her emotional problems, had been reported missing a few days before the Central Dome party, which had been followed by the disappearance of the Na´nsev family.

I have found classified files within the computers of Dr. Jean-Carlo Montague. A journal of all that had happened resulting in the death of the Elenor we had all come to know. Publishing those files might result in my death, but I am confident that Elenor's spirit will protect me from any danger. The body might be dead, but the conscience is still very alive.

There is a new generation coming, very soon.

We are so twisted...

It was deep within the bowels of Pioneer II that Jean-Carlo had been working in for the past few days. He had set up camp next to the sewage treatment facilities in order to study their effectiveness, and attempt to find a cure for a nasty bacteria that had begun developing in the lower levels of the city.

Progress had been going well. He now had several samples of the bacteria, which he would bring to the lab next morning to start testing out various types of cures he had concocted, at least on paper that is.

"What are you doing in my home?"

"It's not your home, b****, it's Montague's."

Elenor didn't reply. The intruder was right.

"How can it be your home, when you are programmed to slave around and clean up the messes, do the dishes, handle the toxic waste!" The intruder continued.

"Don't you do that too?"

"Of course, but that' because I have my own home. I clean up my own messes, I don't ask for someone to do my dirty work."

Another pause.

The intruder walked over to a closet. She opened it, stabbed her hands into something, and shoved it onto the table with a resounding clunk of metal against metal.

It was a chest plate, and it was anatomically correct.

"...Note that you were also programmed to screw with this guy whenever told to!" The intruder snapped.

"Alright, enough!!!" Elenor screamed.

The intruder crossed her hands, a satisfied grin went across her face.

"I can get you out of that mess." She whispered. "I can give you a place to live in, some cash, and some weapons to hunt like anyone else. You won't have to follow any crazy orders. You'll have a mind of your own and you'll be free to finally think for yourself and judge what's coming at you. Pick it, or not pick it?"

Elenor gave away a sigh. She computed the facts and probabilities for a few seconds, and finally raised her head to look straight at the form standing in the dark room.

"Pick it." She replied.

The next thing she knew, the intruder was gone.

"Stay where you are!"

Jean-Carlo didn't need to be told twice. He stopped in his tracks, and turned around to see an android holding a shotgun in one hand.

She was a horrific sight. It obviously was a customizable RAcaseal-type android, but what a kind it was. He guessed the model's shape to be at least fifteen years old, from the styling marks, but aside from this, everything was dangerously up-to-date. The normal hair plate had been replaced with a myriad of mobile knives, neatly "brushed" so to say, and enough to reach a bit more than shoulder length. Her face and upper body consisted of matte black simu-skin, the softest and most expensive. Some parts on her arms, chest and legs were dark grey and black as most female android models went, but anything else; knife-hair, sharpened skirt (with the absence of the traditional bow-tie), eyes, suit pattern, feet, they were all glowing green. She was the only RAcaseal unit Montague had ever met, to glow in such a way that it was eerie beyond comprehension.

Maybe it was the sharp-tooted grin she was merrily showing off. Not a grin; moreso a dangerous area. The grin itself occupied a grotesquely large space, the lips pulled back to reveal a set of long and shining grey teeth. And if one could see clearly enough, he would have seen the chain from which they hung, allowing her to spin the buzzsaw in her mouth for God knows what kind of purpose...

Or maybe it was the shotgun she held. It wasn't the modern 12-caliber we all knew about, oh sir no! In fact, the sole word "shotgun" was now attributed to an expensive piece of complex machinery that could fire photon bullets at five targets at one time, and had to be held with both hands and legs well apart due to the recoil. The sole word "shotgun" was rarely spoken of, and it was with a good reason: very few people could even afford the cost and training of this thing which even veteran rangers hesitated to use.

Or maybe, and it was much more plausible, that the eerieness came from her Delsaber hands. They were immense, they would have reached mid-tibia, they were a set of black and powerful organic monstrosities. Montague couldn't even fathom how she could have merged with an entity such as the Delsaber (in fact, it occured after switching on a teleporter in mid-battle; how ironic) and anyways he didn't have the mind to. He could only look at the un-retractable blades that ran all the way along each of the five fingers of each hand. Even disarmed, she would still pose a threat, most obviously indeed.

