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Republic Insa: The House Of God

I am Biomeched

"What's for today?"

"I'll have a dollar!"

Wisco and B-1 sat down, while the owner shouted the order over to the kitchen.

The selling spree had gone far better than they had all thought. In an unexpected twist of fate, the government hunters happened to fall on a lab sector full of mechanical junk and cybernetics just waiting to be converted to android mods.

The Chip Group simply had to sneak in, and retrieve. With the hunters all fighting the security system, the whole operation was a piece of cake. And to top it off, the Blue Dragons had gone out of business: a few of them got caught in the mines, and one of them made the fatal error: panicking and telling everything to the cops.

The owner came back with that dish called "dollar": Meat, mustard and dried spinach put into a crispy and leafy shell. All this was wrapped in a spinach tortilla. And for some reason, it tasted good.

B-1 looked around.

"Where in the motherfreakin' world is Yndo?!"

Wisco chuckled.

"You were right without knowing it. He is motherfreakin' right now."

And just on cue came the human, followed by a goddess-like (naked) newman female. He took a chair and sat down, with the girl on his lap.

"So," Wisco told him. "When's the wedding due?"

"Next Tuesday; everyone's invited to the orgy."

General laughter.

"I have never seen such a sick, sexually-obsessed group of people." B-1 declared in a snobbish tone.

"You kidding me?" Yndo replied du tac-o-tac.


"I'll take it as an insult!"

Another burst of laughter.

"By the way, why isn't your loving Juliette saying anything?" Wisco asked.

"She's mute." Came the reply. "The only sound she can do is a moan."

Chuckle from the weapons modder.

"Oh, come on, I don't believe ya!"

"Oh yeah? Listen carefully. Tomi, say 'I love you' as an example."

The girl tried to speak, but no words would come out. Only air going in and out. However, they could distinctively hear some kind of "uh-huh" from the depths of her throat. It was faint, but hearable.

"Okay, I stand corrected!" Wisco said, following this by a good belch.

The next thing he knew, he was looking at a grinning black and green android face.

"Ruins are open, you lazy asses!" Shrike shouted at them. "Got your stuff? Good!! Come with me, we don't have a second to waste. You snooze, you lose!"

The three men got up.

"Why aren't you moving?! Come on!"

Shrike grabbed the hand of the newman by the name of "Tomi" and led her out of the House, despite the owner's shouts about her being employed there.

The Chip Group would have made it to the teleporter unseen, had Tomi been clothed. Shrike put the event down in her memory as one of the funniest and strangest things to happen in her life: as they ran through the streets, the richer people would throw the newman towels to cover herself.

*     *     *     *     *

"Teleporter's online. Eveeryone in! Go!!"

The surface of the planet was empty of people because of a thunderstorm. The group hurried over to Central Dome.

"Gabrielle and me will be the mappers." Shrike said. "Uhh, Wisco, did you get the location of the gate?"

The weapons modder nodded.

"Great. Let's avoid contact with monsters as much as we can. We need to get as far as possible into the ruins before the rest of the hunters do. Who cares if the entire dark army is chasing us; all we'll need to do is set up a teleportation pipe and head out."

*     *     *     *     *

"Dammit, this place is full of people!"

The team had arrived at the gates, only to find out some hunters were already placing boxes of supplies for the others.

Wisco reached for his com unit. A beep was heard, and the hunters suddenly dashed into the ruins.

"What was that?"

"Fake emergency signal. Let's get in there."

The interior of the ship was impressive. The floors were cold and smooth, most of the machinery still worked, and the air didn't smell as recycled as it was on Pioneer II. There were two paths, either east or west.

"I'm getting photon signals from the east." Gabrielle toned. "Methinks there's a good stash of stuff there."

And so it was: the small room contained nine boxes, full of high-tech weaponnry. One of them also had a couple of armor suits...

"Grab this." Shrike ordered Tomi. She handed to the newman a royal blue swimsuit-like plate. "Careful, 'cause this was made for androids and has sharp edges." Closer inspection of the boxes also revealed a pair of matching leg armor pieces. As for the sharpness, Yndo gladly contributed a piece of his old suit to put in-between the skin and the plates.

Wisco's eyes suddenly opened wide.

"Guys, that room was a trap."

B-1 turned around.

"Waddya mea-- oh s***!"

The doors leading to the main corridor were still opened, and in said corridor was a dozen monsters, patiently waiting.

"What are those?" Shrike queried.

"Uhh, looks like the demi-organisms the database was talking about." Wisco said while looking at his info pad. "I'm getting signals everywhere; the damn ship is crawling with these things!!"

Gabrielle shrugged while reaching for her weapon: a huge pair of semi-photonic angel wing blades.

