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Chapter 22

Rune sat back against the wall. He was outta breath, his nose was now bleeding quite heavily. He was in a lot of pain, but there was nothing that he could do right at this point and time. Then, he felt it. It was all around him. He could almost feel it, touch it, taste it. The Magic had returned to him. but, this time he had nothing to do with it. He reached out with his mind and he found that his friends were finally here. He got up and started for them. But, it was them that found him. He stood as best as he could.

Demi stepped forward and activated her medic power. It took a little bit, but his wounds weren't quite as bad as he thought they were.

Kyra ran up to Rune with tears in her eyes, "Thank the Light your still alive."

"Gee, I didn't know you cared," said Rune in cocky tone of voice, which prompted Kyra's fist to hit Rune's jaw.

"Ahhh! Not in the face, anywhere but in the face," said Rune.

"I think that you know the powers of this better than I," said Kyra as she handed him the PsychoWand, "Rune...I"

Rune felt his stomach turning into a big knot. Chaz cleared his throat at which both Espers turned suddenly and both of their faces turned a bright crimson.

"Tom," said Rune trying to switch the attention away from him, "I see that you have discovered your....talents."

"You knew?" asked Tom.

"When we first met, I could sense your strong aura. However, it is a rule of Espers that the aura has to be discovered on one's own terms. They are usually brought out at a much earlier age though. Curious. Oh well, I'm sure that it's nothing."

"Well if it isn't a happy little reunion," said Lassic as he round a corner. "Have you met my special little friend."

They turned behind them and Chaz recognized it. It was a Dimensionworm. When they were in the Air Castle some ten years ago, what seemed like holes would appear in mid-air. These tentacles would reach out and strike at them, or cast a Gra Tech. However, this time was a little different. The tear became quite big and the whole creature came out. It a slimy thing, but it blocked the entire hallway. It pulsated like a huge blob of slime. It had about twenty tentacles that moved around with great precision, like they each had a mind of their own.

"Rune," said Chaz.

"OK. Kyra has the Eclipse Torch, I now have the PsychoWand, and Tom has the Elsydeon. We'll go after Lassic."

"You're right. Rika and Demi, both of you have healing techniques, so you should stay in the middle and heal an injuries that would befall any of us. The rest of us will go after that....thing," said Chaz.

"Sounds like a plan."

Everyone nodded, and the final battle had begun.

Wren warmed up the Positron Bolt unit, the other four approached Dimensionworm slowly. Chaz and Gryz took the middle, Ricto on the right, and Kaman on the left. Gryz used his WarCry to boost his abilities.

"All right guys, we move in, strike, and then back off so that Wren can fire at it. Ready?" said Chaz, they all nodded. Their first objective was to disarm it, literally.





Dimensionworm yelled out in pain as all four fighters hit almost all of it's outstretched tentacles at the same time. It recoiled at the sudden onslaught. Everyone backed out of the way, then Wren fired his Positron Bolt, but he kept a continual burst of energy by firing at it. The creature yelled out as the blast was utterly destroying the beast, but Wren couldn't find the power to keep the blast up. Demi notices this so she walked up to him and connected herself to him, through the open slot in the back of both of their necks, so he was able to keep the the blast running. Chaz added his own Nathu to the onslaught and the beast gave one final yell before it stopped moving.

"Is it dead?" asked Gryz.

"I think so," said Ricto.

All of the sudden the beast yelled out and the tentacles came to life, they thrashed out and hit Ricto and Kaman several times. Chaz and Gryz had managed to move out of the way. It then cast a GiGra on Wren and Demi, and since they were in a weakened condition, they fell over, parts of them were being crushed.


Rika ran up and started to claw at the creature, it released Ricto and Kaman and they fell to the ground with a thump. She then cast a GiSar spell to heal them while Chaz applied a Repair Kit to Demi, and Gryz used a repair kit on Wren. It was then that they turned on the afterburners. Chaz kept slashing with his Laconian Sword, Gryz went in with his Defeat Axe, Rika, Ricto, and Kaman went in Double-Slashing all of the way, and Wren and Demi fired their Plasma Rifles into the beast, being careful not to hit their friends. It fell apart at continual impact, and it stopped moving. It was dead this time.

Lassic put up his Magic Barrier. "Let's see what you so called Espers can do."

"How's about this!" said Rune as he fired a beam with the PsychoWand which caused Lassic's barrier to melt away.


Kyra and Tom then cast a Firestorm, which caused Lassic to fall back a little.

"So, you think that will stop me? Hmm?" asked Lassic as he flexed his muscles. "Black Energy Wave!"

Time seemed to slow down, Tom felt the sword pulsating as the Black Energy got closer and closer. He wondered if it feared the Energy, considering what happened in their first meeting. He told no one how the sword had seemed to call out to him as they left before, for fear that they would call him mad.

Then he felt it, a power that was given to him. He could feel it starting to form on his shoulders and working it's way down. A power equivalent to the Black Energy Wave, but of light and purity, for a brief moment the sword, became a spell.

Tom pointed the Holy Sword, Elsydeon, at Lassic as the Black Energy Wave approached them. He was unweavering, all traces of fear, anger, and doubt were removed from his mind.


