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I Know You're Watching
by Jennifer Micelli

I see trees, I see sand, I see ice. And I see hell. Are you seeing this, Nero? Horrible monsters lurking everywhere. Townspeople afraid to come out of their houses. And it's my job to stop all of this.

Can you see me, Nero? Can you see my fighting for my life, trying to fulfill my destiny and save our beloved home?

I won't let you die in vain, Nero. I followed your instructions and found the strong warrior Odin. I also have two other companions: Myau, a strange, cat-like animal that can speak, and Noah, a powerful esper that I met on Motavia. Or did you already know this?

I hope that they will be okay. I don't want anything bad to happen to them. I'll feel so guilty if something does. Can't you see what you've done to me, Nero? Do you see what responsibilities I have?

I don't want to die, Nero. I want to live, and I want to live where I'm not terrified to step out my front door and where my king doesn't want me killed. I want to get married, have children, and teach them the ways of the world. Like you tried to do for me.

Oh, Nero, why did you have to die? There's so much that I could have learned from you, so many things you could have showed me. But now you're gone, and I'm standing here alone.

Alone. You'll always be with me, Nero, but physically, I am alone. Sure, I've got Odin, Myau, and Noah with me, but they don't understand me. No one can understand me the way you did.

Alone is actually a funny word. I have myself, but that's the problem. If I could carry out my plans without thinking, there would be no problem. But I'm not a robot, Nero. I am alive, with thoughts and dreams. I don't want to worry about things. I want to feel safe.

I know that I will have to face Lassic soon, Nero. Just like you told me to. I want the Algol Star System to be safe again. I realize that I am not the most important person, that there are others that need to be free of this horrible man, even if it means sacrificing myself in the process.

I've learned many things, Nero. Just as if you were still here. But I've learned my lessons on my own. May they help me in anyway possible.

I'm nearing Lassic's castle. Can you see me, Nero? I'm ready to take him on, to do to him what he did to you. Never again will he rule the Algol Star System. I'll make sure of that.

Am I crazy, Nero? Am I really going to go up to Lassic and kill him? I'd do anything to avenge your death, but do I really have a chance?

I'm almost there, Nero. Are you watching? I'm opening the door. I'm stepping inside. I'm preparing for the greatest battle of my life.

I'm fighting as hard as I can, Nero. But I don't think it's working. I'm getting tired, and his magic is really powerful. I want to stop him, but I don't think I can.

I'm lying on the floor, Nero. Everything hurts. I can see my blood forming a pool around me. I can see my friends watching in horror as they try to continue my quest.

I did everything I could, Nero. And I failed. Now the home we loved so much will turn into a hellish world. And it was all my fault.

The light is fading, Nero. I'm sorry I couldn't succeed. I wanted the Algol Star System to be safe as much as you did. Because of me, our beloved home will turn into a hellish world, and Lassic will rule once more.

Maybe, Nero, someday there will be another little girl with an older brother who loves her, and they will defeat Lassic. Then we will know that everyone can live in peace.

I know you're watching, Nero. I know it's an ugly, messy sight and you can turn your head if you want. But don't worry about me. I'll be with you soon.

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