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Republic Insa: The Android Sin

Whoever Was In The Passing Lane...


"Good evening; Mr. Kod Na´nsev?"

"Yeah, speaking..."

He leaned back on the sofa and switched the phone to cordless mode.

"This is Principal Tyrell." The caller said. "I'm calling in reference to an android my records say you currently own... Serial number SHK9394-070."

"Sorry, but I don't own any android."

"Well, did you ever own one?"

Kod scratched his head.

"Back in college, I remember I once bought a buildable shell for a Halloween prank... But aside from that, that's pretty much it."

"What happened to that shell, Mr. Na´nsev?"

"Vanished somewhere. According to my friends the thing went haywire and just ran off... But I didn't program her to be autonomous; she was programmed to self-shutdown upon completion of her objectives."

"Well, that doesn't matter now. My files match your story, and in all legal terms you still own this android."

"And what does that have to do with me now?"

"She wants my hide."

A long pause.

"Say what?!" Kod screamed.

"That android you programmed seventeen years ago has sneaked into Pioneer II, done black market business, is in possession of illegal and dangerous weapons, and is planning on overthrowing my position." Tyrell sighed. "Unfortunately, since she isn't classed as independent, responsibility falls on you."

"So when you guys get to fry her head, I get to be the one paying the damages?"

"To make a long story short, yes."

Kod leaned over to the table, and jotted down a few notes in one particularly bad handwriting. He then took the phone back.

"All right." He said coldly. "I have been a professional hunter for the past fifteen years. I was a key person in cleaning out the mines sector. I helped in the initiative of decoding the door to the underground ship. I went down there head first and brought you reports on how to tackle the area. I gave you my tips, my opinions, my strategic reccomendations, and what you do in return is %*^$ in my hands by threatening to throw my career out the window because of a piece of junk I bought when I was in college?!"

"I find it wise to do that, seeing as you like to stick your nose in the higher spheres too much."

"Yes, what if I want to be a politician? What will happen when I reach age fifty, huh? I won't go down and fight until my heart stops. Maybe I'd like to have a wife and some kids, but I'm so busy with you guys sending my ass down there on this planet, I don't even have the time to think about having a relationship at all! You think I want to live forever like this? As a little soldier on a map who does nothing but kill what I'm ordered to? The guild's a lot more complicated than this. I have clearance level 100. I have reached the top of the line, and I am sure you have not given as much effort as I did to reach your position. So between you and me, this android, well you can just stick it up your ass as far as I'm concerned."

He hung up. Several minutes went by as he thought the situation over, and then finally dialed another number.

"Fred?... Oh, okay. Yeah, hi Fred; it's Kod. Listen, I'm at home and don't have the time to check out the files for this, can you look into the guild database and see if you can pull out anything that relates to android number SHK9394 dash 070? Yeah, I'm waiting..."

Tyrell stood up, and walked over to the angled window-wall of his office. The city seemed pretty normal overall. Only on the radios was the hint that there was a major police operation going on.

"Irene," he asked, "Did you get any news from Sierra Group?"

"Nothing." The secretary replied. "No mission report, no sightings, nothing. I believe they are dead now."

"I'd guess so too. Anyways. I've phoned a pawn and convinced him to put an end to the matter as soon as possible. Whether he succeeds or not, that'll take one big weight off my shoulders..."

He hears Irene folding a few papers and stacking them.

"Well, my day is over." She stood up. "Is there anything you need before I go?"

"I'm alright. I'll just sit here and drink coffee until I know I can sleep without nightmares."

"Man, Fred, you're getting slower everyday!... Yeah, alright. Hold on, I'll get a pencil... Okay, go ahead."

Kod took a stack of notesheets and proceeded to copy down the information Fred gave him.

Shrike "Shurikane" Na´nsev, currently estimated seventeen years old. Bought as programmable shell and programmed by Kod Gregoire Na´nsev. Unknown purposes. Shrike goes haywire and vanishes. Is believed to have willingly embarked on Pioneer II as clandestine passenger. Known to deal with the black market, illegal android parts, et cetera.

