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A Beginning After The End
by Nightmarefirst

Day 1: Exploration

Static, then an image. before details can be discerned, the image begins to roll.

“Hang on a sec, let me adjust the tracking”

The image finally stabilizes. The area is apparently lit by a string of florescent lights along the top corners of the roof. the hallway viewed is apparently solid steel, definitely not a natural formation. A green-haired Palmian in a suit of steel armor with a slicer at her hip walks in front of the camera.

“Finally get it right, Nitz?” she says.

“Yeah, Teri, everything’s green” Nitz replies.

“OK, good. Hello, fellow scholars. Nitz and I are recording this from an unusual asteroid discovered just outside of Algo. Apparently, this was some sort of spacecraft or space station, though there is no record of one being this far out of the system. Judging by a massive hole seen in the aft portion of the hull, this place was apparently damaged by an explosion. We’ve docked near another vessel, most likely an emergency vehicle. Off camera, a Dezolisian scholar by the name of Reni is making a map of the area for future use.”

The camera turns to the slightly pale Dezolisian, whom quickly turns away.

“He’s a bit camera shy, but an excellent cartographer.” Teri says. “Our purpose here is to explore this unusual structure to try and understand its purpose. Considering that whatever powers this structure is still functioning, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Let’s begin.”

Static, then clears on a new scene: a skeleton. But an unusual one


“Um. . . “ starts a shaken Teri. “Apparently someone has died here, perhaps the whole crew. But, though this skeleton appears Palmian, there are strange devices attached to it, including what appears to be an artificial heart. Judging by the weapon this skeleton’s holding, he was security, or perhaps a soldier. Apparently, this man was subject to cybernetic enhancement, a science we are still developing. Perhaps ancient Palmian civilization was more advanced than I thought.”

The camera wobbles and falls to ground level. “Nitz! You should have said something if you were afraid of corpses! Get up! We need you to film this. Oh, well. Lets just hope his fainting didn’t damage the. . . “

Tracking is lost, and the picture gives way to static once again. When the picture returns, we see a thick, sealed door. The door appears to be made of steel, like the walls. A computer terminal is on the wall next to it.

“Apparently, we’ve reached a dead end. Perhaps that terminal over there would be of use, but I can’t read it. Nitz, get a shot of the screen. Perhaps someone can translate. Perhaps it’s ancient Palmian.”

Nitz points the camera to the screen. The words on it aren’t in the Palmian language, nor the letters familiar to all but the most studied ancient linguistics scholars. It reads: “Engineering levels 14-20 sealed. Do not open, or explosive decompression is imminent. Repair crews will be assigned to correct this inconvenience. Thank you for your observance of safety precautions.”

Instead of static, the camera cuts the the next location. This is a room, perhaps the size of a standard living room. The walls are white, as are the simple furnishings. The room has a Spartan and utilitarian quality to it, revealing nothing of those who once dwelled within.

“We’ve apparently found a work station or possibly living quarters. The design of the furnishings is different from modern Palmian style, but that is to be expected. The computer terminal in this room is inactive, and we haven’t found a way to access it. Even when we managed to activate it, it was password protected. We’ll be setting up camp here, and have found sleeping quarters adjacent to this room. Nitz will be trying to crack the password.”

End of day one.

Day 2: Revelation

The camera turns on again, within the same room as before. Teri is on screen, and Reni can be heard muttering offscreen.

“Last night, we had a breakthrough. Nitz hacked the computer, and managed to find very little, due to the unusual language used by our ancestors. However, he has discovered that this ship has been inactive for 2500 years, and that this vessel was called the Noah. Perhaps this holds some significance we’re not yet aware of. Either way, we’ve also discovered 3 areas of the ship that appear to be of importance, as well as maps to each. Unfortunately, one of those areas is sealed off. Today, we’ll be exploring the area we believe to be the main bridge, as well as the remaining important area. Let’s be off.”

Cut to the next area, hours later. The room is massive, an artificial cave. it’s walls are lined with computer terminals, and there are row upon row of freestanding terminals, possibly used for specific tasks.

“It appears that we’ve reached the main bridge. The size and design are like none we’ve seen up to this point. This was apparently the control center for the entire vessel, which must have had a crew of thousands. However, this area appears to have been unused for a long time. More studies of this language will be required to understand the function of this room’s various terminals.”

Cut to the final location. This is another massive room, but long rather than tall. The walls are lined with foggy tubes, probably glass or plastic, attached to various mechanical devices, including what appear to be medical computers monitoring vital signs.

“It appears we’ve found something unknown to modern Palmian science. Apparently, life forms, possibly Palmians, are contained in these cells. The cells are icy to the touch, and Reni is working on a way to open them.”

As if on cue, chambers begin to open, hissing as the frigid air contained in them for so long is finally released. Reni uses a Nasar technique to restore the cell’s occupants to normal. As they begin to awaken, they look to see the trio that has interrupted their rest.

“Palmians? And a Dezoran? Here?”

The now-thawed people converge into a group, discussing something in a tongue unknown to Alogians. One of them eventually steps foreword.

“I am Commander Fitzgerald, third in command of this vessel” says one of them in a strangely accented Palmian. “We are natives of the planet Earth, in the Sol system. And we’re curious as to why you’re here”

“It appears we’ve found something unprecedented, a people frozen for 2500 years. When and if this ever reaches Motavia, remember that this is perhaps the beginning of a great exchange. We will be staying here until that time. There is much to learn. Too bad we’re out of film. . . ”

The Present

The video ends. “And this is how our peoples met, leading to integration into the modern human race, a mixture of Earthman and Palmian cultures. Any questions?”

The Professor’s statement falls on deaf ears. Almost the entire class is asleep, with the remainder, a trio of numans in the back of the room, making comments about shoddy camera work and a lame plot.

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