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Republic Insa: The House Of God

I am Frustrated

Well, not woke up per se, but got reactivated. She could hear voices coming from each side.

"I can't figure this out."

"How's the RAM affected?"

"Looks like it's partly covered. As long as one of the main boards is intact, I think I can salvage some stuff..."


Shrike's weak voice (her amplifier was disconnected) surprised everyone.

"Hey, why is she powered up?"

"It's not me!!"

"Scan the switches."

"Backup battery."

One of the meccanos took a peek inside Shrike's open chest.

"I don't see any..."

"Backup battery!..."

The man looked at his teammates and shrugged. Shrike didn't know where it had come from, but she knew there was a backup battery somewhere within herself.

"Left waist..."

The man peered at the designated area.

"I only see some kind of tumor."

"A what?"

"Tumor! Got any memory of what happened to you?"

"Well... Was fightin' all right. Then I hopped in a teleporter and something happened."

The man looked to some assiatant Shrike couldn't see.

"Teleporter! There's our problem!!"

"So what's the diagnostic?"

"Louder please."

"My amp is dead!"

"Taylor, give me that wire will you?... There. What was your question?"

Shrike ran a quick test to check the amp's capabilities, and then said in a clear voice:

"What's the diagnostic?"

The man took in a deep breath.

"Well, tell you the truth, you got hit pretty bad by some infection. It's eaten most of your RAM, it's covered your CPU, and done some other things I can't even describe myself. But the important part is that it's caught your hard drive. Can you run a cluster test for me please?"


The hard drive did spin all right, but the data Shrike saw was completely messed-up. It was as if someone had backed up his operating system into her while she wasn't looking.

"Can you now spin the primary disc?" The man said.

The primary disc didn't spin, however. It seemed stuck. A spark erupted from the reading head, which had trouble moving too.

"That's what I thought..." He continued. "Your primary disc was corrupted. I'm afraid we'll have to replace it."

Shrike couldn't believe him.

"But I can read the data on it! Every cluster! My tests say so!"

"Your tests must be wrong, because your primary disc is halfway covered by demi-organisms. It doesn't want to spin, and if you try to spin it too hard, it'll eventually break. I can't take these things off without scratching your operating codes. We need to replace the primary disc and the hard drive."

"Can I back-up my files?"

"No; the infection is preventing me from doing so. Your ports are clogged with the stuff."

"But what about my knowledge?! My memories!! There's people I know! There's people I would STILL like to know!!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't do anything else. Listen, I'll clean you up as best as I can, replace what's broken, and when I reboot you, I'll inform you about who you are as best as I can, okay?"

"No, that's not okay! And get this light away from me."

She rose a hand to block the rays.

The whole thing felt too heavy. She thought she was lifting a thousand pounds of meat instead.

That guess wasn't so wrong after all.

Her hand was that of a Delsaber.

*     *     *     *     *

The alley was dark and full of trash and junk. It would be the perfect hiding place.

Shrike had screamed at her transformation so loud, everything made of glass within the room had broken into myriads of pieces. She could remember making her way among the panicking men, and she was surprized to find a bit of blood on the shining blades that ran the entire length of her fingers. She'd never be able to give a handshake again.

She sat down. Her eyes were opened wide in panic and amazement. She registered all the new data and proceeded to test out the flex and movement of her new hands. Fortunately, they moved just like her old ones. Four fingers, one thumb. The modifications to her data and movement files were very minimal.

But then, there were the shields.

Her hand wasn't there per se. She could see her palm pierced by a hole about three and a half inches in diameter. Those holes were the central generators to her Delsaber shields, and she came to find out their power was good enough, she calculated she could just block machine-gun fire for a continuous five minutes without overworking the energy. That, and the shield radius was huge, much better than a standard barrier, even when modded.

She let her hands fall to her side. It was time to defragment her hard drive and restore her original and optimal speed settings.

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