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Republic Insa: The Android Sin

Rooftop Clean-up

"T-Seven, squad two!"

"Squad two, listening."

"T-Seven reporting in--"

The com unit exploded in the Squad Two officer's hand.

"Heads up!!!" He shouted.

He suddenly took conscience of a severe pain, coming from the absence of his right hand. He collapsed on the platform, screaming.

The Squad One officer had already noticed the blast and had quickly called up the armored car to assist. The armored car was the only vehicle nearby to be equipped with all-purpose radars, and would give them a good idea of where the trouble was coming from, because he couldn't see any threat around them.

He took cover. The armored car reached the rooftops and began a scan of the area.

The next thing the officer knew, was that the radars were systematically being blown to pieces.

"Keep firing until they see you, then dive in!" Elenor ordered.

Kay gave a nod, and the pink android took a spectacular jump for the next rooftop. The radars were easy to catch from this distance. They looked like little gray bullseyes, those cute dishes they had put on the vehicle.

She soon found out she was born to be a gun-user.

The officer popped his head out to see where the blasts were coming from. He could see a dog-like form in the distance, but he wouldn't believe only his eyes.

He picked up his BEE communicator.

"Chad, give me a zoom on this thing over there!"

A brief pause.

"RAcaseal type android. Apparently she's firing from a gun implanted in her head!"

"Whatever it is, I want it in pieces. Fire!!"

A volley of photon bullets charged for the android, who saw the shots coming from the great distance, and took cover immediately.

"Stop the search." The officer said into his com. "I want--"

He was cut off by the explosion of his own head.

Insa-Elenor climbed up on a crate and shouted to the cops.

"Everyone! Your mission has failed, you didn't see it coming, and you all suck. If there's one thing I feel that's safe to say, it's that even if you search this building for a thousand years you'll never find your objective!"

The cops took aim...

"You guys wanna fire? Bring in on then; ready... Aim... Fire!!"

Elenor jumped, and obviously enough the cops had not fired. However, they saw an opportunity as soon as she had landed in the middle of the group.

She immediately flipped upside-down and spun on her head right before the shots came to her, her shielded legs ricocheting the photons in all possible directions. Just with this move, two men were already down from their own bullets.

Fourteen more to go, four of them on bikes. That made ten on foot and already in the fight, and the bikes were coming. Fast.

The android saw a headshot coming and quickly jumped to her feet, extending her right leg to crush another cop's skull. Upon landing, she accomplished another deflector spin, followed on the get-up by a spin kick to another one, sending him flying straight into one of his teammates and off the building.

Seven to go.

She saw Kay coming in, firing wild, sprinting in her four-legged mode as fast as she could. None of the shots hit, however, as the cops were now paying close attention to her dangerous shooting spree.

Elenor took a cheap shot and kicked a fourth cop in the back. Six more to go...

However, the bikes had arrived, and Elenor had to way to reach them.

Kay, you fire at the air bikes; I'm taking the ground. Just watch yourself. She transmitted as she took a run for another man.

The kick didn't penetrate his shield, and he attempted to swing back with his gun, managing to land a vicious hit right into her face. However, she quickly recovered, and took the cop in a hug, attacking with a passionate french kiss...

...And the spine that extended from her tongue, piercing hole after hole into the cop's neck. Five more to go.

She heard an odd sound and was knocked into the wall by the shock of a bike crashing an inch from her location. What soon followed was another volley of photons, one of them hitting her right arm. She had just enough time to dodge a second bike that came crashing on the wall, right where she was standing a second ago.

As she ran for cover, she scratched her right leg, taking some skin and applying it on the newborn hole in her arm. The cells connected with the broken circuits, re-establishing a temporary connection until she installed new wires. It was only upon close verification of her systems that she noticed she hadn't avoided all the hits as she had thought: her armor had been knocked out.

She took a quick glance at Kay, but the other android was gone.

"Three more to go!" She heard Kay transmit.

And two bikes... Elenor replied.

She thought out her strategy for a moment. It was impossible to see well without being fired upon; the cops knew she was hiding at this location, but they wouldn't stay there forever. They had to take their attention off, or they had to die maintaining their attention.

She clenched her teeth, and jumped once again.

Fred jumped into the SUV and dropped a handful of weapons at his feet.

"Thought you might need those," he said as he handed four handguns and one partisan to a surprized Kod. "That's you all right; you talk like a bulldog to Tyrell for an hour and you manage to forget that you need to bring your tools with you! if it wasn't for me, you'd be dead with your artillery still in the guild lockers."