"So what? No problem. Everyone ready?"

They all nodded.


The following carnage was brief and rather too close according to Wisco's opinion. It was a fact: those monsters were much tougher that what they knew from the surface.

"And the worst thing," Yndo added "Is that we still don't know what kind of thing we might encounter. I mean, if these things do exist, any damn thing can come right up in our faces!"

The team moved to the next room (Tomi was lagging behind, due to the fact that she felt like using the purple monster blood as cool paint for her new suit) which was fortunately empty, except for a huge crystal at the far right end.

"There's a couple of characters engraved..." B-1 declared as he took a look. "Does it look like anything we know?"

Everyone took his turn to look, but no one knew what those characters were. Probably something from whatever ancient civilization. Anyways it wasn't Chip Group business. They were hunting for weapons and armors to sell and mod. Not for fancy writing styles.

The next room featured a bunch of windows that let the team see what they really were into. It seemed like a space version of an ancient boat: the front and the back were raised, while the middle was a large flat platform. It was quite a beautiful thing to look at. That ship had been well conserved through the years.

They turned around to proceed to the next room, but soon found out it was already full of monsters.

"How the hell did they get here?!" Yndo yelled as he parried a Dimenian's strike. No one answered, they were all too busy with fights of their own. Fortunately, those critters were no match for the Chip Group's modded weapons, and eventually everyone killed his share of monsters...

...Except for Shrike.

The black and green android was busy with one of the tougher types of monsters: a blademaster-like entity, with the standard sword as right hand, but its form was slightly taller and slimmer. Whereas the Dimenians looked like futuristic thugs, this one only had skin over bones, and even that wasn't enough... It just seemed like some dark grinning alien skeleton with flashy android lights for decorations.

Shrike backed away just in time to avoid a swipe from the creature's huge bladed left hand. She found an opening and swung her chainsaw back, but her attempt was too slow; the monster grabbed the weapon in order to stop the chains, sending sparks flying everywhere, but changed his mind and pushed the weapon away. His hand was unharmed.

Both enemies circled each other, looking for a break in each other's guard, but an android against a killing machine was too perfect a combo. This fight would last forever, and no one dared attempt a shot, because the opponents were moving too fast.

"Hunters coming!" Wisco yelled as he peeked at his radar. "Finish this thing and let's hide somewhere!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do here?!"

Wisco looked at his radar in panic. They couldn't afford to be seen by hunters here. Who knows, they might just end up on some zealous and lawful guy who'd recognize them and send them straight to jail for unauthorized access.

Time was up. Wisco placed a teleportation pipe in a corner of the room and activated it.

"It's taking too long; run back to Pioneer!"

Shrike dashed for the teleporter field, but the monster caught up with her, and used its hand-shield to slam her on the wall. She managed to push the critter away with her right foot, but it charged again. Both were still fighting when Shrike suddenly stepped on the pipe, activating the field.

Both enemies vanished.

Shrike had teleported with the monster next-to-last in order. Only Tomi was left, but the teleportation field was gone. The device had run out of energy.

A muffled boom. Something had fallen on the ground where the teleporter field had stood. The form that was hidden in this dark corner wasn't moving, and the sound had attracted a team of hunters, who looked at the pile of bleeding flesh and metal with disgust.

The thing moved... An android hand tried to find some support to get up, but it was too weak. A small growl of frustration echoed through the room.

Someone took his telescopic partisan by the blade end, and lightly poked the creature. Tomi wanted to call out Shrike's name, but all that came from her mouth was an unhearable "Uhhhh..."

Two things extended from the form, and let themselves fall on the floor, in a surprizingly loud clang of metal against metal.

They were hands. The Delsaber was still alive.

The hunters prepared their guns and swords, carefully watching the creature. They hoped it would die there, since those hunters had obviously lost a comrade to one of these things...

Someone lost his nerve and shot. A hand raised itself, activated its shield, and parried the strike. The hand fell again, this time on the tip of its fingers, and a louder, more menacing growl came from the dark mass.


'It' tried to use its hands to stand up. The mass of flesh broke apart like a soft cocoon, uncovering the android, which was covered by purple blood. A small, defeated gurgle came forth, the sound of a dying Delsaber.

Shrike stood up, weakly. Her Greenglo functions had obviously been affected, because the neon-green halo covering her was unequal. Whereas her hair plate was of a dull olive-like green in the darkness, her eyes happened to glow like highbeams.

A few words of unequal pitch escaped her mouth, as she looked in Tomi's direction.

"Why don't..."

The word died down, and so did she, falling face first on the floor, in a crash so loud it surpried even the hunters four rooms away.

She woke up in a bliding white neon light.

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