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Republic Insa: The Android Sin

The Android Sin

Tyrell stood up at their entry.

"Before you even ask; the answer is no." He toned.

Shuri chuckled.

"My dearest Principal," She said with a number of exxagerated polite gestures. "A word with you please..."

Without even waiting for an answer, she leaned forward onto his desk and slammed her hands down, sending several papers onto the floor of the office.

"You have frowned upon the accident between me and the Delsaber. Then, you have restricted me on where and when me and my daughter may go to whatever place we need to go. And now I'm trying to improve the mechanical and electronic beautifulness that you humans have invented and what do I get in return? You all b**** about it!!!"

Tyrell dared to approach his face one inch from hers.

"This is purely common sense. Do I really want to have an android with butcher knives for fingers run around in my ship, knowing full well she has the potential to kill someone any time she freakin' wants? We don't have gun control for no reason. It's to keep a******s like you from going on a rampage whenever things don't go your way, and right now, you are proving my point!"

"So what? I am justified as well! I have been oppressed ever since coming on that ship."

"You are not even on the lists! You're a clandestine passenger! I could have sent you into outer space if I had felt like it. The only reason I've kept you here is because of your mercenary reputation. If it wasn't for your work on Ragol, you'd be sent straight into the sun."

"And who are you to order how I am supposed to be disposed of, huh?"

"I am Principal Tyrell, the master of this ship. And if you don't like it, this is your own problem."

Shurikane stood up from her leaned position, and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I have been treated like a piece of crap for the past seven years. And if it isn't enough, you decide to also let your rage over my daughter. So what if she is part mag? Didn't you see her personality? Didn't you even notice in your head that she is most likely the cutest and kindest of all androids that populate this ship? Did you hear the rumors and all the good things black market operators say about her, because, as I know, you happen to know some of them? But no! You treat her like a live weapon! You think she is some nuke ready to go off, when she isn't! I have been trying to prove to you for seven Goddam years that I can do business well. I am a formidable ranger, you can't argue that and neither can my friends. And if the guns don't work, I have my angers to save the day. I have backups, I can last much longer than anyone else on the field simply because I have the resources and the ability to do so, and my friends over there have been given such ability, and now they will be able to better serve you into finding your daughter!! Do you dig that?!"

"You have a point..." Tyrell conceded, "But you don't have my approval. Insas are too unstable to be allowed to run around on my ship. You are going to invert that infection of yours, and I don't care which way. And if you refuse to do so, I'll force you to do it! You will become a normal, reformatted RAcaseal unit like you should have always been!!"

"Actually... I should have been a Halloween prank, but that is another story!" She laughed, and then slammed some papers on the desk.

"You have some group of crazy wackos called the ADSSF if I recall. If you can accept those guys, you can just as well accept me. Sign, either the soft way, or the hard way. Now."

"Breez, we're here. How far are you?... Okay."

Kod hung up. The SUV had gone through all the traffic and was now hovering the landing spot next to Tyrell's office teleporter. Everywhere he looked, he saw rifles, along with the severed hands that held them. There were bodies everywhere, most of them missing limbs.

Fred looked at the carnage and cursed.

"Man, Shurikane did all this now?!"

"I guess so..." Kod made sure his guns were ready, and landed the vehicle. "Armi had told me she had reached this spot before her... That means we'll have funerals to attend tomorrow."

Tyrell pondered and pondered. He held the pen but his mind wasn't into it. He knew full well the consequences of any decision he would make, and both paths looked very grim.

"Hurry up, I wanna get home before Christmas." Elenor nagged.

Tyrell looked up... Shurikane was still staring at him.

"I said now!" The android screamed.

"I just can't sign something like this."

The Insa grabbed Tyrell by the collar and his his face over next to hers. He was now within biting range.

"I'll do a trade with you. As of now I am a black market operator and a mercenary. If you agree to sign this thing, I won't need black market anymore since I'll finally be allowed to get a honest job. And to put the cherry on the sundae, I'll do whatever I can to find your daughter as soon as possible. I recall your hunters have a good handful of clues now. Maybe I could join them in the final battle against the demon holding the last pieces of the puzzle. I'd kick its ass, in case you're not aware of it yet."

Tyrell couldn't reply. His eyes were blank. He was trying to think, but there was a brick wall within his mind. Shurikane shook his out of his transe. Her wicked smile was gone, and had been replaced with an enraged expression. Behind her, Elenor noticed there were drops of oil covering the floor. And they kept on falling. Plick. Plick. Plick...

"So, you gonna sign the papers now? Come on, hurry up!" She screamed. "Unless you have something in your pocket you can use to strike back?! I dare you to pull it out!! What are your arguments? Huh?! What are they?! What are they!!!"

