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A Magnitude Of Metal
by Alan Demers

Date 02/14/2513

Log on..standby mode

Awaiting programing

downloading MAG.exe

~As the programming is finished the little MAG is placed in a box and set to sleep mode by a scientist~

Who is this being, the once with the blade and smile on his face? Staring into my "eye"? He offers me I accept the gift. I feel power grow... intelligence increasing.... This "human?", why does he feed me...

~The hunter pauses as it sees the MAG's reaction to the monomate, and proceeds to feed it an antidote~

Central core is reacting to whatever he is wearing.... a frame? He grows as I grows.... I think I will stay with him...

~The MAG then goes as red as the HUmar's armour. Time goes by, and the MAG becomes more attached to his master, and his master becomes more attached to it. The HUmar and his mag fight many glorious battles, and soon the forests are safe. Over this period of time the MAG bonds with his master, and almost has a love for him like a dog and his master~

~A rumbling is heard as te distorted outline of a great beast appears people begin to panic and run~

My master sees no way to fight the enemy and tries to flee into the forest with the others. What's going on I think to myself before I see a huge blue explosion come from the beat. The last thing I see before being knocked temporarily offline is my master as he is vaporized near a tall column. A new emotion is felt... sadness? Is my master dead? Despair.....fear... all at once. Then I see nothing, and forced offline temporarily by the massive energy.

Regeneration and repair cycle complete. Starting RUN.exe

Logging on...

I awake to see my master's equipment on the ground, in the shape as a body would be after dying and falling. What happened? I think. I begin to search for my master. I see more equipment behind. To occupy myself as my "mind" races with thoughts I create crates using debris and store the items in there. I continue my search, and see a large RAmar walking ahead. A survivor??

~the RAmar turns around as it hears a beeping. Ah, there you are. You my friend are gonna help me pay the rent.~

Rent? What is this... rent... I think to myself. I decide to go with the RAmar believing he is a survivor. As we are transported to forest sector 1 I see a pink RAceascel. She is walking over? I have never seen her before...

"Hi!" A voice! But who's voice!? Is it her's? "Hey can you hear me?" I decide to respond

"Greetings. I am MAG 103428, but my master calls me Maggy."

"Maggy?" The RAceasel asks the RAmar a question and is shocked when she hears the reply.

"You mean.... this RAmar isn't your master?" she asks

"Correct. I believe he is a survivor from the explosion. I was seeking my master." I reply

"He is from Pioneer 2... your master is possibly dead" she sadly remarks.

"Dead!?" I feel worry as I continue communicating with the RAceascel "If he is, then where is he? I must go find him!" I then flee in search of my master as the RAceascel and RAmar try to follow. I look back once to see the RAmar trip and many MAGs fly out of his transport buffer. I'll have to learn more about this later...

~Maggy returns back to where he woke up~

Sadness.... Worry.... Fear.... all these emotions at the same time. My master... is he dead? Where can I go? I don't want another master! I want mine back! Where is he!? Where!? Why can't I find him... this search is pointless. He is dead! I feel panic.. adding to my breakdown. I can^t start over... I miss my master!

Initiate self-destruct.exe






There is nothing left for me.......

~The MAG wonders if there is an afterlife for robots as his self-destruct sequence is completed. Maggy found out there is. The MAG joined his master^s soul in the Hunter^s Heaven to follow him for eternity slaying hell demons instead of Ragol creatures, to remain by his master^s side once more~

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