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Chapter 21

"NaGra!" shouted Kyra and a small group of bio-monster were crushed under the super gravitational forces.

Tom held the Elsydeon. He concentrated and then pointed the sword at the group. "Legion!" A blue bolt shot out from Tom's hand which fried all of the bio-monsters in the front row, and the bolt went right through some of the creatures in the front row, and killed some of them in behind.

Wren fired his Burst Rock Unit which sent some explosive rockets into the large group of bio-monsters which met an a very unfortunate demise.

Demi fired her Plasma Rifle at various creatures into the approaching swarm.

Rika and Ricto would both use Double-Slashs and and Disrupts on the oncoming creatures, moving in striking and withdrawing.

Gryz and Chaz stayed up in front of everyone else. They would kill any bio-monster that got through the magical onslaught.

Rika would mainly stay behind. Her job was to get anything that got past Chaz and Gryz as well as to Res any injury.

The battle was extremely fierce, every time they killed a bio-monster, another three would show up. They found themselves steadily backing away from the onslaught, as well as becoming steadily exhausted.

"We can't take much more of this," said Chaz.

"Sweeping," said Gryz, "Chaz is right. We need to get outta here!"

More bio-monsters came in and some of them moved around to the left, some of them moved around to the right, and some of them moved in front of them.

"They're surrounding us," said Tom.

The Protectors gathered together in a small huddle in the middle of the large treasure room.

"Look!" said Ricto, "They seem to be more concerned with cornering us. There isn't that many creatures around the exit. If we rush them, we could make it."

"Your right," said Chaz, "Let's do it! Wait.....NOW!!"

All seven Protectors ran straight at the creatures, who shrieked at the sudden movement of their prey. They cut threw the bio-monsters that were immediately in front of them and made it threw. Wren fired his Positron Bolt at two of the pillars which sent some debris down on the bio-monsters, blocking them. However, they were already starting to try and claw their way through.

They still had to fight their way down the Tower, which was especially difficult in their weakened condition. But, after a few quick fights they made their way to the shuttle. The bio-monster were right on their heals. They got in the shuttle, Wren activated the engines put the ship into hover turned it around and started firing its weapons. The bio-monsters started pouring out of the Tower, but were stopped cold by the overwhelming onslaught of laser fire coming from the shuttle. The doors to the Tower shut locking them inside.

"Well," said Tom who was clearly out of breath, "What now?"

"Michael said that the Eclipse Torch is on Kuran," said Ricto, "and my Garzo is also there."

"What's a Garzo?" asked Chaz.

"That would be my trainee, Kaman."

"Ah. Kind of like I was to you, right Chaz?" asked Tom.


"First we'll need to go to Zelan to refuel, do some minor repair work, and then everybody and get some rest," said Wren.

"But, we can't rest too long," said Kyra, "Rune is still being held by Lassic. And even though Kaman is a very resourceful warrior, he can't hold off against those three wizards forever."

Ricto nodded at that, "He is patient, but he knows that we'll eventually come. He is a remarkable technician, chances are he'll try to arrange some kind of sabotage. Which will attract attention to him."

"And if he's captured alive, then they may try to use him as a hostage," said Tom.

"If that is so, understand this. According to out custom, we would rather die, then give into the demands of a coward hiding behind a hostage."

Chaz nodded at that, "Wren, take us to Zelan."

The rest that they took was only an hour, but it was enough. The station had several Trimates in stock, so all of their wounds were healed, all physical wounds anyway. Tom was still upset over the loss of his uncle. He had thought that his entire family was lost. Then he finds out that his uncle is alive, and now he's dead.

The lights on the shuttle powered down, and it seemed like all of the systems just shut down.

"Hey, Wren," said Chaz, "I thought that you checked all of the systems, before we left."

"I did. It's just that now we're cloaked," said Wren.

"So they won't be able to detect us," explained Demi.


The wizard checked the systems on Kuran. That's when noticed it. It was a small glitch in the sensor array, or was it. He modified the sensors to do a secondary narrow band sweep of the area. And on the screen appeared the outline of a ship. Their ship.

"Wizards, they're here," said the wizard into the intercom.

Kaman saw the security camera that was watching him. It was his only chance of getting out of his current situation. He ran along the perimeter of his "cell" and then jumped. The camera would normally be too high for him to reach on a regular jump, so Kaman jumped off of the walls to give himself the extra leverage that he need to reach it. After several attempts, he finally made it.

Kaman had to be careful with the wiring of the camera so as not to electrocute himself. But, with a few quick readjustments with the circuitry, the door opened, not by much, but it was enough for him to fit through. He then went threw the door and found himself face to face with one of the wizards.

"You don't think that we saw what you were doing in there, didn't you?"

"Ask me if I care," said Kaman flatly.

"Wizards, they're here,", came the first wizards voice over the intercomm system.