"You, Shurikane, declare yourself to be the first Insa, huh?!" A voice screamed from the teleporter. "Well tonight I'm proud to announce I'll be the last to be created and to survive the carnage about to happen in this room!!!"

NAME: Armi Prosis
CLASS: Insa-type HUnewearl, Guil Shark Crossbreed

Limbs: Arms only.
Abdomen: None.
Chest: Entire outer area, heart.
Head: Eyes, hair, throat.


Limbs: Two Guil Blades extending from the middle of each forearm and three feet in length. Top of the hands covered by organic plating, spiked knuckles.
Chest: Protective natural chinitous plating, encaging all area from collarbone to one inch below the breasts, and also around the back. Bigger and stronger heart, and more resistant main canals.
Head: Two additional pairs of eyes formed to the side of the original eyes. All six eyes are bright pink in color, with the originals being the biggest, and going slightly smaller on the second and third pairs. Some hair has formed into clumps and morphed into semi-organic appendages of yellow color.


Claw Style: Picks target in pair of blades in a pincer attack, and throws to opposite side.
Spincut: Spins on the tip of her toes at hich speed, slashing anything within close range.
Deep Sea Kiss: Special poisonous bite that enhances pain receptors of target, and weakens reactions.


Shurikane-Style Four Points: Stabs blades into target's torso, each facing outwards, and then pushes outwards into a quadruple shredding move.
Shark Hug: Grabs target into a bear hug move, and attempts to sink blades as deep as possible before letting go.
Gravedigger Special: Concentrates body energy, rising blades up, and then slashing them down in an extremely fast motion. Causes extreme damage upon impact, and creates a small shockwave as blades hit the floor.

Insa-Elenor immediately turned around to face the newcomer. She pointed her shotgun, and put her blade to the ready.

"I recall you are still outnumbered. Hardcore... Oh my holy God!" She toned. Behind her, the rest of the team had drawn their own weapons, except Shurikane who kept complete focus on Principal Tyrell.

Armi had been completely transformed. The Insa process had been successful. She was not dead; worse, she actually had a good and organised structure. Without a procedure file to guide the organism, it was impossible.

Elenor suddenly realized that with a lack of procedure to follow, the mutation had obeyed according to its own conscience. And now Armi was having full control over it.

The mutant woman's face was covered in blood. Sharp teeth had pieces of human meat between them. Her six eyes were wide open; her eyelids were not strong enough to close completely. Their new relaxed state was full vision. The mutant did not even blink. She looked like pure insanity straight out of the books. A stereotype gone true. Only Shurikane couldn't see the horror, and her orders were calm and fearless.

I need to make sure the Principal doesn't escape. Don't expect me to fight unless it's last resort. She transmitted by wireless. Five "Ok"s came back. It was also by common sense that Whatley wouldn't fire for fear of hitting his own teammates with the splash damage, so there would really be four people fighting.

Asiel suddenly exploded. Her body had turned to ash and steam.

"Rafoie technique!!" Shurikane yelled. "Watcha waiting for?! Come on, come on!!!"

Kay deployed her machine gun and began firing, along with the one-handed rifles in each of her hands. Armi saw the shots coming and easily avoided them, but soon found herself taken off-guard by a force pushing her towards the teleporter.

The glass dome exploded.

Breez's car came down in a hard landing. Without much more care for his old vehicle (or its engine, which he left on,) he rushed out and over to Kod and Fred.

"I saw all the bodies from up in the air." He said. "Is everything all right."

Kod felt a vibration within him, and looked up. Particles were flying all over the place from Tyrell's office.

A large window section crashed on the landing pad a few feet away from the group. Fred began walking for the teleporter, but a hand restrained him.

"No, everything is not all right." The veteran sighed and took off the top part of his armor, which he dropped on the floor. He looked up again with resignation. A human leg suddenly landed in front of him, making its presence known by a loud, squish sound.

"We're too late..."

Armi striked her blades through the floor, anchoring herself. She raised her head just in time to see Kestra floating over to the front of the group, her three eyes wide open as if in a trance, her right arm extending to be met with a dozen floating partisans, unextended. The blades arranged themselves into an urchin, and without even her throwing it, it went straight for the mutant.

Armi didn't expect that head start from the blade urchin, and although her head was spared as she shoved it towards the floor, the ball left a huge gash into her back.

She screamed in pain, and then found herself assaulted by burning stings all over her body. Photon bullets were slowly eating her away, but the force trying to push her overboard was still present, forbidding her from standing up.

In a rage, she climbed the floor instead, the tips of her blades leaving huge holes in the floor as she frantically made her way towards the psychic RAcaseal. Elenor met her instead, and their blades hit each other, with Elenor winning due to her using both hands to force the sword down.

