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Republic Insa: The Android Sin

Red Days

"Alright, people!" Shurikane announced while searching the ice tank. "I think us six should be able to prove to Tyrell we mean business. If we could deal with a load of cops, no reason why we can't deal against one moron and his little secretary... Ah-ha!"

She pulled out a syringe.

"You do this one, okay?" She said, handing the sample over to Elenor. "Just link her to the computer and it'll do the same thing as my spike." She then opened another panel besides the tank. "Now for some fun - Whatley, fetch me some duct tape, will you?"

While the RAcast was looking for said item, Kestra almost screamed in surprize as a weapon headed for her, business end first.

"Catch!" Shuri said well too late.

Kestra took hold of the object at the last minute. It was a slicer thrower.

"Catch these as well." A load of partisans fell into Kestra's arms.

Whatley brought back the duct tape. In the meantime, Kay had been fitted with a pair of one-handed rifles, and Elenor had come back to fetch her personal shotgun and an extended red saber. It wasn't as powerful as the famed Lavis Blade of purple color, but the advantage was that the weapon was bigger and more durable than a standard saber, yet didn't require two hands to use.

Asiel came in front of Shurikane. Her appearance was just as before.

"So, what's the change; did you do it?!" Shuri said to Elenor with an annoyed tone.

Asiel, in front of everyone, suddenly morphed to a black HUcast, then to a dark red (and skinny) RAcast, and finally back into her white self. Her simu-skin then found itself coated by a thin layer of opaque and sticky matter, which took on a combo of black and blue swirls, with her eyes remaining white.

She posed in front of everyone.

"Great stuff; you'll make a really nice assassin. Just get yourself some clothes, will you?" Shurikane grinned. "Without really knowing it you shed your plates in the transformation process! And as I recall, you are anatomically correct."

Gone was the new Insa.

"Well she was quick..."

Shuri chuckled and put aside a pair of daggers and a handgun for Asiel, and then took hold of the duct tape. No one saw what she was doing since she had her back turned, until she pulled out two sets of seven mechguns taped against each other. Her hands fit around them just nicely.

"Customisation rocks..." She growled. "Soon as Asiel comes back with something on herself, we'll be all ready to make our race a legal one! 'Lenor, did you find all the parts for her by the way?"

The pink android nodded. "It took some time to break all the parts down but she's got enough to adopt all the required forms. Say, I didn't know slime monsters could change colors..."

"Wait until you see a slime drinking blueberry juice."

Everyone laughed.

"Let's go!" A voice shouted from another room, soon followed by Asiel's shape running over to the exit. She had put her factory plates back on again. The team merrily rushed out after her.

"Mom!!" Sierra came running out of her room. She had shouted at the top of her speakers, but Shurikane didn't answer.

The morning sun was just popping out from between two distant hills. Somewhere to the south, the Insas could already hear the hunters working around Central Dome. Several large boxes could be seen, but they had not been opened yet.

"How are we all gonna fit?!" Kestra uttered upon looking at Shurikane's car. They were six (Whatley's bulk counting as two people, so, seven) for a five-passenger vehicle.

Shurikane pondered the situation, and opened the trunk.

"Kay, you go in there. You'll be our tailgunner! If anything happens, give me a yell and I'll open it."

Kay was rather tall for a RAcaseal and had some trouble fitting into the small trunk, but after a little bit of squeezing, she was in, although her legs were bent at an impossible angle.

"Hopefully I'll be able to get out quicker than I got in..." She muttered before having the trunk bonk her head down.

Whatley was in the passenger seat, and Elenor, Kestra and Asiel at the back. Shurikane took her usual driver spot and in a matter of seconds the car was screaming its way into space.

"I'll have to be lame on this one..." She sighed. "Here's the deal. We find a place to hide in, and then continue on foot. We need to be as close to Tyrell's office as we can." Following her words, she activated the car mufflers. The engine's sounds went from shrieking to almost quiet.

"What if Tyrell doesn't want to follow our demands?" Kestra queried. "We're kinda stuck since he's the only one who can take care of the legal stuff."