"Yeah, yeah. You've never seen a bunch of knuckles before have you?" The veteran nagged. "Anyways, did you call the others?"

"Yeah, they all got an idea of what's going on. And Noella says this'll replace what she owns you from Monday's black jack game."

Kod laughed and took a left to enter the main boulevard.

"Anyways. Sooner I'm done with this business the better. Think Tyrell's gonna like me if I stop her?"

Fred shook his head.

"Don't believe so," he muttered. "You're too deep in the mud; by the time you get all your reputation back you'll be into your next life already."

"I wish those problems could just go away so that I may lead a normal life again..."

"Don't even think about it. I think Draekkan will remember you for the rest of his life."

"This idiot saw me coming from a mile away!! If he isn't smart enough to dodge me, then he doesn't have what it takes to be in the guild. He should be hunting for clues down on this planet instead of drinking Screwdrivers in the lobby like some spoiled kid. I mean, look at this guy! He's frail, he doesn't do a single thing in life, but he somehow manages to get himself pulled over all the way to clearance level 95."

"Okay, right. And what about Mateo, huh?"

"Total idiot. He doesn't know the difference between strategy and suicide."

"Maybe, but he still has more seniority than you."

"So he's a forty year old geezer. What is it supposed to do to my life?!"

"Get you laid off your job."

Kod sighed. He took a quick look at the sound-radar every so often, watching for any interesting police communications.

"I can't ever get my power and cash honestly." He finally declared. "Can you believe this..."

"Don't ask me; I'm just a resource manager."

"You also happen to be a part-time hunter."

"I am clearance twenty. I don't even half one fifth of the suit strength and power to tackle the problem you've got."

"Anyways, let's focus on the job we have here. Apparently Shurikane has a few buddies; the more I catch and kill, the better off I'll be."

"Is she an easy target?"

Kod gave his teammate a hard look, mentally noting how stupid Fred could be sometimes.

"You'll be dead before you find out." He said after a long pause. "Does that tell you enough?"

Kay took cover behind a stairway entry right before a flurry of photons hit her previous position. The cops that were still alive had grouped up and survived the effect of surprise. They knew where both she and Elenor were, and would fire as soon as she got out of cover. Although her cannon was powerful, she had no way of breaking through the shields the cops were brandishing.

She heard the sounds of more shots being fired, and saw Elenor diving for cover as well. Both could see each other clearly now.

What do we do now? She transmitted through wireless.

Stay put. Elenor replied. They have just reloaded their guns, and one of the bikers has just dropped them some fresh clips and sabers. Alone, they were easy targets, but now that they have calmed down, it's gonna make the matter more difficult.

We can't just wait until they get bored!

Elenor smiled. Of course not, but I can't reach them from here. And to get those guys, you need a gun like the armored car has... But don't think about it. The car's out there trying to find out where we hid. Once it goes all around the building, we'll have nowhere to run.

Kay began using her free time to look for and compute a strategy. She carefully went through her cannon specifications, trying to find something that would dislodge the cops from where they stood.

Hey, check this out. She transmitted a strategy plan over to Elenor. The pink android replied with a thumbs-up, and dashed out of cover, taking a run for the other side of the building. As expected, two cops replied with their guns. The third one was obsessed with staring a hole through Kay's cover spot.

She disregarded the danger, split her cannon, and fired a volley of machinegunned energy at the cops. One of them was hit at the shoulder, but the other two had reacted quickly enough and had set up their shields to block any incoming projectile. One of them shot at Kay while the other fired at Elenor. The third man seemed less experienced and had a hard time blocking all the shots. Nevertheless, going through their defensive wall was a lost cause. Their shields were too big to fail against, and both androids had to run for another cover spot.

At least they had gotten closer now... But the armored car was fast, and in a few minutes, would be in position for a very, very clear shot.

Think Shrike is out of Pioneer II now? She transmitted to Elenor.

No. If she was, we would have been informed. Sit tight and hope she gets done early. As long as we're distracting the cops, there's no problem.

All right, fine, only I see a lot more bikes coming our way.

Kod hung up the cellphone.

"Breez says there's a fight over on the rooftops. Two androids and several police men. Death count is high but nowhere close to what I'd expect from Shurikane."

Fred looked up, attempting to count the police bikes, but soon abandonned.

"We keep looking?" He said.

Kod nodded. Shurikane was somewhere else...

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