Armi suddenly let her own blades go over to the side, the tip of the red saber nearly slicing her head, and then slashed back with full force at the disbalanced RAcaseal, sending her tumbling over to the side of the group. Kestra saw the danger coming, and let go of the force, concentrating her energy on getting her own self away, but Armi was too close.

Wait a second, Kestra thought. Didn't I manage to tear off her right leg?!

With one jump, the mutant dove all four of her blades into the Insa, spreading dense brain matter into the entire office due to a let-go of a burst of telekinetic energy. Kestra never found the answer to her question. She had broken her concentration in figuring out this phenomenon.

Everyone staggered back at the sudden force. The stings stopped, as Kay had stopped firing. The android had switched to four-legged mode and had grouped her Chaos Cannon together, now firing instant-kill salvos at her target. Armi shielded herself behind a discarded armor plate, which shattered upon impact with the first bullet, but gave her enough time to send a bolt of electricity towards the annoyance. At least techniques were things androids couldn't fight against... Kay's scream echoed from a mile away, and had Whatley not fired a Napalm blast to stop the mutant in her tracks, Kay would have been dead by now.

Armi turned her gaze towards the RAcast, and Whatley soon found himself engufled by a bright light...

His chest exploded. A Grants technique had destroyed his napalm storage unit, burning his body from the inside out.

Elenor spun around to face away from the mutant and sent a straight-in kick for the ribcage. The natural armor took in most of the blow, but Armi nearly found herself falling to her death, now hanging above the void by the tip of the blades of her right arm. Fortunately, these were not fingers. No one could step on them to force her to release her grip.

With sheer strength, she flipped herself back onto the office floor. Elenor was at the ready, and knowing her shotgun wouldn't do that much of an effect, sent in another kick.

Armi's blades met the extended limb, and before Elenor could even scream in unexpected pain, picked up the leg and spun the android around until the improvised flail that Elenor now was, met the origin of the stings felt on her body. Kay had been knocked from her stable position again, and it all had happened so fast she didn't even have the time to aim and fire her Chaos Cannon.

Armi spun Elenor around one more time, and then in an upward arc, to then send both bodies smashing into each other. Putting her right foot on the back of the knee, she pulled, and completely ripped off Elenor's right leg. The android was not used to having pain receptors, and just lied there, mute from the newfound pain and her lack of knowledge on how to turn these off, a pain which kept getting more intense as the seconds went by. By now, bloods of all sorts of colors had filled the room, and Armi casually dipped the leg into the pools.

It's then that Shurikane noticed the damage taken by the new Insa. The gash on her back was gone. There was a large chunk of her hip missing, but as her eyes stared on, the body part swelled, and grew back into a perfectly formed hip. She was in perfect condition, even though she had taken in a psychic blast, a partisan slash, several photon bullets, a shot of Napalm, and a Chaos energy charge right through the hip. All they had managed to hurt was her clothes, which were now burnt and ripped apart but miraculously left above the minima of decency.

The mutant began to moan in some twisted combinaison of pain and pleasure. "Self-regeneration makes me so hungry." And on these words she bit off a piece of Elenor's bloody leg, of a size only a shark would dare take in. But she chewed a little and swallowed the piece, large parts of it still whole.

Shurikane came back to her senses, and took ahold of her modified mechguns.

"I have fourteen Charger barrels fully loaded and aimed at you." She snapped "Once you are empty of energy, you will die, and it's your own fault that you attacked us in the first place!"

"Energy, huh?..." Armi wobbled back into a straightened position, smiling innocently, as if she was under the effects of alcohol. Her six eyes were lazily staring at Shurikane, and her mouth opened again once more.


And in a gruesome move, she opened wider, until her mouth was like a horrible black hole in the middle of hear face, sliding the entire leg down her throat like a sword swallower. Her hand let go of it, and at a record speed, her stomach digested and took in the nutrients, steam rising from her mouth as the acid dissolved the limb, which went down, and down, and down at a speed the naked eye could catch, and in less than fifteen seconds, she was able to close her mouth as the foot disappeared into it. Her triangular teeth showed up, her half-stoned expression frozen in some lunatic grin. Shurikane could have sworn she had heard a soft giggle.

Shurikane hated giggles... Beyond belief. She growled in rage and her fingers began fiddling with the mechgun buttons at frantic speed.

And then, Armi turned towards the last standing Insa, and slowly walked over. Her approach was melt by salvo after salvo of bullets, but to no avail. Her body regenerated as fast as the bullets came, and when Shurikane put the guns to her side in order to replace the now empty photon bars, the mutant was in perfect physical condition, and backslashed Shurikane right in the face. The android raised her guns and fired a few bullets, but two pairs of blades grabbed the artillery and pulled it right of her hands. They flew all the way to the other side of the room, where they disappeared into the void of the city.