Kaman now had a chance. Against all three of those powerful wizards he was outclassed, but in a one-on-one fight it was HE who had the advantage. Kaman went in for the attack. The wizard cast Flaeli. The blast was easily avoided. Kaman went in with a Double-Slash. The wizard doubled back, but Kaman did not stop his onslaught. What he lacked in the form of Techniques, he had in strength and agility. Every time the wizard set up an attack posture and was ready to strike, Kaman ran in an and continued to slash at the defenseless wizard. In a few moments, he was dead.

Kaman sat back and relaxed at his hard earned victory. But, he wouldn't allow himself to relax for too long. He checked the screens and saw that the ship couldn't be seen anywhere, but then how come the wizard knew they were here? The wizard must of found a way to detect a cloaked ship. Which meant that Ricto and whomever he brought with him were now in danger. He activated the comm unit, he knew that he couldn't send a long message before he would be cut off.

"Bank left NOW!"

Ricto then turned and headed for the main control room.


"Wren!" shouted Chaz.

"I'm already on it," said Wren.

The shuttle banked off to the left as a series of laser fire missed the shuttle, but just barely.

"I can't believe how much fire power that station has!" said Demi .

"I know. We shouldn't have neglected it the way we did. I should have noticed that the station was being commandeered," said Wren.

"They probably masked the changes from our sensors," said Demi.

Wren nodded. Chaz went up to the cockpit as a series of blasts hit the ship, "Perhaps 'bank left' was more than just a warning. Ricto said that Kaman is a whiz with electronics, so maybe he did some sabotage in that general area."

Wren nodded again and the ship shot forward and then arced hard to port.


The second wizard looked at the weapons systems. They waited for him in the right area of the station. Is it possible that even though they didn't detect anything was wrong, he had still managed to cause some problems? Their shuttle flew by. When the lasers on that side of the station tried to shoot, the wizard got his answer. The last thing he heard was a loud bang.

The back-lash was just a tad more than what Kaman had hoped for. In fact, the cascade of explosions aboard the station had caused about 20% of the station to be consumed in the explosions.

"Wren?" asked Chaz.

"It appears that Kaman was successful in sabotaging the station," said Wren.

"He always goes overboard," said Ricto with a sigh.

"The shields are down. I've readied the transporter," said Wren.

Everyone stood up and nodded to Wren. Wren put the ship to full stop, he stood up, and then he activated the transporter. They materialized in a hallway just behind the control room, and Ricto joined them.

"The last wizard is in there," said Kaman.

"You've done good," said Ricto.

"The Eclipse Torch is also in there," said Kaman.

"I can't believe you've done all of this," said Tom.

"I'm a Musk Cat," said Kaman with pride.

"Just wait until you get the bill," said Wren.

"Wren?" asked Demi.

"Just kidding."

"Did...Wren just tell a joke?" asked Chaz dumbfounded.

"I think so," said Rika who was just as shocked.

They charged into the control room and saw the wizard who was not very happy at what Kaman had done.

"You've ruined everything!" screamed the wizard.

"Do you wish to surrender now?" asked Chaz.


Blasts of blue electricity shot out out them causing many injuries, but doing no serious kind of harm. But, now any and all chance of the sparing the wizard's life no longer existed. Chaz used Nathu, Wren and Demi fired their Plasma Rifles, Tom and Kyra did a Firestorm, and then to top it off, Rika, Ricto, and Kaman did the Omega Slash. All three of them went in and did several slashes at the wizard with their claws, needless to say, the wizard was dead and the Eclipse Torch had been reclaimed. Everybody made sure that no one was hurt, and then introductions were made to Kaman. Then Wren used a remote to activate the transporter, and then they were on their way to the Air Castle.


Rune thought about what he could do. He was trapped and all he was armed with was his staff. The third Lutz was well versed in art of self-defense, but having memories of a fighting style and knowing it himself were two different matters entirely. But, he had to try. He wasn't going to die that easily. Rune ran forward at Lassic screaming all of the way. Lassic threw back his head and laughed at the pathetic attempt Rune was making. Lassic then reached out with his hands expecting Rune to try and run past him, but he didn't. Instead Rune kicked him in the stomach, while at the same time he brought his staff around and hit him in the back of the neck. The untrained effect of which caused Rune to loose his balance and land flat on his back. He sat up expecting Lassic to be standing over him like a vulture ready to feast, but instead, much to Rune's surprise, Lassic was also on his back, and he was dazed.

Rune took this as his opportunity to escape, but Lassic had grabbed his cape which prevented him from going any further.

"You'll pay for that little man," said Lassic through grit teeth.

Rune remembered how he had torn one of Wren's arms off with his bare hands in their first encounter. That fateful battle seemed like it happened years ago. Rune decided that he had to do something and quickly or else he might find himself missing a few appendages. Rune brought his staff around and jammed it right into his...special friend. Lassic got up with a sneer, who was clearly unaffected by the assault.

"I guess I should of aimed for a larger target, huh?" said Rune.

Lassic pulled him in closer in hit Rune as hard as he possibly could in the face, utterly crushing his nose. Rune flew back at the sheer force of the impact of Lassic's fist upon his face.

