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Republic Insa: The House Of God

I am Depressed

Shrike didn't go back to Wisco's house, as she was sure the old man would most likely chew the hell out of her for doing this.

She sat down somewhere close to First Floor, where she had a good view of both above and below; one of the few spots of the lower parts of the ship that weren't full of pipes and wires all over the place.

Gravity makes crap go down... Down to the bottom, she thought. She looked down and her cameras proved her points. Down, way down were piles of junk, old cars, crash sites, biological waste. This part of the ship wasn't supposed to be a slum, but you can't do much once gravity's won the lawsuit.

People would most likely suspect her for the fire at the House of God. The bouncer would still be alive, and it doesn't take a huge IQ to make the connection.

Her linker beeped.


"Shrike, it's me." Wisco's voice said.


"I've got some hopefully good news for you. I was suspecting you were the one who had caused the fire, so during the panic, I found a few seconds to shoot down the bouncer."

Thanks... But what about everyone else?

"No one saw you... And no one saw me either. The only one to know is me and Yndo; he'll leak out some false info. You know, the usual situation: two enemies, one of them gets pissed off and he comes over to settle the score. Nothing simpler."

Okay... Why are you doing this?

"You're my daughter in some way. I want to keep you out of trouble, whatever it is. Besides, the Chip Group needs you!"

So I'm a p-- Oh wait...

Almost spoke too fast on this one...

Listen, don't wait for me until next morning... I've got some more defragmenting to do.

"Sure, sure... Come home whenever you're in the mood."

Yeah, thanks.

She hung up.

Now that her concentration was off from the call, the noises of cars and machinery became louder to her. She could see her reflexion on the underside of some of those things, and as she looked at the image of her over and over again, she came to the realization that although her new form was undoubtably badass, it wasn't going to be lovely. She didn't really find herself beautiful anymore.

If only I could be a normal human, she thought. Eat, work, sleep, life is simple. No maintenance, no complicated grids and hard drives... Just do your job and have fun. You get to sleep during all those boring nights, while the androids wander around and f****** have nothing to do... Life would be good too. Had I been born a woman instead of an android, I would have been able to taste the joys of sex.


She was adopted... She couldn't technically have a child, but nothing stopped her from getting up and going to get one.

No... Not a human. I want a kid android.

That was a possibility, but it would cost quite a lot of cash to change shells every year to simulate growth.

She looked at her hands...

Well, at least I'm a bit closer to a normal organic thing... Whatever that is.

*     *     *     *     *

8 days later

Shrike had found a small, remote power reactor on the surface of Ragol and had ripped out the machinery to transform it into her little workshop. It wasn't much... The outside was covered by branches and leaves, the door was almost invisible, and the insides were completely torn apart.

And inside, there was the android, sitting on a small computer chair, with a snake-light hanging from a bulkhead, its beam cast upon a set of electronic pieces.



"It's me." Wisco's voice said. "Nicoletta has good news for you: she still has a couple of dead mags in her bio box. They'll never work but if it's gonna help you..."

As long as she doesn't think I mean aircraft magnetos. But if it's the good stuff, send 'em all down.

She hung up and went back to her study.

The piece of structure she was using as a desk was covered with circuits, chips, boards and a few organic parts. A few of them had already been stripped of key components and put away, but the majority of the stuff lay disorganized. Next to those things was a small laptop computer, which she had linked to herself via a 6-foot cable instead of an optical spike, for freedom of movement.

Next to the desk, locked within a portable ice case, were containers with samples of blood from the ruins monsters, kindly brought to her by Wisco. She had been considering making a crossbreed daughter just like her, but the idea was pretty far-fetched. Mags were more known and would be more reliable than monster genes.

8 days of processing data and simulating experiments and still nothing conclusive. She'd just be forced to make a normal adult-looking android. She'd never get the thrill of raising someone (how did this idea get into her anyways!)

Her outside camera took notice of someone at the door, which she opened. It was Wisco, but how did he get here so quickly...

She took a look at the computer clock. It was 9 in the evening. She had been whining about her failed attempts for the past three hours and a half without even being aware of it.

Wisco gave her the bag, which contained a dozen mags, old and dead, but intact. The weapon modder muttered a few words about being tired, and left.

She disconnected from the computer and linked the cable to one of the mag's data plugs. She'd have to do away with movement of her right arm for a few minutes.

Aaaaaaaand... Here-a-we-a-gooooo!!!

She set the mag down on her desk, waited for its circuit lights to brighten to their fullest, then inserted her opti--


That was not an optical spike...

"Oh my God!!" She yelled upon seeing the thing that had actually expended from her arm. She knew her optical spike was situated under the skin of her Delsaber hands but what had come out of the compartment had been a 3-foot long thick black rope, ending in a flexible organic appendice, with a phospho-light at its tip. The appendice and light were encased in a set of three petal-like metal plates, which were now fastened around the port she had connected to. And somehow, that thing worked just like a regular optical spike.

Speaking of which, she finally managed to find the registry entries for her spike input files, and it was still somewhere within her... Actually it had been there all along, but the organic spike had decided to play smart guy and had pasted a priority shortcut right on top of the entry.

Figures, she thought...

She allowed herself a second to fix the entry and test it out again, and found herself satisfied that she now had two spikes instead of one. The feeling was comparable to her as a human with four arms.

She looked at the mag, retracted the organic spike from the port, and gave it a careful look. The appendice seemed stretchy and flexible. She might just as well try it straight into the mag and see what happens.

Oh my god, make that six arms...

The data that flowed into her was something she had never seen before, yet she understood everything of it. Within seconds, she knew all about this mag down to the last atom. She didn't know a thing about practical DNA language, but at the same time she knew everything about it. And it wasn't just like downloading a dictionnary program to speak Spanish. The mag data had an unknown, exotic touch to it, like knowing every damn thing about a person just by looking at him (and she had seen from newmans that such a thing was possible!!)

The shock left her standing there for the next four minutes, before she found the will to spin her hard drive and download the data.

The new things she had learned in the past minutes changed everything. Before, she only knew about programs and procedures. Now, she knew the biology of the mag. Her organic spike somehow had the ability to hack both into computers and living beings!

She took only a few more seconds to arrange the structure. Using her knew bio knowledge, she'd be able to grow a mag-android combinaison and actually make it work.

She took the other mags out of the bag, analyzed them, and put them close together. She'd use the mags' innate psychic powers to merge them into one... That'd give her enough flesh to initiate a growth process, englobe a few key motherboards and other android components, and then design a kid-to-adult program that would last ten years. She'll fast-forward the kid to a mental and physical age of eight years old, and then let her proceed onward to adulthood.

She sent in the codes, carefully watched the mags as they accomplished their jobs, and found it acceptable to disconnect and turn her attention away for the time being.

There was some unexpected work to do with all that monster blood.

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