Montague summoned all the courage he could hold.

"What do you want?" He shouted to the presence.

"Your complete co-operation to freeing from slavery a good friend of mine."

"And who is it?"

"Elenor Camuel."

Jean-Carlo's expression was most obviously shocked. It was his android after all. He had created her, and she should give him respects for that. She would never have come to this world without him.

He shook his head at the presence.

"This isn't negociable."

"No problem. Here's my argument, b******."

She fired the shotgun, hitting Jean-Carlo straight in the chest. He didn't budge; instead he stared at the handgun hidden within his coat, which had melted to an unrecognizable pool of metal. The heat instantly forced him to throw said cloth away. The android resumed her speech.

"I have plenty more if you feel like it. I guess you know by now that you pretty much have to do it, b******!"

Jean-Carlo clenched his teeth. He had spent too much time trying to program Elenor. He would spend even more on a new RAcaseal unit, for Leroof's sake!

"Follow me." The presence snapped.

Jean-Carlo was very nervous. He stared at the RAcaseal taking the entire door frame by herself. She was a good head taller than he was (seven feet and four inches, more precisely.) That, and she was very suceptible.

The little container shaken, she handed a syringe to him.

"You will poke Elenor, and inject one half of this mixture in each thigh at my go signal. Then, you will step back, but not exit the room. If you do, I'll chase you down and kill you."

He nodded.

"Where is she right now?"

Jean-Carlo led the android in another room.

Elenor was resting on a bed-like regeneration pad. She seemed fast asleep, in order to enhance regeneration of her batteries. Jean-Carlo approached quietly, while the intruder went on the other side of the bed.

She held up a finger, two, three, and then pointed to his direction.

Jean-Carlo quickly inserted the syringe into the left thigh, and prayed to himself that the procedure would take the least possible time, but his wish was not granted. The mixture was very thick, and the needle was too fine, although able to pierce the simu-skin parts of the legs.

One half done, he shifted to the other leg. As soon as the needle went in, Elenor's eyes opened wide, and she suddenly sat up.

The intruder stabbed a spike through the android's back. She let out a scream, and was left frozen in this position. The scream died down.

"Keep going!" The intruder yelled to Jean-Carlo, who had stopped.

He finished inserting the blood, then quickly drew away from the scene.




Network connected.


Transferring program.


Organism found. Posessed.



Transferring File.


Procedure initiated.
Organism agrees.

ORGAWALL responds: %yourewelcome%

NET 592

Jean-Carlo was as far from Elenor and the intruder as possible. The android had begun to shake uncontrollably, and the intruder was doing her best to restrain her.

Elenor's legs exploded.

Not quite exploded, but shattered, with an almost supernatural force blowing them away from her. Bones emerged from the stumps, and then black skin erupted, spinning and whistling like whips, ensnaring the leg bones like tentacles. The skin hardened somewhat, took some smoother edges, and fused together to form a flawless pair of jet black legs. Pink dots began forming on them, spiraling until reaching the feet. Small pink energy plates appeared above them. Shields.

The infection reached through the circuitry, enhancing hard drive, RAM, programs. It then reached her head. The hair plates dismantled upon impact with the infection. The newfound baldness was quickly replaced by a flow of pink organic hair, with black contrast streaks. Suddenly, blades emerged from her head, extending from black ropes unil these reached eighteen feet. They then retracted into her head through special, newly created slots. These blades were familiar to Montague. The intruder had injected La Dimenian blood into Elenor, then hacked into her to accept the organism and let it grow according to preset specifications.

Her eyes began to glow. The rest of her white simu-skin became slightly translucent. Her skirt and bow were dismantled, landing noisly on the floor.

The intruder retracted the spike, and let the android go.

"Welcome to the world, Insa-Elenor."

Insa-Elenor suddenly turned her head to Jean-Carlo. She licked her metal teeth with a black tongue, and he could see through the open mouth that her head had been hollowed out, and that two La Dimenian blades were ready to extend and strike him.

The intruder grinned to Jean-Carlo.

"Run, little sick freak! Run run run! This ain't your normal slave anymore!" She mocked.

