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Good Morning, And Happy Easter!
by Ishmael

"Chaz?! Wake up right now! What kinda prank are you playing?!" Chaz was ripped from a highly enjoyable dream about the girl down the street. Alys was, as usual, shrieking. Predictably, she was shrieking at him. He propped himself on one elbow and waited for the next usual event.

Yep, there it was.

The door came crashing in, ripped off its hinges.

Standing behind it, leg still cocked, was Alys. She was still dressed in a nightgown, and she, as usual, looked quite angry. She was holding something in her hand.

"What...are...these?!?!" she yelled, brandishing whatever she was holding. It looked like a small oblong ball of foil. "They're all over the house, along with white fur, and...and...PAPER GRASS!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!"

"Er...uh...what about the...umm...laundry?" Chaz asked hesitantly.

"What about the laundry?! I haven't brought it in yet! I want to know about this mess!" Alys's tone was getting softer, which was not a good sign. But, on the upside, she hadn't seen the laundry yet. Maybe he'd have a chance to clean it before she saw it.

"Err...okay, I'll clean it up, Alys. Though...well...I know my word usually doesn't count for much...but...uh...I've really never seen that foil thing in my life." Chaz gulped at the look in her eyes.

With a wordless scream of rage, Alys threw the thing at him and stalked off to her room, slamming the door. Chaz jumped out of bed, tossed on some clothes, and fervently hoped the mess his friends must have made wasn't too big. How they worked up the courage to sneak in Alys's house and play a prank, he'd never know. He stepped out of his room, and blinked.

They really were everywhere, weren't they?

He picked one of the egg-shaped foil things up and squinted at it. It didn't really feel like foil all the way through, though. Curious, he started to strip away the foil, and discovered a brown, sweet smelling egg inside it. He popped it in his mouth...and moaned in pleasure. It tasted amazing!

The hunt was on.

Most of the eggs were in plain view, but some of them were quite ingeniously hidden. He found every one, and put them in a pile on the table. Then he quickly gathered up the paper grass and the white fur (ignoring the insistent voice telling him that no animal on Motavia had white fur) and tossed them in the garbage sack. Then he sat down and started to eat. He heard Alys come out of her room.

"Wow, Chaz, I'm impressed. You've never cleaned up anything so fast." The edge was out of her voice, but she rolled her eyes when she walked in to the living room. "Figures...they're edible."

Chaz grinned at her through the mess on his face, and continued eating. Alys walked out to the back.

Too late, he remembered. Oops.

"WHAT...IS...THIS?!?! THE LAUNDRY!!!!! CHAZ!!!!!!!!!!"

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