A beam of pure light went out from its epicenter, the Elsydeon. Had an ordinary person been observing the battle, they would think that a Tsu spell had been used, but it was not that. Not in the extreme. To compare this spell with a Tsu, or even a Nathu would be like comparing a bonfire to a match.

The two energy pulses met half-way, but the Black Energy Wave was winning out, and it was still approaching. However, Tom had something that Lassic would never ever have. He has the love and respect of each and every one of his friends. Rune and Kyra move behind Tom and put their hands on his shoulder and added their own powers to his. The encroaching Black Wave slowed up a bit, then slowly but surely the White Pulse grew in strength and then overtook Lassic completely. He fell back at the onslaught of the White Pulse. He collapsed to the ground, he had been defeated and he seemed to accept it.

Kyra then took out the Eclipse Torch. It shone with a brightness and intensity that made all of the shadows in the lower levels of Lassic's Castle retreat into the dark corners.

"Eclipse Torch, shine with your light! And eliminate the evil in this castle," said Kyra, "Lassic, rest in peace."

Just before the light of the torch shone out and eliminated Lassic once and for all. Then, Lassic did something, if they hadn't been there to witness it, then they wouldn't have believed it.

He smiled and said, "Thank you."

Then, light from the Torch shot out and struck Lassic. He didn't seem to feel any pain. He simply vanished. It was at this time that the others had defeated Dimensionworm. They ran up to him, and Tom passed out. Wren ran over and caught him.

"He must have been worn out from that Pulse Spell," said Kyra.

Rune smiled, "I think so. Come on."

Then, the castle started shaking. As each second passed the castle grew more and more unstable.

"Without Lassic's Magic to hold this place together," said Rune.

"Not to mention the fact that we destroyed any chance of any kind of a forcefield to keep the place together, like we saw in Lassic's Throne Room on our first encounter," said Wren.

"Enough of that," said Ricto, "Let's just make the birds, and get the flock out of here!"

They ran threw the cavern and then went to the shuttle bay, hoping that they could steal a shuttle only to find that all of the remaining ships were already destroyed.

"The scientists," said Kaman.

Everyone knew it. It didn't seem like they could do any kind of harm without their equipment, they should have known better.

"What now?" asked Rika.

"I'm afraid, that there's nothing we can do," said Wren.

"How can you give up hope like that!" said Rika.

"Well, what do you expect," said Ricto, "for him to just wave his hand and poof we're home," And just as Ricto said that a ship came in a ship flew into the hangerbay, a very familiar ship, the Landale.

It turned around and open the back hatch. Everyone quickly got in and the Landale shot away from the Air Castle just as it was breaking apart. They were greeted with a surprise, Raja.

"Raja! What are doing here?!" exclaimed Chaz.

"Saving your butts," said Raja.

The pilot of the ship turned around and face them, "I beg to differ, Jn'Pokhan, but it is I that is saving their butts."

"How is it that you know how to fly this ship?" asked Wren.

"I am Lir'astok of the Dezorian Armada. Lir'astok Kar'ast," said the pilot.

"Armada?" asked Gryz.

"Just look outside," said Kar'ast.

They looked out the window and in formation with the Landale was about fifty White Ships. They were similar to Lassic's ships, but they were longer and they moved through the air with the grace, yet with a sense of power, just like most Dezorians that they had met over the years.

"The truth is," said Kar'ast, "Is that the government has been secretly building these ships over the past few years, in case an unknown enemy should develop such technology."

"That figures," said Rune.

"But, Lassic did," said Wren.

"Well, I suppose that you have a point there."

"Speaking of Lassic," said Kar'ast.

"He's dead," said Kyra, "The Eclipse Torch was all that was necessary in order to defeat him, and this time, he'll stay dead."

"It's funny, really," said Tom, "He almost seemed relieved."

"Well, being inside that castle, living with great pain for the past 2000 years. It was probably a living hell, one of which he is relieved to be rid of," said Rune.

"Indeed," said Kar'ast, "Lir'astok to fighters, arm forward batteries. Ready. FIRE!"

All fifty ship opened fire on the castle. It was already breaking apart, but apparently the Lir'astok wanted to make sure that it didn't have a chance of coming back. The lasers started punching huge holes in the Air Castle.

"Holy Castle" said Raja and everyone else groaned at the bad joke.

In a couple of moments, there wasn't anything left of the Air Castle that could be identified being any part of a castle. The ships turned and headed back to Dezolis.

They had won.


The ships landed, well some of them did. The other did a few victory barrel rolls in the sky.

Kar'ast laughed at that, "That's one thing about my fleet, they sure know how to celebrate."

"Even though we already did all of the hard work," commented Kaman.

"Kaman, that's enough," scowled Ricto.

Kar'ast shook his head, "No, your friend is right. It would appear that some of the fleet still remains. It is difficult to say what has happened to them. But, we will be ready just in case."

Ricto put his hand on Kaman's shoulder, "Come on, my friend. We must report back to the elder."

