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Republic Insa: The House Of God

I am Excited

Both androids secured their weapons and went off walking on the sidewalks.

"I didn't get the news yet." Shrike said. "What's the score?"

"Energy release." Gabrielle replied with a sigh. "Killed all life as we know it, no structural damage. Tyrell's dispatched a bunch of hunters to go see what's going on."

"We're gonna have new business coming in soon..."


"No; swords. We need to find a lighter chainsaw prototype. The one I've got is great for androids but too heavy for humans."

The two turned to a back alley, entered a dark building through a small metal door, to find themselves into a tiny room.

"Do you have any coordinates for this thing?" Shrike asked. Gabrielle nodded.

"I stole a password and managed to get into the database. Got all the specifications for the teleporter, along with the channel codes. This way, regardless of position, you'll teleport to the exact same spot on the planet. Unfortunately, coming back will be through the main hunter sector. And that means s***loads of one-shot teleportation pipes to bring with you."

"It's all right. The hunters know me enough and they shut their trap. I'm just too good of a dealer." Shrike grinned, revealing her complete set of pointed teeth.

The teleporter came alive, and the room found itself bathed into a blue glow.

"It works." Gabrielle said. "No need to test out. If the codes are wrong, all of Pioneer II is wrong."

"Great. Let's go back to the House and tell the group about it. If there is any junk we can find on this planet, we need to go get it first. If what you say about structural damage is right, all we'll need to do is go down, open a few ammo boxes, and we'll have enough to supply an army. I want Yndo to make a full report on this within the next hour. We need to get to all the stashes first."

Gabrielle picked up her cellphone and dialed the number.

"I'll run ahead." Shrike told her. "I don't want to lose a single second of this!!"

*     *     *     *     *

All music had stopped at The House of God. People were gesturing, shouting, anything but eating their food.

Shrike went to her group.

"Grab your stuff guys, Gabe found the coordinates and we're all ready for an excursion!"

Minutes later, everyone was down on planet Ragol. Each member of the team had brought his favorite trademark weapon, except B-1, who was charged with carrying the load. Gabrielle had chosen a huge blade shaped like a pair of angelwing blades.

The team already had some trouble avoiding the flurry of hunters running all over the place. They had quickly decided that Central Dome wasn't a good destination. So instead, they began searching for crates in some main building areas, where they found plenty.

They heard a crash; the sound of a dead dragon falling to the ground, and a piece of Central Dome's floor falling apart from the creature's uncoordinated landing. Right on cue, B-1 was full of expensive weaponnry for sale, and so was the rest of the team.

*     *     *     *     *

The transition through the hunter grounds had been rather easy. People were so busy preparing themselves, no one paid attention to the group making its way, their bags and clips full of stuff. In minutes, they were at the Chip Group's headquarters.

Wisco looked at the record number of things on the table. Every few seconds, one of them would roll and fall on the floor.

"Guys, from what I see here, we are in for some really good merchandise. I bet I could mod a few of these things as well."

"Well, you'll start with this!" Shrike slapped her chainsaw right in Wisco's face. "Here! Find a way to add a cooler to this thing so that I may override the RPM without blowing myself up. Take the price off my share; I've got enough to get a new paint job on my car anyways."

"What kind?"

"The best in the west. Matte black with neon green exactly where I want it."

Oooohs among the group.

Yndo clapped his hands together.

"Let's get to work. The faster we mod the stuff, the faster we can make mucho, mucho money!"

The Chip Group was in for one of the best selling sprees to be known across the black market.

*     *     *     *     *

Shrike was pondering all this. All that past history. Outside her home was the familiar sports car, still loyal to its owner.

Everyone had made huge profit. Life was good.

The phone rang.

Gabrielle answered. She said nothing, and just hung up a few seconds later.

Turning to Shrike, she simply said:

"The ruins are open."

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