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Chapter 13

Michael Steiner got up from his hospital bed, he knew that there was a cop out front. He could smell him threw the door. Chances are they either saw his tattoo that displayed the symbol of the Zio Cult, or they matched his gun to one of his...hunts. But, that didn't matter, he needed an escape, and he needed it soon. The doctors would come in and they'd see that he was awake, which would be followed by questions.

"I don't think so."

Michael went over to the window of the hospital and he saw that he was on the second floor. He probably wouldn't be too effected by the jump, but he did know that the cold would effect him. At least not with his lucurious hospital gown as his only form of clothing. Then luck moved his way in the form of a run-down Ice-Digger, or more specifically the Laundry Mover. He looked around and saw that it was fairly dark and that noone was looking, so he opened his window, jumped down into the snow, which nearly caused his feet to instantly freeze and then he dove into the back of the Ice Digger, and as luck would have it. He found a full suit of armor hanging on the wall of the Digger, ready to cleaned, or should I say ready to be worn. Then he jumped out of the Digger on its way out of Reshel and headed for Meese on foot. He realized that those stupid religious idiots would assume that he was dead, and thus his job of REstealing the Eclipse Torch would be so much easier if he just waited for them.


Tom put his hands up to shield his eyes from the brilliant light of the Destruction Combination Technique. Juza and Lassic were just inundated with pure energy. The entire wall of Lassic's Throne, just disintegrated under the sheer power of the four protectors technique. And when the light subsided they all stood there with their jaws hanging wide open. Because of two simple things they were now all looking at the Landale in it's SpaceDock through the whole that they had created. This hole lead to the vacuum of space, but for some reason, the air inside stayed inside.

"Curious," commented Wren, "He must have installed some kind of a forcefield to hold all of the air in."

But, that isn't what caused all six of the protectors to stand in Lassic's throne room with their jaws dragging on the floor. What caused that was that the fact that both Juza stood there and smiled while he wiped some of the dust off of his shoulder. Lassic just stood there with his arms crossed and a evil looking grin on his face.

"Are you finished?" asked Lassic.

Chaz held The Elysdeon menacingly at the evil man before him.


Juza and Lassic both fired a wide-spread Black Energy Pulse at all of the Protectors, they all flew backwards and landed awkwardly. Lassic seemed to hesitate for a moment, but just for a moment before he and Juza fired another Pulse at them. Pushing them back into an even weaker position. Rika had been knocked unconscious by the Pulses seeing in how she is perceptive of the Black Energy Wave, while Rune was getting weaker and weaker. Tom was injured and on the verge of unconsciousness. Chaz was standing firm, but just barely. The Elysdeon was buckling under the pressure of the Pulses, and Wren and Demi were both in bad condition. Lassic nodded to his slave, who nodded back. They both focused their energy on Chaz, or more importantly on Elysdeon. Then they fired a Black Energy Wave at the sword. It was too much, the sword shattered. And then Chaz collapsed on the floor of Lassic's throan room.


Sarah pushed the send button again, but it had the exact same response.


"Stop, Sarah." said Kyra who was still tired, "He's clearly not there. I fear I may already be too la...*augh*"

Kyra doubled over in pain. A sudden feeling of pain washed all over her. She hasn't felt pain such as this, since that dreaded tower. But, this was different somehow. She didn't know how, but she had a feeling that the something dreadful had just happened. Something that put Algo itself in danger. She knew she was the epicenter of it all. She didn't know how she knew, she just knew. {It's all part of being an Esper.} she had been told. This all happened in a matter of seconds.

"TemLe Kyra!" exclaimed Sarah, "I felt something, something terrible. Did you send that thought to me, or was it my own esper abilities."

Kyra looked at her assistant and friend, "Sarah, I first-class mage could have picked up what happened. We don't have to worry about contacting the others now, they will come to us. Now, help me back to bed. I think that I'm going to take your advise for once."

Sarah laughed at that and helped her friend back to bed, all the while wondering at just what had caused her to fell whatever it was that she felt. One thing was for sure. She didn't like it.


The Ice Digger containing the Eclipse Torch, two of Dezolis' greatest holy men, and three Musk Cats headed towards those despicable carnivorous Trees.

Raja sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. "I can't belief that this whole thing will finally be over."

One of the Musk Cats sat up. His name was Gizo. He had a high standing among the Musk Cats. "Indeed. You know, we Musk Cats have often thought of re-entering your society, but the elder advised caution. A very long time ago he bared witness to the slaughter of nearly his entire clan. But, he knows that times have changed. To be honest, I think he misses being out and making a difference."

"Well, Gizo," called Rajim from the drivers seat, "the Espers have felt the same way. Only recently did the blue forcefield around their mansion come down."

"Indeed," concerned Raja, "you see, when the Guraberk Tower emerged North of Meese, a lot of people got a strange sickness."

"Yes Jn'Pokhan," said Ricto, the Musk Cat that had been credited with the intruders defeat, "Rajim told us all about it. And just because we don't mingle" with all of you, doesn't mean we're not informed."

