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Scion's Pride
by Jennifer Micelli!

Another Were Bat killed. Blood dripping everywhere. Staining the bark of the trees, flowing through the grass, splattered on my boots.

I mustn't let this stop me. I've seen so many dead bodies before, why should this one be any different? I've got to keep going, walking, killing...

I can't stop, I refuse to quit. Quitting is the same as being defeated...for me, anyway. I need to continue my quest, to restore peace to my home, which has become a hellish nightmare to live in. And I am best suited for the job.

I was born a hunter. I was raised a hunter, and I will die a hunter. And I've come pretty damn close to death many, many times. But that cannot stop me.

They call me unstoppable. Rumors of my strength have reached the far corners of Palma. I cannot be defeated, or so they think. Although they called me crazy when I went out to kill Medusa to obtain the mythical Laconian Axe, I've fed their hunger for stories about me once again.

In time, I will become a legend. The people of Scion whisper to themselves when I walk down the street, "There goes the greatest warrior Palma has ever seen, next to Perseus."

I am often compared to another legend, Perseus. In truth, we are not so different. We both protected our people from the evil gorgon Medusa. I wonder now, if he were alive, how valuable he would be to our quest.

I am considered invaluable. I strike down monsters with seemingly great ease. I've learned to talk with Musk Cats. I can handle any axe, sword, or gun that is handed to me.

For I am Odin, brave warrior of Scion. I have a sense of justice in me that few others act upon. I am off to defeat...I will defeat the evil tyrant, Lassic, and make the Algol System safe once more.

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