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Child Of Darkness


If you knew the type of person I am, you would immediately recognize the fact that I try to be meticulous with details. In the following story, you will see this and may even find the beginning quite boring. I try to compensate later by either making certain scenarios humorous or action-packed. Just stick it out -- I promise it does get better as the story progresses.

I try my best not to plagiarize, but there are certain elements in other stories I've read that just seem to make sense to me so I incorporate concepts, not facsimiles, into my own writings. To those who see likenesses in my story to something you may have written, I thank you for your inspiration. I realize some of you may have preconceived concepts of how things are, say, for example, like the origin of the Espers. You will see that I have tried to come up with my own concept of their origin, to be completely original with a minimal amount of borrowed ideas. Just because my concept differs from what might be a "universally accepted" truth on not just the origin of the Espers, but other concepts as well, please do not judge my story too harshly. Like I said, I try to be meticulous, incorporating facts that some might consider superfluous such as the history of Algo, which I'm sure everybody and his dog knows of. Please consider what I've said before you read my story, and try not to be judgmental. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy!

In the years following Chaz and party's defeat of the Profound Darkness, much has occurred. The heroes go their separate ways, some remain on Motavia, a couple return to Dezoris, and two take up residence in space. Chaz and Rika marry after being together for a year, but their marriage is marred by a long string of misfortune. Motavia's Hunter's Guild closes its doors after declining employment opportunities, eventually leading to Chaz's declining mental state. Also, the planet's climate control systems no longer function, resulting in a change back to its original state -- a sandy, barren wasteland. Because of this, populations decline as food and especially water become scarce.

Amidst all this camaraderie, Darkness somehow brakes through its dimensional prison gates, seeking out its new secret weapon. Rune, the fifth-generation Lutz, is nowhere to be found. Without him, the knowledge of generations is lost. Darkness' return becomes more and more evident as time goes on, but there is something different about its return this time. For one, it has only been three years since it was sealed away, not a millennium as history dictates it should be. Another peculiar fact is that it seems to be targeting specific individuals, our heroes, whereas previously its attacks were either random or revolved around key strategic points. No one knows why or how Darkness has returned, nor do they have any clue that it is seeking the perfect weapon to gain vengeance on them.

With Chaz no longer having any Skills or Techniques at his disposal and his friends scattered throughout the system, it seems the perfect time for Darkness to strike. Somehow, someway, they have to reunite, for only together can they once again triumph. Will Chaz rediscover his Skills? Will he and his friends have to once again succeed the Power of Light? Only their love and devotion for one another will see them through and maybe, just maybe, reveal that the Child of Darkness is really . . . .

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