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Republic Insa: The Android Sin


The limo rental was over. Shurikane sent the overly visible vehicle away as she shouted into the cellphone.

"There's only one problem with your demand; I don't feel like following it!" She snapped. "So if you don't like what I'm doing, it doesn't matter to me, because you'll be forced to accept it! Dig?"

A brief silence, although everyone could hear angered words coming out of the cellphone. The RAcaseal hung up.

"Alright people, Principal Tyrell is angry at me, the cops have found where we are and they're comin'. So run like hell! Me and Whatley will be your cover. Go!!"

The crowd of androids dispersed in a flash. They went to their own vehicles, took taxis, or jumped right on top of heavy freighters. Whatley hopped on one of them, quickly to be followed by Shurikane. The other androids on the freighter jumped from vehicle to vehicle, until they reached a building where they could escape. However, the two Insas stayed on the freighter.

"My Wildsider's parked four miles away. If we can get there before the cops find us, everything will be all right." Shurikane said as she knelt down on the freighter.

"Nice, but where is this thing headed for?" Whatley queried.

"I have no idea... If it happens to take the wrong turn, we'll have to jump rooftops until we get there."

Whatley went to the front of the freighter, another idea in mind. He knocked on the windshild and signaled the driver to open the window.

"Take a right, then take a left right here. Either this, or your truck buys the farm, you included!"

The napalm cannon was a very good argument, and the driver complied very easily. Several cars honked as the freighter took a wide right turn on the wrong lane, but the driver was doing his best to keep up with the plan.

Whatley heard a shout from where Shurikane sat.

"Cop cycles! They've found us!"


"Hell no! Fire! Fire!!"

Napalm flew out of Whatley's fingers, and his long range mouth-cannon followed suit. The air bikes were nimble and easily avoided the slow blasts of heat coming at them, but one from the trio fell anyways... And now, Shurikane was sitting on it.

She has no weapons on herself, but drove over to the closest cop and managed to slash him on the back with her Delsaber blades. The shots fired back where deflected by her integrated shield, but they were coming much too fast. She couldn't strike again without letting her guard down, or releasing the control yoke.

A bike exploded. As the last cop looked to see the fireworks, his error was instantly pointed out by four blades piercing his throat.

Whatley had hopped out of the freighter by this time and had begun to run on the rooftops, following Shurikane as she led him to the abandonned building where she had stored the car. She could see several more bikes, including one armored car coming at them.

They had two minutes.

"Don't move, you're under arrest."

"Make me."

The lights were turned on. Eight guards each had a pair of machine guns aimed at the car.

"You let yourself kindly get escorted to the station, or your car gets it. Your move."

"You are taking my car in hostage?!"

Shurikane couldn't believe what she was seeing. Indeed, it wasn't a friend, it wasn't a member of the family. Those idiots had decided to threaten her on the sake of her favorite mode of transportation! Fighting isn't what it used to be...

She called up for her wireless program.

Whatley, at go, we kill them as fast as possible. You take the left... GO!

She dashed for the guards on the right. The slash on the first guard was muffled by the noise of seven more pairs of machine guns. She brought up her shields, but they encountered no resistance.

"What the... Oh, son of a gun!!"

She shrieked at the top of her lungs. The nearest two guards reached for their ears, clenching their teeth in pain. She ran past them and reached for the farthest one on her side, picked him up by the legs, and spun him around, each revolution hitting his head on the hard pavement floor, as she reached peak velocity, she arched back, the guard still in her hands, and sent him flying straight for the two others. In a matter of seconds, they were caught into a mass of their own limbs, a Delsaber shield brought down on them, the extreme pressure imploding their bodies into a spectacular amount of gore.

The lights blew out, but on the other side, all she could see was smoke. Much of it from the fried guards...

...Much of it from her own car.

She walked around it, and opened the hood. The air intakes were pierced, many of the lights shattered, and the internal engine was leaking from everywhere. She could see the antigrav generators' glow dim as each second passed. She slammed the hood down.


She punched it. Whatley stood back, not willing to be the middle man in this one-sided conversation.

Shurikane grabbed for the cellphone.

"'Lenor? Yeah it's me. Those idiots fried my car and we've got cops heading our way. Two against a dozen, maybe more. Are you and Kay ready? Okay, great! Be there as soon as you can, I don't care by which means you do this. I'll see if I can get to my next meetings anyways with all that crap around me."

The windows of the building shattered as bikes rushed in. The armored car made a pass with a heavy photon cannon, barely missing her in the process.


Shurikane immediately found herself flat on the floor by a vicious hit to the face from one of the bikes. The next thing she knew, she was falling down a narrow shaft, the tips of her feet scraping the concrete sides.