Shortly upon arrival to Ragol, enters into a brief fight involving a Delsaber. Activates teleportation unit by mistake and merges with the monster. Was found to be unwilling to be deactivated for security purposes, and forced her way out of the analyzing facilities.

Believed to have created a half-mag android. Reported as powerful and potentially very dangerous.

"Okay, right, so what's the big deal?... Say what?!"

A car came bumping right on the outer wall of Kestra's room.

"Good job." Shurikane said before stealing the driver's seat from the man on board. She took a good look at him...

"Damn, you're ugly!!"

...And then crushed his head between her blades, to then let him fall to his death, way down below.

Kestra climbed into the car and popped her head out of the opened top window.

"I don't want any traffic around me, alright?" Shurikane shouted as she took on an acceleration spree.

Kestra nodded, and showed off her new Insa abilities.

Every car within eight meters of the stolen one were gently pushed away.

"Okay, believe you me, this is gonna be a tough one. Call up Armi, Noella, Davion, and Breez, and tell them to find out where she is. We'll talk through them via private BEE networks and pray that she doesn't catch what we're saying to each other... Yes I- No, I'm picking you up. Just run over to the front door, I'll be there in two minutes maximum."

Kod hung up, gathered his notes and went for the hunter suit neatly placed on a chair next to the front door. It consisted of a pair of blue and black boots, black pants, and a heavy piece of modern blue armor, adorned with light gray flames, two metal shoulder and chest covers, a shield bracer, and a BEE network communicator.

With that, he jumped into his truck.

I feel so lucky I don't live far from the guild, he thought. But then, I'm freakin' close to the busy commercial sector...

NAME: Kestra
NICKNAME: Insa-Kestra
CLASS: Insa series NewS RAcaseal C-type 6, Sorcerer Crossbreed

Limbs: Arms and legs.
Abdomen: 7% circuitry, simu-skin.
Chest: 30% circuitry, RAM, hard drive, armor.
Head: Eyes, 100% circuitry, 100% boards and brain, ponytail hairpiece.


Limbs: Reverse-gravity shield field, magnetic field for increased arm and leg speed.
Abdomen: Decorative organic jewel matrix pattern, in the shape of a spiralled fractal, on bright green simu-skin belly. Can change color. Usually left white.
Chest: Entire chest plate has been shed to leave place to top-quality semi-organic simu-skin. Round organic jewel (blue) of 1/2 inch radius placed on collarbone area.
Shoulders and collarbone area decorated by white organic slider-lights characteristic to the demi-organisms. RAM taken over by organic matter and tripled in capacity. New pair of hard drives, each with as much space as original, with 1 1/2 RPM setting, plus override.
Head: Neck decorated by microscopic slider-lights, of white color. Hair piece split in four parts, with the new slots fitted with a white photon chainsaw blade. Third eye in center of forehead, covered by android lens, but can be removed into a slot at will. Eyes are of bright blue color. All three eyes are organic and have gifted capacity of auric vision. Entire inside part taken by an organic brain gifted with strong psychic powers over gravity, magnetism, and telekinesis, referred to as Alpha-Power Combination.


Napalm Reverse: Implodes a small, volleyball-sized area of the target using a fire and black hole combo before returning it to its original state. Causes extreme pain, but little damage.
Shortstop: Freezes everyone and everything into position at a spherical radius of up to thirty feet. No damage, but can leave time to Kestra to plan and compute a strategy.
Electrons: Uses a dozen non-telecopic partisan blades as spinning three-dimensional shield around herself. Very effective in close combat.


Psi Ball: Throws all partisans bundled up into a spinning ball at target. Target is knocked back with medium damage.
Omega Dash: Flies like a missile at breakneck speed, and half-phases through target five times in a row.
Shooting the Moon: The most difficult and effective gravity/telekinesis combo. Target must be grabbed. Target is then sent into a short-range high-speed orbit around Kestra, who spins with herself as central point, one leg extended. Leg phase-kicks through target at extreme velocity for ten times before target is released.

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