Behind Armi were the severed remains of six complete arms, three forearms, and five hands, along with chunks of face, chest, and legs. Enough to create a completely new Armi with just some of these parts.

Shurikane backed off. She noticed from the corner of her eye that Tyrell was doing his best to keep off from the fight...

...And now, it was a fair fight. Two pairs of Guil Shark blades and hardened knuckles against a pair of Delsaber angers with integrated shields. Neither of them attempted a slash yet. Both were fast, both were furious, and both were in perfect position to pin and kill the other while their opponent did the same thing to the other.

Funny, Armi thought behind her guard. I was wearing a patch over a missing left eye just yesterday, and now I have six eyes to look with...

Six eyes...

Blades... Longer than hers...

Self-regeneration... She doesn't...

Heck, I am better than her! I can kick her ass!!!

The mutant slashed like a maniac at Shurikane, who found herself too busy guarding to even attempt a counter attack. Two consecutive slashes struck, ripping out her chestplate but fortunately leaving the circuits intact. However, a backslash knocked her face again to the side, and sent her staggering back.




Sparks were coming out of Shurikane's hard drive, which began spinning at a frightening rate, adding to the noise of the battle a loud whirring sound of machines spinning too quickly for their own good. She screamed her rage, a long and impossibly loud shriek, which froze Armi in her footsteps, who simply stood there and attempted her best to resist the scream that was constantly threatening to blow her eardrums.

Shurikane's emotional program had crashed. She had just jumped into the insane Overclock Mode.

And suddenly, the android dashed for her opponent, stabbing, pushing, slashing, each time the mutant growing parts back, wounds healing.

A straight stab into her heart. Shurikane left her hand there. Armi, although under intense pain, somehow managed to keep it beating. The android could sense some parts of the heart moving in some special manner...

Holy mags, it's using my fingers as a wall; she's regenerating the heart with my hand as just some rock in the way!!

She drew her hand back, stupefied at the show of such a horrifying organic process, but she kept on slashing, again and again. Eventually, Armi will run out of energy, and then there will be nothing to regenerate.

Something grabbed her. The mutant had pincered her blades on each side of the android's waist, and spun around to wind up, to then send Shurikane straight for the void.

The Insa's fingers managed to grab on to the edge, but not for long. Armi slowly walked over to the edge, moaning in some fanatic pleasure, taking all her time to rise her right arm high up in the air, and neatly slice the floor part away.

Shurikane managed to grab Armi's foot. Not bothered by this at all, the mutant casually bent down, and sliced her own foot off.

All that was heard for the next five seconds was the deafening shriek of an android beaten at her own game, and still alive to curse over it...

Shurikane planted her fingers into the column structure supporting Tyrell's office. She was damaged, she had survived...

...But the Insa line was over.

Carefully, she began decending the column structure at a slow, defeated pace.

The guards didn't even block her exit towards planet Ragol.

Tyrell found enough courage into himself to take a step closer to Armi. The woman had laid down spread-eagled among a mass of severed limbs, exhausted.

She was breathing heavily, and she closed her eyes for a moment, taking a break. Her foot had grown back, but the skin was irregular and full of blood. She had made it in just the nick of time. Next to the desk, Elenor weakly managed to turn herself over and lie on her back, but she didn't do any other move. Next to her, Kay was literally shattered like glass.

Spread around the room were now severed remains of exactly twenty-seven arms, fourteen legs, nineteen forearms, five feet, fifteen hands, brain matter, and large chunks of head, stomach, and hip. All this in a fabulous sauce of blue, pink, purple and red blood that had belonged to the entire Insa series.

And all those limbs had once belonged to the self-regenerated Armi.

She stood up, using her new blades as supports.

"I'm calling the medics..." Tyrell declared, and he reached for the phone.

"No... Don't bother." The woman found the strength to say. "I'm alright... I'll be all right."

"But you have been infected. We need to find a way to invert the process and get you back to normal! If we manage to do it quickly enough you'll be just in time to participate in the battle against Falz which is supposed to happen this afternoon... In four hours exactly!"

"So what..." Armi coughed up some blood. "I'll just fight the beast this way. It's scary but... This new form of mine just kicks too much ass to let go of."

Tyrell pondered, for what seemed to be a year.

"Fine." He finally announced. "I'll let you stay this way, but that's only because you managed to save my ass tonight... You'll fight the demon in this shape, but as soon as it's over, you must go to the medical facilities and have the process inverted. Now for the fight. It'll take a half hour to get down to the spot and get ready. You thus have three hours and a half to yourself. I suggest you get yourself a new change of clothes and get some rest. The battle's gonna be hard."

Armi took a next-to-normal behavior.

"Yes sir. You can count on me." She said as she did a weak army salute. Tyrell smiled in sympathy.

"Have a good rest."

As soon as the woman was gone, he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

He had just killed two birds with one stone.

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