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Chapter 10

The Dezorian awoke with a start.

"Easy there," said TemLe Kyra putting a comforting hand on the nervous shoulder. The dezorian wasn't sure if it was the TemLe's esper powers, or if it was her kind bed-side manner, but he trusted her. And at the mere touch of her hand he easied up instantly. "There, that's better."

Kyra kept at the dezorians wounds with an ease and grace that her assistant Sarah was amazed at how swift and precise her hands and abilities were. Sarah could only hope that her abilities would equal that someday.

{TemLe Kyra?}

[Yes, Sarah?]

{He can't remember a thing. I told him it was a side effect from the Cold Stroke, but I know that it isn't. I would have probed his mind, but I didn't want to cause any internal damage.}

[You were wise to use caution. Even when I probe the minds of people, I just poke at what is blocking thier memory, kind of like letting the air of a tire, if you poke a few holes, it will all come out eventually, but if you poke to big a hole...]

{Boom!} thought Sarah finishing Kyra's own thought.

"Right. Now, mister Dezorian, my name is TemLe Kyra. I can help you. Now, it is possible that the Cold Stroke has effected your memory, but that is highly unlikely. I am going to probe your mind, but I am going to be very cautious, you must remember things on your own."

"Okay," said the dezorian, a little uneasily. "Please calm down," said Kyra.

The Dezorian spun around and looked right at Kyra, "Ah..."

"I know that you're confused right know, but please calm down, and let me explain."


"Good. Actually, you are inside your mind."

"But, you..."

"No. I'm not inside your mind. I could get in, but that would actually be damaging to you. I don't want that. Think of me as a blind guide."

"Interesting. Where do we start?"

"Where do you wish to start? Or how about what DO you remember?"

"Alright. I remember some kind of a trip. This wasn't an ordinary trip. It had some kind...."

FLASH..he had an image of an Ice Digger..FLASH..it was gone.


"What is it?"

"It was just an image of the inside of an Ice Digger."

"Don't be dissappointed, that actually shows outstanding progress. Most people can't remember a thing on thier first try."

"Allright, that's something anyway...I guess. Let's see. If it was important then we had some kind of an important trip."

"You were wearing very lucrious goans and orniments. Similar to that of the Jn'Pokhan."

FLASH..an image of Raja..FLASH..an image of fire..FLASH..and image of three dark figures hovering over him..FLASH..an image of Rajim..FLASH

More and more of these images just started pouring out in his mind, he couldn't handle it. He couldn't take the overload. Kyra sensed this, she could sense what was happening, so then she decided to do what she'd thought she'd never be able to do. Enter his mind. She came in and tried to plug the hole that was getting progressively bigger and bigger, but it was too late, there was nothing she could do. She ran over to Ka'Glem who was screaming in agony over the influx of memories, not just the surpressed ones, but all of them. Kyra know what she had to do. She dragged him out of his mind, and in a manner of speaking, put him in her. She then pushed all of the memories into the "broken bubble" and then put Ka'Glem back into his mind. He was weakened by the experience as was she. But, Ka'Glem could remember everything now... everything. Before slipping into unconsciousness, he managed to say one last thing....

"By the Great Light, What have I done?"

Then Ka'Glem head crashed onto the pillow, he was now in a coma, while Kyra collapsed on the floor completely drained. All of this lasted a mere second or two.

"TemLe Kyra! Quick someone! The TemLe needs help!" exclaimed the nervous wreck that was Sarah.


The shuttle that had Raja in it had docked with the Landale. The Pressure between both ships had been stabilized and now the Airlocks themselves opened. Raja walked into the Landale and he immediately recieved a hug from Rika.

"Hey, now," said Raja who was clearly happy to see everybody, "I don't think that your hubby would approve."

Chaz chuckled at that. "You know Raja, that's probably the only funny thing you've ever said."

"Hey, I resent that!" exclaimed Raja.

"Even if it's true old man?" asked Rune.