"Who said he was the only boss of the place?..." Shurikane argued back with a chuckle. "Coup d'états don't exist for no reason. I'd find it funny as hell though if we were forced to take power, do the act, and give him back power in a matter of minutes. I'd have the shortest precidency ever known to history; we'll have to chrono that and send it to the archives to put me down with a new record!! Anyways. We'll probably - most likely - oh hell, certainly have to kill a couple of cops on our way in. As long as we make it to Tyrell, I don't care how many they dish out. We're here to make a law, not to wipe out the military. If the law is signed, Tyrell's stuck, because I have put down in small characters that only I can modify, amend to, or cancel the law. Hopefully, he won't read through this."

The Wildsider was instantly greeted by nourished fire from the guards standing in the ship bay. Shuri did more distance doing evasive maneuvers than just getting to Pioneer II, and that should be a good enough hint that there were more than just a handful waiting for them.


The vehicle almost scraped the side wall as it dove through one of the closing doors and found itself into Pioneer City.

"We need a pipe, or some sewage thing to dive in... Keep your eyes open."

"Duh; I have no eyelids!!" Elenor snapped.

"Speakin' of pipes, here's one." Whatley pointed out.

"We'll go as far as we can into the system, then disembark and sneak right next to Tyrell's teleporter."

Whatley pondered...

"Thing is," he continued, "We must remain stalthy. If they know where we are, we are screwed, because escaping that maze with cops blocking all exits will be a tough call. We can't avoid that much fire in such a narrow space..."

"...And such a huge car." Shuri pointed out.

"I guess now's a good time to have Asiel do some recon work for us!" Kay yelled from her muffled position. Asiel undid her seatbelt and lowered the back of the seat to allow Kay to poke her head through.

The engine's sound died down.

"That's as far as it will go." Shuri declared. "There's a ladder up which should lead right next to the lobby porter. This'll warp us to the Hunter Guild sector just above it, and then again up to Tyrell's office, which is just nearby."

She grabbed her mechguns.

"Let's have some fun!!"

"Hello. Speakin'..."

"Shurikane's gang's coming over!" Noella shouted from the telephone. "I saw a black car going right off into space."

"Where the hell were you when you saw that?" Kod uttered in surprise.

"Well... Down on Ragol. Gotta earn my cash too you know."

"Right, right. Can you make it back to Pioneer II right away?"

"I'm walking over to the teleporter now. See you in five minutes!"

"Too long, better take a sprint!"

Kod hung up, grabbed his cellphone, and ran for the garage. He had slept in his hunter suit in case of such a situation, and was feeling glad he had planned right. As he sat into the SUV, he dialed several numbers.

"Fred, Armi, Breez, it's Kod. Shurikane's back in Pioneer and I bet she's already hidden somewhere on this ship. All three, rush over to Tyrell's office and tell him that we've learned of her coming in, and we'll defend the teleporter leading there."

As he spoke, Kod took a right on the main boulevard and was instantly greeted by a loud horn.

"Ahhh, crap... I'm stuck in a traffic jam here. I'll come in a bit late. Fred, you live next to my home, so you'll be in the traffic also. Spend whatever time you have getting ready; I'll pick you up. It'll make things faster this way. Great. I'm leaving the cell open, if anything happens, let me know as soon as possible."

He hung up.

Shurikane, please be later than I am, he silently prayed.

"Deja vu?" Kestra uttered upon entering an abandonned waiting room It ued to belong to a taxi company that went bankrupt. It was thus never used again. Shuri took a look around as well, and grinned.

"Feels like in the movies. This is where all the guards should pop out and shoot us!"


"Not so much like in the movies." Elenor said with a hint of contempt. "Let's get moving!"

The group took the door over to the lobby. The teleporter was still functionning, which they took to warp over to the Hunter sector just above.

They were on a special landing ground made for emergency hovercrafts and teleporters from the Ragol ruins. To their right were the storage lockers, and just a few paces away was the teleporter leading straight to Tyrell's office way above. Just coming out of it, in fact, was a fully armed newman female. She simply stood there, looking about.

She didn't even seem to notice the Insas gathered around her.

"You're blocking the way, Honey!" Shurikane said in an annoyed tone. The woman didn't answer.

"Fine then, guess I'll have to step over you to get in..."

This time, her comment was answered by the activation of a twin partisan.