Jean-Carlo backed away, found the switch to the door, and took a sprint into the corridor.

Insa-Elenor grinned to herself. Her already long legs extended to more than twice their length with a sinister series of cracks. She took the shotgun offered to her by the intruder, and dashed off into the corridor at breathtaking speed.

Shurikane smiled at the new creation.

"This new generation's gonna be badass..."

She walked out of the room, calmly walking after the chasing Insa-Elenor.

"...And, I've gotten rid of one stupid sick horny guy. Thanks for the help! Good new Insa-Elenor will be my second in command in a few weeks, and then we'll create the new type of people in town.

...Damn, we're good."

A shriek-laugh echoed through the building. It was the last thing Jean-Carlo Montague heard before meeting his death at a kick from Insa-Elenor, who effortlessly blasted his ribcage to pieces.

For all you fighting game maniacs... How about a few more details?

NAME: Elenor Camuel
NICKNAME: Insa-Elenor
CLASS: Insa series NewS RAcaseal C-Type 1, La Dimenian Crossbreed.
ORIGIN OF INFECTION: Suspected at 94% certainity of co-scheme between Dr. Jean-Carlo Montague and Shrike "Shurikane" Nainsev.

Legs: Full.
Abdomen: 82% circuitry.
Chest: RAM, Hard Drive, 37% of circuitry, armor.
Head: Eyes, nostrils, tongue, skull.


Legs: Stretchable to 250% of length at will, and to 300% temporarily using kicking motion. Force field-producing pink generators. Increased leg speed, strength, and dexterity.
Abdomen: No circuitry malfunctions.
Chest: Resistant-proof crossbreed circuitry, 25% double-side density organic RAM, 75% standard density RAM, 41% increase in hard drive space, 67% increase in hard drive reading speed capabilities, 39% increase in hard drive writing speed capabilities, 14% increase in RPM. Two permanent organic unit slots. Corrupted data with possible risk of 19% haywiring, 22% fatal error, 7% system crash, 2% overclock mode, 18% aggressive mode, 42% organic alpha strike.
Head: Organic tongue with bone, 50% of width and 100% of length relative to normal human proportions, length can incrase to 300% by sticking out tongue, and to 500% by extruding the tongual bone-spine through a hole at the tip of the tongue. Enhanced tasting capabilities. Enhanced smelling capabilities, smell-to-sight synesthetic enhancement. Hair helmet replaced by pink and black organic hair. Hollowed-out head with sixteen (16) hidden La Dimenian blades of two inches in length, on organic rope-tentacles of six (6) meters in length, or approx. eighteen (18) feet, which must exit via the back or the head, or a maximum of two blades via the mouth. Ropes and blades are fully retractable into slots.


Half-Circle Jetplane Frankeinsteiner: Arches back, grabs on to the ground, and extends her legs towards target. Raises her legs so that the tip of her toes catches the target's chin, and then backflips to send the target in a half circle above the ground, still pushed by the tip of her toes, to crash down behind her.
Old Sparky's Grip: Catches target between her lower legs, and activates her organic leg shields to shock and stun the target.
Urchin's Kick: Spins around on her head and/or hands in a break-dance like manner, with legs fully apart and extended. Can hit target repeatedly if close enough. If helped by a kick of the feet, the spin can be quick enough to send Insa-Elenor up into the air for a few seconds.
La D's Hairstyler: Whips two blades from the back of her head towards the target in a slashing motion. Most often done in the intention to make an enemy back off.


Chariot Catch: Brings target under herself, and riverdances on top of it at inhuman leg speed.
La D's Insaspin: Variation of Shurikane's Madman's Dash. Uses all La Dimenian blades to stab and ensnare target at non-fatal locations. Target is then picked up and spun around at a non-horizontal angle, hitting the ground at each revolution. Insa-Elenor then jumps up, flips and sends the target flying back onto the ground.
Bonecrusher's Suicide: Damages both Insa-Elenor and the target. The leg bones are purposely broken to reach over and ensnare the target. The target may thus be either caught and crushed into the twisting mess of legs, or ripped apart limb by limb using the legs' sheer strength. However, this leaves Insa-Elenor with weakened walking and leg fighting abilities for up to an hour, until the bones fully regenerate.

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