"Look who's talking! I've only lived once."

"I suppose that you do have a point for once."

"O.K. O.K. enough already," said Chaz.

"So, what's wrong now short-stuff."

"Do you two ever stop? Oh, I don't believe that we've met," said Raja looking at Tom.

"Oh," said Chaz. "This is Tom. His is a partner to both Rika and myself."

Wren walked in from the back.

"So, how is she?" asked Tom to Wren, that was enough to cut the reunion short.

"Demi will be fine, all she needs is a little bit of reconstruction. I am just glad that none of you were at teh co-pilots seat or there might not have been much left."

"Indeed. Raja...I can tell that you do not wish to come," said Rune.

"I have taken the oath of the Jn'Pokhan. I cannot act out in violence. I...I... killed one of my aids."

You could hear a pin drop.

"He betrayed us. Rajim and I. He told them...."

Raja then went on to explain all that had happened to him before their reunion with him.

"I see," said Chaz reflectively, "Do they have the Eclipse Torch?"

"I don't think so. I do believe that they left someone behind to continue to look for it, to look for Rajim, and to look for The Musk Cats. Oh, what have I done!"

"Please calm down Raja. Worring about the situation isn't going to help it," said Rika.

"Raja," said Wren, "I can program the shuttle to land at the space landing area to the west of Tyler, I have also stationed an Ice Digger there for you. You can go and look for your friend and the torch."

Raja looked up and gave the large android a smile. "Thank you. I am sorry that I cannot help. Please understand."

"We do," said Rune, "And believe me by you finding the Torch, and saving the people at Meese from those dispicable plants, you WILL be helping."

Raja smiled at that. "Yes, I guess I will won't I? Everyone take care."

After about tewenty minutes of arrangements Raja's ship was on its way.

"Everyone, I think I've got an idea about how to attack Lassic," said Tom, "But, it may take a little bit of time."

Chaz turned to his partner wearing a large grin on his face. "So, what have you got in mind?"



Michael walked thorough the snow, he never liked cats, but after today the mere sight of a cat will make him want to do a little target practice. He didn't know how, but he would find some way to get even. He was lucky to have such good tracking abilities or else he would have lost the trail of blood, a long time ago. Then he found the mountain pass that was covered with trees, something that was very rare on Dezolis, but, he looked down in the trial, there was only one set of footprints, well pawprints actually. He couldn't believe it! He, the greatest tracker in Algo, good old "Bloodhound Steiner" as he had been called at the Hunter's Guild of Aiedo, had been sidetracked by a hairbrained, flea-ridden furball!!

The Guild. Oh, how he hated that place, and what does "The Great Juza" send into the guild to destroy it? A sandworm! You idiot, they track and "hunt" sandworms! That is were the HUNTer's Guild got it's name. Sheesh! Micheal always did things his own way, so he got a little violent sometimes they were criminals, they disserved to be punished. But, now he had an opertunity to make a name for himself. They'd be sorry that they kicked HIM out of the guild.

Wait! He could hear something. The furball was planing on ambushing him. He went off the trail a little bit and circled around. He could see him now. The stupid cat was sitting behind a bush waiting, Michael moved with amazing speed, he reached the cat, held up his sword and with one swing remived it's head. Michael looked down at the "head" and relized that it was just straw, he had been doped...again.

The real cat was watching all of this from a tree. He then leaped and kicked Michael in the back of the head.

"Our secret location dies with you human," said the angry Musk Cat kicking him. Michael rolled down the hill sometimes bouncing off of a tree of two, until he reached the edge of a small cliff at which he fell over and landed in the snow below. The Musk Cat went over to the cliff and looked down at what he had done. He then spit over the edge before heading back to his home. I'm sure the old one will be SO dissappointed to know that the human had lost his footing and had fallen down. The Musk Cat started home singing the song of the Glorous Defeat, the day when the master got his wings and the evil Lassic was no longer a threat to Algo.

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