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Chaz stood next to Rune in the courtyard of the Esper Mansion. Despite the cold climate of Dezolis, he was perfectly comfortable. He attributed this to some magic spell the Espers had cast. The courtyard had been transformed for a ceremony. The ground was covered with green grass and a single tree covered in white blooming flowers stood in the middle of the courtyard. Chaz waited patiently.

Rika marveled at how distinguished Chaz looked in his dress uniform. The normal red and yellow had been replaced by crimson and gold. The uniform had been expertly tailored. She always thought Chaz cut a dashing figure. she too was dressed in her finest attire. She wore a dress of shimmering dark green. It was not her favorite color, but, with her red hair, it was one of the better looking colors.

Rika Looked at the rest of her friends. Alys dressed in her Hunters' Guild dress uniform as well. Rika felt Alys looked out of place without her slashers at her side. Orus and Sharon dressed much as their father had. Looking around, it seemed there were almost as many members of the Hunters' Guild as there were Espers.

Hahn's clothes seemed the simplest. He wore a gray tunic and dark colors dress pants. He looked almost as if he fit in with the Espers. Wren and Demi somehow managed to look dressed up for the occasion. Their body armor was not highly reflective, but it did have a deep luster. Several had commented that it must have taken weeks to get out some of the dents.

Rune stood at the alter tugging at his collar. For some reason, his ceremonial robes always seemed to fit too tightly. The fact he was growing more and more impatient was not helping the matter any. He looked out at the people gathered in the Esper Courtyard. All of his friends were present. It was the first time since Niya's death they had all been together. It did not seem like it was nearly a year ago that she died.

The sound of Espers singing broke Rune's thoughts. Everyone in the courtyard stood at the sound of the music. The song was light hearted and had a very spiritual tone. He looked to the rear of the courtyard. Then he saw her. Kyra emerged in a dress of pure white. She gracefully walked between her friends and towards Rune.

Kyra came to a stop next to Rune. The two turned to face the High Esper. The aged man, who answered only to Rune, cleared his throat. He opened a book and then looked out over the group of friends and peers. "Today," he began. "Today marks a very special occasion. For today, we see the union of Rune Walsh, Fifth Generation Lutz, and Kyra Tierny, Healing Esper. These two have known one another for many years and have let that special bond grow between them slowly. Today, that bond shall be made unbreakable by their own words and hearts."

The High Esper nodded to Rune.

"Kyra, when we first met I was arrogant, stubborn, and proud. Though I am still all those things, you have let me get close to you. You have let me become someone special to you. In doing so, you have become very special to me. Loss has taught me that nothing is forever and we may not always have tomorrow. So today, I humble myself and ask you to be my wife. I ask you to be the one person I can always lean on, the one who shares my burdens, and the one who lifts my weary spirit."

Kyra nodded her consent. Rune reached down and gently grabbed her hand. He slid a wedding band of pure silver on her finger. Kyra glanced at the ring for a moment. She then made a fist as if she was scared the ring would fall off.

"Rune, No one ever promised me happiness. But, today you have made me happier than I have ever been before in my life. Hopefully, we will have many more happy moments as we cross the years together. We shall carry each other through the hard times and pray they are few."

Kyra placed a ring on Rune's finger much as he had down to her. Rune then lifted her veil, caressed her face, and gently kissed her lips. Once more everyone gather rose to their feet cheering the union of Rune and Kyra. Many who had gathered had never believed they would see the day when Rune would be married.

Chaz clapped Rune on the back hard. All of the Protectors of Algo gathered under the tree. They embraced one another intently. They had been through much together. They had defeated the Profound Darkness and saved Algo. They had destroyed ProFIRE. And now they saw the most unlikely thing of all. They had witnessed Rune getting married.

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