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Child Of Darkness


Chaz and Rika lived happily for many years to come. As suspected, Nei grew up in a happy, loving home. The Hunter's Guild reopened, but Chaz no longer had to endanger his life for a living. This time he was running the show. Rika, on the other hand, opened a successful nursery and organic garden. She never had to lift another claw in aggression.

Wren and Demi worked odd jobs for many months before they earned enough meseta to buy the home next to their friends'. Wren was called upon many times to assist in rebuilding many of the city's structures while Demi became invaluable at the trans-communication center for her proficiency with computer terminals. Both were satisfied with their new lives and never regretted a minute of it.

Hahn arrived at his home to find a very pregnant Saya. Overjoyed at his return, she readily agreed to move to Piata with him so that he could further his studies and teach at the University at the same time. They married a few months later in a huge gala provided by both their parents. The Scholar and his father never argued again.

Raja returned to a hero's welcome at Gumbian. Nyr gladly relinquished the title of Archbishop to him, saying that he truly deserved it. The wine cellars were opened and offered to all. Dezorians poured in from all over the planet. The celebration lasted into the next day when Raja asked Jaerli to exchange vows with him. She accepted.

Gryz was welcomed into Esper Mansion with open arms. He told his new family about his troubles and loss and many of them sympathized with him. Their concern and support was genuine. The Espers knew that he was truly one of them despite his appearance and accepted him without doubt. That was all he ever wanted from everyone, anyway.

Kyra retreated into Lutz's Sanctuary where she was finally ready to enter the Hibernation Chamber. The discovery of her true heritage was shocking to say the least, but Rune prepared her enough to meet the challenge head-on. The Esper Leader would try her hardest to keep her people honorable and worthy. Taking one last look around the sanctuary, Kyra was slowly pulled inside and began the first of many ten-year hibernations.

No one ever knew what became of Rune. The Reverent Fifth was never found on either of the planets and although he was searched for more than once, no one ever found him. A crafty and intelligent Esper like him would not go quickly. There might be a daft old man living in the mountains somewhere who can still burn the pants off of anyone foolish enough to wander too close to him. Who knows?

A single Laerma tree grows in Myst Vale now. From its seeds, the Musk Cats will replant a forest. Below the tree the soil is disturbed. A word is clawed into it at the bottom of its trunk.


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