"The guards have already been called." The woman declared. "I was just talking to the Principal a few minutes ago about you guys. Guess it's my luck to have run into you on the way down!"

"So, what's your point?" Whatley queried, wirelessly sending his thoughts to his teammates about how much of a daredevil a person must be to confront all six of them.

"I assume my only way out of this is a fight; at least I'll buy the guards some time!" She snapped.

"Wait a sec, we were not gonna ki--" Shurikane had to block a slash of the partisan. The woman clearly wasn't listening. Fortunately, a surprise kick from Elenor sent her against the wall of the teleporter.

"Give it up, you're outnumbered and we can kick your ass." Shuri warned.

"Make me!"

"Okay." Asiel quietly replied, and threw an object at the woman, which stabbed deep into her neck.

It was a blood injector. The newman froze in place, surprized... And then fell to the ground, unconscious.

"What did you expect to get out of that injection?" Shuri said with disbelief. "Make her an Insa as well?"

Asiel shrugged.

"Whatever would knock her out. Not a lot of people can survive an infection. All those who weren't androids had died in the process."

"You know a load for a widow's replacement..."

"Downloaded some info from your computers before going."

"Yeah, we all did!" Kay added. Shuri gave a nod.

"Alright, alright, I forgot about that. Now if the guards are coming, I don't want to take any chances. Asiel?"


"Steal one of my syringes again, and I rip you apart."

The team took the teleporter one by one. Shurikane put a hand on Elenor's shoulder.

"You think we're gonna make it?" She asked.

"I don't see any problem." The pink android smiled while passing a hand through her hair. "Don't worry, everything will go all right!"

"You're my best Insa you know." Shurikane whispered, halfway lost in her thoughts again. "That's why I made you are so strong and second in command. I put all my trust in you."

Both smiled. Shurikane hurried into the teleporter. Elenor took a quick look at the unconscious (and twitching) newman, and stepped in.

NAME: Asiel
NICKNAME: Insa-Asiel
CLASS: Insa series ModiS RAcashel C-type X, Mutant Slime Crossbreed

Limbs: 100%
Abdomen: 100%
Chest: 100%
Head: 100%


Limbs: Extendable limbs, morphable into various shapes such as blades and spikes, with added metal parts for durability.
Abdomen: Rudimentary digestion system. Some key systems networked in this area, with the slime used as conductor.
Chest: Morphing pseudo simu-skin of any choosable color (at will, and covering entire body) and hardness. Torso may twist at will, due to the lack of any bones or blockable parts within the body. Addition of lungs, protected by inner metal plates.
Head: Fully organic eyes and slime-hair, of any choosable color (at will). Hair can change length. Entire head area protected by inner metal planes, acting like a skull. Teeth can take on a pointed or blunted shape depending on the parts used.
General Body: The entire body is composed of mutant slime matter, able to morph at will, and absorb other type of matter to be converted to slime through digestive system. New limbs and organs may be created and uncreated at will, though it requires some time. Android parts float inside this body, consicting of CPU, memory, RAM, key systems, and armor.


Type Changer: Asiel can switch at will to a HUcast, RAcast, RAcaseal, or androgynous RAcashel appearance.
Sniper Punch: Converts as much body matter as possible to strike target at a long distance by using this matter to extend the length of the striking limb. A punch will leave Asiel momentarily with no head and torso, while a kick will leave her with only one other leg to stand on. Striking limb may optionally originate from any location of the body, bt the resulting blow is much weaker.
Cannonball: Compresses body into a hard, dense and heavy ball, while ramming into target. Best used next to walls, or when target is expected to fall on the ground.


Sniper Throw: Converts as much body matter as possible to grab target at a long distance by using this matter to extend the length of the grabbing limb. After grab, limb will un-stretch and launch target at an increased speed and distance relative to normal values.
Carnager: Target must be close. Grabs target by extending all possible head matter, and slamming target on the floor repeatedly, up six times.
The Longest Mile: Target must be close. Strikes through target with hardened point-shaped limb, then converts all available matter to extending the point as it passes through target's body, with the limb getting progressively bigger to form a cone as it passes through target's body, eventually reaching a possible radius of four inches and a length of thirty-one feet. As Asiel dematerializes in front of target during the strike, progressively rematerializes behind target.

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