"My apologies."

Ricto then when back to sparring with his trainee Kaman. Kaman said little Raja wasn't sure if this was some Musk Cat rule about trainees or if Kaman just didn't trust him. All would be decided in time.

"By the Great Light!" said Rajim as he brought the Ice Digger to a stop.

"What is it?" asked Raja and Gizo at the same time.

They ran up to the front of the Ice Digger and saw what had caused Rajim to cry out. The entire city was being overrun with carnivorous trees. Buildings were half-eaten/half-torn down, there were shreads of clothing of people who must of not gotten out in time. But, the most vicious, disgusting sight was yet to be seen. The presidential building still had people trapped in it, and the trees were ruining the supports for it. It would shake occasionally and when it shook again, someone fell from the third story window into a feeding frenzy. All five of them nearly lost their lunch at the sight. Raja opened the door of the Ice Digger with the Eclipse Torch in hand and heavy heart in his chest. The other four stepped behind him and watched. He held the Torch towards the trees and a bright flash went out. It took a little bit of time, what with how wide-spread the trees were, but they were all eliminated fairly quickly.


Michael watched as Raja finished off the last of the Carnivorous Trees. There wasn't much that he could do now, not with the five of them and only one of him. All he could do was wait. Luck was definitely with him today, so he was such that the chance would prevail itself. And it did.

"Master Ricto, come quickly!" everybody except Raja ran over to Kaman.

Raja wanted to be alone with his thoughts, it just so happens that he was alone with the Eclipse Torch.

Michael put the silencer on his blaster aimed and fired. Bullseye. Raja fell over with a thump, Michael stayed put and watched the other four to make sure they didn't hear or see the blast, they didn't. Michael suddenly recognized the person that they were gathered around, it was the person that he had seen falling from the presidential building, she must have somehow survived. But, no matter. It provided the perfect distraction. Michael went over to Raja and got the Eclipse Torch and smiled, not just at stream of good luck that he was having, but at the keys to their Ice Digger that Raja had on him. He took them and headed straight for the Ice Digger. Just then his luck ran out.


Lassic looked at the protectors that he had just beaten. He had won, at long last, after all of these years, he had won. Now all he had to do was finish the job. He held out his hand to finish them off, but then it happened. He felt the pain. The pain that had been there since his revival. But, this was a different kind of pain, his powers were waning. The trees, he suddenly realized. Those idiots must have recovered the torch and are know destroying the trees, but he couldn't let the protectors know that. Not that it really mattered anyway. He had successfully destroyed the Elysdeon, the protectors were either extremely weak or already dead, and the great lutz had nothing left to use. Still, Lassic had to do something, and quick.

"Tell you what I'm going to do. I'm (slight pause to help himself recover) going to let you live."

"My lord?" asked Juza.

"Shut up Juza!" shouted Lassic which put Juza back in his place, "You see, your precious sword is gone. And you are defeated. I will send teleport you back to your ship, but Lutz will stay here to entertain me. Oh, and you will leave the sword, or at least what's left of it here as well. Good day."

Lassic then limped over to his throne and warmed up the teleporter. But, the blade of the Elysdeon was actually in four different pieces. Tom felt something unusual.

{Help us, Tom.} Tom didn't know how, but he knew that it was coming from the sword, so before the transporter took effect, he dove and gathered up the pieces of the Elysdeon, and when he picked them up, the transporter took them too.

"What?! Ah, that fool." Lassic then collapsed into his throne.

"My lord?" asked Juza.

"It's...It's my....car...nivous...trees," Lassic said weakly.

"That stupid scout! He must of fooled up!"

"Is that why you let everyone else go? Because, without your evil trees, you aren't able to sustain the same about of power? Hmm?" asked Rune defiantly.

Juza sent a blast of energy of Rune who doubled-over with new-found pain.

"My lord, this is such a fun toy. Can I keep him?"

Lassic smiled evilly, "No, Juza. I'm going to enjoy this myself, when my strength returns. But, I guess that it's good that Chaz's pet got the sword."

"Of course, they'll head straight for the Esper Mansion, and with the shield down. It will be an easy target," said Juza happily.

{TemLe Kyra, this is the Fifth Generation Lutz. This is an EMERGENCY! Lassic will soon...AUGH!!}

"Now, now," said Lassic, "We'll have none of that know. Juza take him to the dungeon. As soon as those idiots wake up, take off and destroy the Espers"

Juza bowed and smiled at his master, "Yes, my lord." Juza then walked over to Rune's unconscious body and scooped him up and carried him out of Lassic's throne room. He looked out at the hole that the protectors had made with their useless attack and smiled inwardly, a smile that quickly disappeared as a thought appeared in his mind. 'What is the Carnivorous Trees had been defeated a little earlier? Lassic's power would have waned and they would both be dead right know.' He dismissed the thought and decided not to press it. He was alive and well, but the same thing couldn't be said for the protectors, and soon the same thing wouldn't be said about the Espers.

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