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Republic Insa: The Android Sin


One day passed. The Falz battle was over.

No one had tried to look for her. No one had tried to kill her, because no one would be able to. But she mad missed the Falz battle, along with someone who used to know her. And now, she was sitting on the top of this small cliff, facing Central Dome.

I have been doomed to failure... She thought. Born the wrong way, forced to fend for myself, and miserably screwing up at it...

There was already a party at Central Dome, all the important hunters who had either fought Falz or had given a hand in finding help. She had learned through the news that Rico, Tyrell's daughter, had been found dead. As Kod, he was refused access to the battle, and instantly fired from his hunter job by the Principal himself.

The form she had noticed earlier, walking slowly among the trees, was him.

He's been kicked out of the party too... She thought to herself.

"What's up." She asked in a monotonous tone.

"Me." Kod replied in the same tone. She didn't even laugh. "Why do you have your guards on? I thought you liked cutting on something in your idle times with your claws..."

"I don't feel like it." For the first time in her life, she gave away a depressed sigh. She didn't even bear her teeth in doing so.

Her daughter said nothing. She simply sat there, and looked cute...

Both, android and human, leaned against each other. Kod looked dirtier than usual. He had not shaved. Gone was the blue dye of his hair, which had been pulled back in shoulder-length salt-and-pepper waves.

One hour passed, neither saying anything. Sierra had gone back to the reactor to play with a small videocamera. Then, Kod stood up and left towards the planetary teleporter.

Shurikane was looking at the grass.

Curse the hands... She thought, her mouth twisting into an unwanted frown, her emotional program begging her to cry. Curse the hands!...

She facepalmed.

One second went by, longer than the eternity. And when the android noticed her deadly mistake, she shrieked in mental pain, and ran away into the dense Ragol forest.

Behind her were the flaming remains of an expensive Kasieri Wildsider TX-5.

NAME: Shrike Na´nsev
NICKNAME: Shurikane
CLASS: NewS Insa RA-SAcaseal C-Type 9, Delsaber Crossbreed.
ORIGIN OF INFECTION: Simultaneous teleportation field surrounding her and a Delsaber monster, resulting in a merge of both bodies.

Legs: 95% Circuitry.
Abdomen: 100% Circuitry, oiling system, motion and movement managers.
Chest: RAM, Hard Drive, CPU, cache, 100% of circuitry, armor.
Head: Skull, hairpiece, mouth, head processor.


Legs: Increased leg reflexes and dexterity due to resistant-proof organic circuitry.
Abdomen: Significant oil leak (cause and origin unknown), corrupted motion and movement manager resulting in occasional jumps to very erratic movements, increased waist and hip reflexes due to resistant-proof organic circuitry.
Chest: Fully organic and self-regenerating circuitry, 400% increase in RAM using double-side density organic technology, shielded backup double-sided standard RAM, 300% increase in hard drive space due to organic storage space with possibility for self-expansion, 102% increase in hard drive reading speed capabilities, 95% increase in hard drive writing speed capabilities, 12% increase in safe Gigahertz setting. Highly corrupted emotional files linked to CPU resulting in Overclock Mode (99% increase in Gigahertz setting) in the event of a Fatal Error in the executable.
Head: Hair helmet replaced by green-dyed knife blades, fully removable to accomodate other hairpiece types. Buzzsaw-chainlink teeth (sharpened triangular) with PreciShred and PreciBite technology. Rudimentary digestive system located in throat and upper part of torso. Set of vocal chords over main speaker unit, with 283% increase in Decibel potential capabilities. Head processor partly melted and taken over by fully self-regenerating organic brain.


Three-Armed Spin: Spins about herself to slash opponent in an asterisk shape.
Quicksilver: Activates hand shield and attempts a distant slash at target using an extension of the shield. Quite painful, but damage is light.
Jupiter's Passing Moon: Flips on the back of her hands and activates hand shields, using the force field to propel herself in the air, towards the target. Re-activates the shields at full power when close to target, in order to knock it down, or, if target is weak or already on the ground, implode it.


Madman's Dash: Grabs target's throat and scrapes him on the floor for a distance of nineteen (19) feet or until wall is reached. Target is then picked up by the legs and spun around in tilted UFO motion, smashing the head of the target on the ground for a total of twenty-one (21) times at a rate of 2.7 revolutions per second.
The Exorcist: Arches back and generates high-pitched shriek at maximum decibel setting. Frequency may cause severe pain in some people, esp. Newmans. Can shatter eardrums if a person is too close.
Face Ripper French Kiss: Target must be grabbed. Opens mouth at its widest possible diameter and bites through target's face while activating buzzsaw teeth for maximum shredding capabilities.
Ribcage Door Opener: Stabd both hands one after the other into target's solar plexus area, fingers as far apart from each other as possible. The hands are then flipped to face outwards, and then pushed this way to shred through the ribcage and, if lucky, split the target in half.
Overclock Mode: Sacrifices defense capabilities for offensive power. Shurikane becomes stronger, quicker, and much more aggressive and ruthless, but with a lack of blocking and counter-hit reflexes. CPU sets itself to 199% of its normal setting, enhancing reflexes in seeking weak and unguarded points. This Desperation Moves is usually applied in conjunction with another Special or Desperation Move or more.

Dead, yet very much alive.

I feel sorry for mom. She had the right idea... She just wasn't good at getting the message through. But I'll always remember the effort she did for herself, and myself too.

Her creator, Kod, was found later the same day in his apartment. He had shot himself in the mouth. For my own security, I changed my family name to Ilica. Sierra Ilica. It sounded beautiful to me, and it still does. Over the years, I also managed to evolve from my old self to a taller, adult-looking shape.

Seventeen years passed by. I managed to find work as a double agent. It isn't the easiest of jobs, but at least I had some money and a home. During those years, I came to restore my mother's car to a functional but less aggressive version. As for Tyrell, he took advantage of the Insa series' technology to develop the newman race even more. Unfortunately, this didn't work out well. The capital city of Ragol became famous for the Black Sector, a ghetto-like mass of buildings, containing genetic errors, incomplete androids, or a monstruous mix of the two. I played a small part in helping the Blacks as we came to call them. My organization, an affiliation of the ASSF called Department Twisted, did research on the Blacks in hope of finding a way to repair the broken genes and guarantee good-looking ofsprings. They are still researching as of now.

Fifteen years after the Insas, Tyrell adopted a young man by the name of Ash. He didn't enjoy the presence of his new companion, however, for he died of a stroke only two years later. It was just a week ago from now, actually.

I felt a pair of hands on my belly, and a voice saying:

"Still working on your little book?"

I turned around to face him. His name was Breez Lokk. He was my best friend, to the point that we are now pondering the idea of adopting a child (mags have no reproductive organs, unfortunately.) I smiled at him, as I picked up the book.

"A few more words, all right?" I said. He nodded.

Turning around, I grabbed the pen, and wrote a short letter to mom, wherever she might be. I then closed the book, and stored it in the safe.

I took Breez's hand into mine. We walked out of the garage, into open air.

Today was sunny. Breez muttered a compliment about how it enhanced the colors of my black simu-skin and electric blue metal parts. I said nothing. He knew I was happy.

On the other side of the street, I could see a white and green android walking at a quick pace. She looked at me with a hint of surprize in her face, then moved on.

Shrike was right...

Androids do have a soul...


Dedicated to Breezblok and OBI_1. While re-writing this fic, I was thinking about the curcumstances that brought me here... I can only say: thanks guys for chewing the hell out of me. You did the right thing, and I'll never forget that.

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