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This project is something that has been stewing around in my brain since I first beat Phantasy Star IV two years ago. And now I'm very happy to have finally started work on this story.

I know most fanfics either tend to chart heroic adventures, or follow the lives of the characters' either before or after their adventures. It's my goal to do a little of both, along with covering some aspects of the Phantasy Star timeline most fanfic writers wouldn't consider working with. I hope to bridge the technological gap between Phantasy Star II and IV in a realistic fashion using the characters who are most likely to be at the forefront of the effort to preserve and adapt what's left of Mother Brain's technology. As a result this fanfic may occasionally use some technical terminology, but I try to keep it to a minimum without leaving any room for plot holes. If anyone finds anything wrong with the science I'm using, please feel free to let me know. I am a biology major, so chances are most of the biology as well as the basic chemistry and physics I use are accurate, but I may be a bit lacking in the computer department, particularly in networking.

Also I haven't seen how Kain is portrayed in anyone else's fanfic (at least not yet), but I've revamped his character so he speaks good Palman now and he sounds much more intelligent. It could be considered necessary because I needed a technologically/mechanically inclined character, and he was the likeliest candidate without resorting to an original character.

Special thanks to Mike Ripplinger for being the encouragement I needed to get this thing off the ground. He may not remember it, but he's told me three times over the past eight months that he would like to see my work; in particular this story. For that I am grateful.

And now I am proud to present my first major Phantasy Star fanfic, "Restoration".

Rune Lai (2/18/97)

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