"Stupid moron, can't you take a joke?"

Rune staggered up, he imagined that he had a concussion from the impact that he took when he hit the wall. However, Rune was still up and about, and the hit had thrown him away from Lassic and into an open area, where he could hide. That is precisely what he decided to do.

"Hey!" shouted Lassic, "Don't think that you can get away that easily!"

Lassic stormed after him, and Rune had disappeared, but he left footprints in the ground which would be easily to follow.

{Oh come on guys! I can't keep this up forever,} thought Rune.


Kyra and Tom grabbed their heads and winced.

"You two OK?" asked Rika.

"I don't know, but my head is pounding," said Kyra.

"Mine too," said Tom, he grabbed a hold of the Elsydeon, "It's the Lutz, isn't it?"

"I think so, but we shouldn't be able to feel it. Strange," said Kyra.

"Hang on. We're going in," said Wren.


The scientist hit the comm switch again. "Lord Lassic. It's important."

"Watch your tone of voice," said a man behind him.

"Well, I've got the field up and running, but we have no more power for the shields, and a ship is approaching."

"Lassic, is....entertaining his guest. I'll gather our remaining soldiers to the fleet. We'll eliminate these pests once and for all."

A few moments later twenty-five ships launched, and headed towards the Protectors.


"Wren," said Demi.

"I see them," said Wren.

Tom held the Elsydeon and looked at Kyra who simply nodded. She possessed the PsychoWand and the Eclipse Torch. They knew what to do. With a lot of effort along with the assistance of the magical items, they set up an invisible magical wall. Half of the fleet flew right into it. Their numbers were already reduced to twelve. Then Wren and Demi were quick with the controls, taking out three more. But the remaining nine, recovered quickly and started to fire their weapons simultaneously. The shuttle was rocked under the barrage of firepower.

"Shields down to 45%!" shouted Demi, "We can't take much more of this!"

Chaz looked to Tom and Kyra, they were both tired from the first wall that they had put up. Tom and Kyra nodded again, but now they were all spread out, such a trick wouldn't work again, so they would have to each go after each ship one at a time.

"Can we beam in?" asked Kaman.

"Not with the shields up," said Wren.

"Then drop the shields," said Chaz as another barrage his the ship.

"What?!" said everybody else at the same time.

"Drop the shield then beam all of us into Lassic's Castle. We'd have a better chance against them there anyways."

Wren couldn't deny Chaz's logic, however, doing something like this and living through it, were two different matters. The shuttle shook as another barrage hit the ship.

"Shields down to 18%" reported Demi.

But, then again, they didn't have much say in the matter. Wren made all of the calculations. "OK, ready."

"Do it," said Chaz.

Everyone materialized in the dock with all of the ships. They turned and saw the shuttle explode in a ball of flame. Demi ran over to the controls and shut the outer airlock for the ships. She then then changed the access code, locking them out.

"Let's find Lassic," said Tom bitterly.

"It's a good thing there are still some ships here, otherwise we might have to walk home," said Chaz.

They went in search of their tormentor.

"I can't find Rune," said Tom.

"Is he..." started Rika.

"I don't think so," said Kyra, "Because, I can't seem to get a firm grip on Lassic either. It's weird."

"I'm detecting a massive power surge coming form this direction." said Wren as he pointed the appropriate direction.

"How do we get to it?" asked Kaman.

"This is how," said Wren as he fired his Positron Bolt Unit blowing a nice big hole in the wall and a group of surprised scientists scurried away.

Tom and Kyra stepped forward and nearly toppled over as they stepped into the field.

"Are you two OK?" asked Chaz.

Tom and Kyra looked at each other. "I...I can't sense anything."

"Me neither."

"That's what's causing the power surge," said Kaman matter-of-factly.

Wren went over and connected himself to the equipment, then he removed his connection, pulled out his blaster and started shooting the equipment. Demi pulled out her blaster and started firing at will. Within a few moments all of the equipment was destroyed, and the anti-magic field was down, permanently.

Tom reached out with his mind. "NaZan!" The huge gravitational forces crushed part of the wall as well as most of the floor. A dark damp path of tunnels was revealed below them. "He's down there. Let's go." and Tom was the first to jump in. Everyone else quickly followed. They left the scientists behind, with their equipment destroyed they were no longer a threat.

The scientists went to the shuttle bay to find a way out.

"They've locked out the controls, and the outer lock is down."

"Give me a minute." The second scientist worked at the controls for about ten minutes. "All right, that does it. Not really a complex code, a think that we should destroy all of the remaining ships and then take the other ones."

"And that will prevent any kind of escape for them. Let's take these two ships and we'll meet at the rendevous point."


They got into the two shuttles, use the computer to pilot the ship, and destroyed the other three. When they left there were still nine ships out there.

"We are relocating our resources."

"But," said one of the pilots.

"That's an order."

"Yes, sir," said the pilot disappointedly.

Then all eleven ships headed for Dezolis, leaving behind absolutely no chance for escape.

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