"Grab on to something!" She heard.

Immediately, she got her senses back and dove her claws into the wall. Whatley had hung on to her body as she got a grip, but it was clear that the female android didn't like it at all.

"Get off me; you weight a friggin' ton!"

The white RAcast spread his legs to get a balance from both walls.

"Where did you drag me into?" The RAcaseal asked, while looking around.

"We're into an elevator shaft. I pulled you along as I kicked the door open. Now the cops will have to search the whole building for us."

"They won't take long. We need to hurry out of here as quickly and as stealthily as possible."

Whatley shook his head.

"You think we look like normal androids? The cops'll spot us as soon as we leave. And they'll know that whatever vehicle that exists this abandonned building will have us in it."

"Well then what do we do?"

Whatley took a few steps down and forced a door open.

"First, we need to locate the closest building, and then jump into it. Once there, we'll hop from one to the next while the cops search this place."

"Think they are listening to the cell waves?"

"Tyrell called a cellular phone and you spoke into it. (He sighed) He must assume that it's still in your hands, and methinks he'll have the one who owned it arrested. I'm afraid you've lost a black market contact."

Shurikane cursed and threw away the cellphone. The two androids had by then found the nearest building, just one jump away. It was an office center, and to top their streak of luck, a RAcaseal was sitting in the room they were looking at, her back turned at them.

Shurikane managed an easy three-foot jump into the room, careless of the window shards she had just caused. She quickly hacked a 24-hour hibernation into the panicking android before taking hold of the room's phone.

"We've got an alternative!... Yeah, Kestra? It's me, I'll be a few minutes late... Thanks, bye!"

She dialed again.

"I want to speak to Ekken. Now. Ekken, it's me. I need a Wildsider straight out of your garage. What's your latest? Custom TX-5? Okay, you have twenty-five minutes. Ten percent bonus if you make it in time, five more if you don't do any paperwork... No; Ekken I need your silence on this, dig? I'm your best customer, I think you can do me a favor once in a while, huh?! Thank you."

Shurikane motionned for Whatley to follow, and she dashed off into the corridors towards the opposite side of the building. They repeated the jumping procedure until they reached the fourth one; an apartment building.

"We need to reach room FNF404... Gotta go a floor down."

They noticed a RAcaseal android impatiently waiting outside her room. It was Kestra. She immediately went inside as she saw Shurkkane and Whatley, but left the door open. Both androids came in and locked the door behind them.

"I heard they were looking for you." Kestra stated in a neutral tone.

"You catch up onto the news quickly." Whatley said with a bit of sarcasm. "Now we don't have much time, and you'll be out savior for this operation."

"Wow, cool."

Shurikane felt something wasn't right.

"You should, be, like, happy; you know?!"

Kestra shook her head.

"I have no emotion chip. My owner took it off for convenience. I serve here as cook and cleaning lady. Fortunately, he still left me a bit of free thought."

"Another slave?! Well you aren't the first one, I can confess that. Alright, one half in the chest (she took out the needle and blood) and one half on the forehead. Extend the simu-skin there so that I may poke through it."

It only took a few minutes for the android to change. Her old purple and green configuration had taken on a more violent contrast: deep violet clashing with a greenglo simu-skin function. Her ponytail hair was now adorned with an integrated double-chainsaw, and another eye had taken place on her forehead. All three eyes were fully organic now.

"What the..."

"Your focus isn't in yet." Shurikane interrupted. "Try to adjust it. Besides the vision inputs, those new eyes of yours house your most precious organic parts."

"Oh yes; I remember now!"

"I also uploaded an emotion file into you. It's kinda basic so that you may get used to the feeling; you may have some minor mood swings during the first few beats, but the file will hopefully learn with time."

Whatley had turned on the TV. All channels reported about a new so-called revolution, gang war, so far as one of them calling it a jihad.

"What the hell, a revolution?!" Shurikane turned towards the TV, where she saw a blurry copy of her own self atop a freighter with Whatley talking to the driver.

"Well, let's call it a revolution then!" She exclaimed with a laugh. "Not only I'll build up a new race; I'll also stir up my own share of political stuff just like in the movies. Gotta love stereotypes, huh?"

The others nodded. Whatley took a glance at the clock.

"We'd better head for the Kasieri garages. Once I get that done, we'll sneak back down to Ragol and take a break. I actually needed to meet four more androids but I'll have to scratch that plan for now..."

Shurikane grinned.

"Okay, right! Now to drive over to my Kasieri dealer. Kestra, this is where you'll come in handy."

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