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Chapter 7

Rajim felt the wound on his head. The cloth that he was using to try and stop the bleeding wasn't helping much. In fact, it was a very deep crimson. He was bleeding pretty badly and he didn't even have so much as a monomate to help things out. He looked up ahead at the mountains, towards the Musk Cat Cave. He had two choices, either he locate the Eclipse Torch, or he warned the Musk Cats. Despite the importance of the Torch, Rajim knew that he had to warn the Musk Cats of the incoming danger. Besides, he was in no condition to look for the Holy Torch, not that he was much of a tracker either. Yes, the Musk Cat Cave was the correct place to go.

Rajim looked back at what was left of the plane. He then gave a silent prayer to The Great Light for protecting him. One thing was for sure, he was lucky to be alive. Well, actually it wasn't just luck. The Jn'Pokhan had forced him to study the Motavian language. If he hadn't done that he wouldn't have found the lever marked 'EJECT'. All he did was tell the autopilot that he would be landing soon, then it asked him for a password.

"I suppose I guessed wrong," said Rajim to himself.

As Rajim was walking he kept thinking back to the battle against the Motavians. And about the Jn'pokhan, taking a direct plasma shot to the upper chest. Rajim didn't know if Raja had survived that blast, but one thing was sure. He wasn't going to let Raja's sacrifice be in vain. So he kept up his pace towards the cave, singing "A Song of Remembrance" to his friend and mentor, Jn'Pokhan Raja.


Michael Steiner sat back in the cockpit of his ship, he wished he had a bigger ship. One like Juza's. Perhaps he could figure out a way to fix up his superior to appear as a traitor, and then eliminate him. Lassic always rewards such noble efforts, but then again if you fail him.....

"Lead ship, this is scout 7. I have just picked up a beacon from the stolen ship."

"Stand by.....Got it. All ships meat at the beacons location."

A series of 'Roger's and 'Yes sir's came into Michael's radio as they moved to where the crashed ship was.


"I know. Leave. Meat up with the Great Juza, but stay cloaked, just in case. I will stay to check to see if our....little friend survived."

Michael could hear laughter over the radio as the other ship left orbit and activated their cloaking devises, preventing the ships from being either seen or detected.

As Michael landed he noticed the trail of dark blue blood heading towards the mountains. Michael drew his gun with a very large smile on his face.

"It's hunting season. This is going to be fun. HaHaHaHa!"


Lassic sat and tapped his boney fingers impatiently. Then the communicator beeped. He looked down and saw it was Juza personal signal.

Lassic activated the communicator and the image of Juza came on the screen in front of him, "JUZA! WHAT IS IN THE NAME OF THE DARKNESS IS TAKING SO LONG!!"

Juza flinched at the pure onslaught of Lassic's harsh words. The memory of Lassic's punishment still held firm. Lassic smiled inwardly at that. He was still in control.

"Ah...L..l..lord Lassic, i..i..if you'll let me explain," said Juza, shaking while he said it. Lassic was the only living being that could make Juza this nervous, with the exception of Zio of course.

"You have one minute."

Juza knew that Lassic couldn't do anything over the communicator, at least he didn't think so. He wasn't about to try and test Lassic's ability.

"You are gracious, my lord. The Jn'Pokhan has hidden the Eclipse Torch when we arrive, but we are tracking it trough one of his aids."

"Why didn't you just seize it!!" shouted Lassic

Again Juza almost doubled over in agony, expecting the Black Energy Wave to come out of the screen and incinerate him.

"My lord, his aid is heading straight towards the Musk Cat Cave."

Lassic did something that Juza or anyone hadn't seen Lassic do in a long, long time. Lassic....smiled. "Good," said Lassic softly, it was weird, but when Lassic spoke in the calm voice that he was speaking in now, it scared him more than the memory of Lassic's punishment.

"One other thing my lord."


"A present." Juza then moved over to Raja's limp body and held it up for Lassic to see. "Don't worry my lord. He is still alive as you commanded."

"Excellent. You have served my well, and your report allows you to live to see another day. Lassic out."

And with that the communication was cut. And Juza just kneeled down on the floor of his ship and started shaking, like he always did after he spoke with Lassic.


Derren was no longer Derren. He was now the great and powerful Dark Force. He loved the control that he now had. He no longer had to hide from those two little freaks, Wren and Demi. He wanted them to be the first to die, and yet when he had the chance on Motavia, he didn't take it. Blasted Derren! He needed to supersede all control of this unit if he were to serve the Profound Darkness properly. He opened the communication to Juza's ship.

"Juza, this is Dark Force. The Corruption worked. Prepare to dock."

"This is Juza. Message received," said Juza coldly.

Juza hated Dark Force, and no matter how powerful he was, Juza would not be intimidated by the being that controlled Zio. The man that most intimidated Juza. Talk about irony. But, Juza never forgave the dark god for leaving Zio when it did. Zio could have won if Dark Force hadn't quit when it got tough. Juza believed that now and he would continue to believe it until his dying day.

The shuttle then docked and the airlock hissed as it was being pressurized by the two ships. Then it opened and Dark Force very confidently walked in. Juza was sitting at a terminal trying to calculate about where the torch would have landed.

"You may rise," said Dark Force in a cocky voice.

"Shut up," said Juza to himself.

"What?" asked Dark Force angrily.

Juza stood up and faced his old master which now inhabited the unit Derren.

"I said shut up you stupid bucket of bolts."

Dark Force moved towards Juza, he was quite furious now.


All of the sudden Dark Force felt incredible pain. All of his systems were shorting out. He was being overloaded with electricity. He doubled over and fell to the ground. But then, as quickly as it had begun it had stopped.

"That was a light effort on my part. Remember that," said Juza defiantly, "YOU will do what I say. Is that clear?"

"Yes," said Dark Force with effort.

"Good," said Juza with a smile. Then the communicator beeped.

"This is Juza."

"Great Juza, this is the main fleet. We found what was left of the shuttle, because the beacon had been activated. The leader wanted to check things out personally and then he sent us back to you."

"Were you cloaked?"

"Yes sir, those were part of his orders."

"Good. You said the beacon was activated?"

"Yes, Great Juza."

"Hmm, that usually indicates the pilot had ejected. I wonder if our Michael Steiner is a glory hog."

"Well then, he'll miss out on his chance."


"On our way out we spotted the Landale breaking orbit away from Motavia and it seemed to be heading towards Zelan."

"Since you were cloaked, you weren't seen. Everyone decloak and follow me when me get to an intercept position of Zelan and our lord's castle, spread out and cloak, when I give the signal decloak all ships, and entrap them, aim to disable, not distroy. Our lord wants them alive. Move out."

"Everything seems to be going our way" said Dark Force.

"Yeah, that's usually when it hits the fan."

Dark Force knew this was true, maybe Lassic would let him kill a few of those so called 'protectors' himself. He may not be at his full potential now, but if his plan worked, then Dark Force would soon be in control once again. He knew that Lassic hated him for causing him to be in such a living hell. To be forced to live in that castle for eternity, but that was the price of immortality. Juza was right. Once the protectors were out of his way, then his true plan would emerge, and he would eliminate all. Not just opposers, but all life, that was The Profound Darkness' plan, and so it shall be his.

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