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The Chosen One
by Ed Green


That's what they call him, yet nobody knows why.

He wonders why he was chosen by the principal. Why couldn't it be someone else? Is he really the chosen one?

He is a Ramar more than capable of wielding magic at the same level as forces, yet his ranger skills are not lacking either.

He started his journey in the forest.

When he first started battling, he encountered three boomas. All seemingly easy, until he was ambushed by 4 more. He was surrounded, and then a bright flash of light appeared. They were all disintigrated. Shadow stopped. He knew something was wrong.

After he defeated the dragon that nested in the Central Dome, he knew his battle experience was rising. He then went into the caves. The caves were large, so he took a break for a few days. An urge kept him from taking a longer one though. An unexplained urge. As if something were calling him.

He went back to the caves and found Beta772. It was far more aggressive than ever recorded. It seemed to hate Shadow. He then reached the mines. He breezed through the mines almost too easy. The pistol he found had an adverse effect on the machines. Shadow then found a tower generator. Lost memories rushed though his head. He fell in pain. Shadow was starting to remeber who he was. What he was.

Shadow then remembered something, but not his own memory. It seemed to be someone else's. It was very vague. A girl. A ring. A darkness. It was all coming back now. The urge. The memories. His identity. He didn't want to jump to any conclusions so he investigated further.

He accessed some of the mines computers and databases. He found files. He looked through them and found a piece of his life. He found a file called 'The Chosen One'. It read:

"Shadow....................Pioneer 1 Files confirmed.................Shadow:FoRamar(genetic mutation)-not only is he a ranger but he also has defining qualities of a force..................Osto's Reseach-Shadow...... ...............responding to the treatment very unexpectedly. He is absorbing the components we are testing him with as if a dark corner swallowing the sunlight. We will call this specimen Shadow.

Day 67

'Shadow' is aging quite rapidly. it has only been 67 days since his discovery as an infant and he already resembles a 10 year old. He is learning at an alarming rate. One thing concerns us. He speaks of a great darkness if we land on Ragol. We ignore his childish antics. We started teaching him the ways of a ranger, but he he still grasps his magic abilities.

Day 315

It has been nearly a year now and we are ready to land on Ragol. All analysis are complete. Shadow is angry though. He chants an ancient saying. We cannot dicipher the meaning. "MUTTS DITTS POUMN!!" he says. We are frightinened of his abilities. We saw him swipe a dog the other day; the dog died seconds after he touched it. I personaly see hate and darkness in his eyes, as if he is darkness.

Year 7

We just made contact with Pioneer 2. Shadow is enraged. He kills 3 staff members and injured nearly all of them. He chants continously for about 10 minutes and then.................... I hear a loud boom. What is that?!? WHAT IS THAT!!?!......................................................................................"

Shadow was shocked, but he still didn't fully understand the urge. Why was he spared? and how did he get to Pioneer 2? After he accessed the database, he ran into another ancient monument. He was stired at the sight of it but even more by his ability to understand the encryptions. "The one who will bring light is dark........"

Shadow then went back to Pioneer 2 and took a mission from the Hunters Guild. "Black Paper". In the midst of his mission a voice called Shadow. "I AM YOU. YOU ARE ME!" the ghastly voice said. He tried to ignore but the urge was to strong. He then ran into Black Paper.

"I know who you are, but it'll cost you." Black Paper said as if he really did, and who's to say he didn't.

Just as Shadow was about to leave, Black Paper pulled his gun.

"Where do you think you're goin?" Black Paper said arrogantly.

Shadow didn't say a word. Instead he pulled his double-saber and dashed towards him. Black Paper shot, but Shadow dodged the ray and sliced him. It wasn't a solid hit but Black Paper seemed to be fading anyways.

"What did you do to me, you monster?!?"

Black Paper faded away. All that ramained was his frame and his gun. Shadow seemed to absorb his body.

After he recieved his money from the Guild, he entered the ruins, and all was quiet. He felt the urge very much this time. he was drawn through the ruins. Monsters were there, but they didn't attack him. He then came to a chamber with a huge teleporter in it. He prepared him self for battle, yet he didn't know why. As he entered the chamber, he felt a sense of uneasy relief.

He appeared in a pasture like garden. The monument. The serinity. It all came back to him.

"Ahhh, I see you made it, son........................................"

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