Kar'ast spoke up, "It is a pleasure to met the honorable Musk Cats. The President wanted me to tell you that a place have been opened in the Main Hall at Meese for your people."

Ricto turned and waved. He had a huge smile on his face, that conveyed his gratitude.

"Tom," said Chaz, he hated good-byes.

"This isn't good-bye," said Tom, "This is just, until next time."

"So, you three are going back to the mansion?" asked Rika.

"Those two are," said Rune.

Kyra eyed Rune with a vicious venom. She should have known that even with what Lutz went through, he would never be a leader of the Espers.

"Kyra don't look at me like that," said Rune, "I just need to return the PsychoWand to the Ladea Tower."

"What about all of the bios?" asked Tom.

"What bios?" asked Rune.

They told Rune what had happened when they got the Wand.

"I see," said Rune, "Well, if your interested in delaying this good-bye."

After the PsychoWand was returned to the Ladea Tower, everyone went their separate ways.

Rune returned to the Esper Mansion, he told the elders about what had happened to him inside of the field. It would be something that the Council of Elders would talk about for a long, long time.

Tom gave Kyra the Elsydeon and it was put in it's hidden holy alter. Without the sword to increase Tom's abilities, he had to start from scratch, but he had still shown his potential.

Raja and Rajim went back to the Gumbious Tower with the Eclipse Torch. There was much rejoicing upon their return. A large memorial was put up for the sacrifice that his other aid Ka'Glem. The memorial service that Raja had given in his memory did not leave one dry eye in the temple.

Rika and Chaz went back to Aiedo. Rika was starting to show that she was indeed pregnant. In the year that passed she gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Alys, in memory of Chaz's former partner. Rika could still remember Chaz's words at the baptism:

"Her memories will live on in the name of my daughter."

The government of Motavia offered a big reward to find out just who was responsible for Nurvus blowing sky-high. That accident remains a mystery to the public to this very day.

The Musk Cats were invited to the Main Hall on Dezolis, as well as the government of Motavia. The Espers also came to the governmental hall.

Wren and Demi went to Kuran to try and restore it to some kind of a working order.

And Gryz went back to his home town of Tonoe, so that it could be repaired and returned to normal.

Peace. It had finally occurred in Algo. The Profound Darkness was gone. Lassic was gone, and this time he was gone for good. Peace seemed like it was here to stay, or was it?



The ships of Lassic's fleet, or to be more accurate, what was left of them, approached Dezolis undetected. They had noticed the massive Dezorian Fleet and decided that it would be best to remain hidden until that got orders to engage.

The fleet approached a steep hill. This hill was at a 50 degree angle and was covered with ice. It also led right into a ravine that led to a drop off of 300 yards. If anyone was watching; they would think them to be mad to try and land here. But just as the ships were about two-hundred feet off of the ground, they vanished.

The ships landed inside of the hidden landing field.

{Dr. Zaris. I wish to speak with you, NOW!}

The scientist was shaking all of the way to the throne room of the Ice Castle. Their master didn't take bad news to well. And he usually took it out on whomever was foolish enough to give it to him. It would appear that that Dr. Zaris was that someone. He tried not to think about it. Instead, he thought about the Ice Castle. Incredible, it had been here all of this time, and yet no one knew about it. It was phased, not even the Espers could locate it.

"Dr. Zaris, so good of you to come," said the sinister man.

"Y..y..yes. Oh, gr....gr....great one."

"Oh, pull yourself together! I will not be spoken to in such a manner." said the sinister figure.

"Yes great one, I'll try."

He sighed, "Tell you what, Just give the news, and I promise that I won't kill you."

The scientist breathed a sigh of relief.


"He has been defeated."

"Pity. Tell the others to continue as scheduled. We'll have to make a few readjustments in order to make up for Lassic's clumsiness."

The scientist bowed, "Of course, great one."

"I tried to use Lassic, and it didn't work. I shouldn't have given him those stupid ships. Out of the forty-five that I gave him, only eleven remain. Not to mention that the stolen ship seems to have been obtained by the government," said the mysterious man, "But, that is for me to worry about."

"Ah, there's more."

"Go on."

"Ah....the anti-magic field worked. But, when the Lutz concentrated, he overloaded the system."

"Dammit Lassic! If he had killed him, while his magic was useless, then he would have a chance, but now this makes the Lutz was more powerful then ever."

"But, you are all-powerful."

"Don't try to butter me up," said the mysterious man building quite a bit of electricity on his fingertips, which caused the scientist to turn a ghostly white, "I don't like it. But, do not confuse power with skill. The president, the Jn'pokhan, even that Hunter. They have a great amount of skill and power. Especially this new Esper, he has more potential then I've ever seen. They each have their own routine that they follow, a unique way of thinking. Not this Lutz though, he is erratic, unpredictable, and worst of all intelligent. That makes a dangerous combination. Go. The plan may have to be moved back a year. With the emergence of the Musk Cats and the Espers, things may change."

"The plan?"

"It might change slightly, but for now we'll keep everything as scheduled."

"As you command."

And with that the scientist left, but he stopped and gave a respectful bow to the golden statue of Zio that was on an alter in the main throne room.

THE END......?

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