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Chapter 12

Everybody just stood there motionless. Fear and anticipation hung in the air like an eerie fog at twilight. Lassic then stood up from his throne and let his long torn robe fall to his sides, then the protectors realized that Lassic was somebody who wasn't as small and weak as they had thought. Lassic may have bony hands and a face that looked like it got hit with a MAC truck, but he was VERY muscular and and those bony hands didn't look quite so bony anymore. Chaz wondered if he was using some of his power to actually create some of this strength, he really wasn't in the mood to test that theory. They could have sworn that someone was whistling in the background (Sorry, Clint Eastwood reference :)

Lassic was building his strength, gathering the shadows and the all the evil from miles around to build up strength. The protectors readied themselves and they started to spread out, encircling the two that caused so much pain and suffering. Then Chaz said probably the most idiotic thing that he had ever said in his life.

"Lassic, you're under arrest."

Both Lassic and Juza broke out into laughter, ever Rune smirked at his comment, but Chaz pushed on.

"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right..."

Then suddenly Lassic stopped laughing, "SILENCE!!"

His voice echoed and vibrated throughout his throne room. His evil voice filled with anger bounced off of the walls and all around the room like a vulture. The protectors nearly doubled back from their positions, but they stood their ground.

He held his hands up and got ready to cast his spell.

"No." Lassic put his hands down.

"Lassic," said Rune, "what are you up to?"

"I'll crush you with MY BARE HANDS!!"

They barely had time to react, Lassic jumped down to where Rune was standing, Rune had dove out of the way, but Tom wasn't quick enough. Lassic grabbed him by the throat and threw him across the room with surprisingly little effort. But, Demi was quick to react. She jumped with great agility and caught Tom. She then set him down on his feet.

"Thanks, Demi. I owe you one."

"Don't mention it."

Demi turned around and Juza was standing right there.

"All right, robot. This time, I'm going to back sure stay dead. Negatis!"

Demi felt electricity going through her system, but then the sensation just subsided. She aimed her blaster and smiled. Juza's face just went white.

"When Wren and I realized that you could use Negatis, we took some..... precautions." She then pulled the trigger of her blaster and shot Juza in the face at point blank range.


Kyra woke up and she felt a tear in her eye. She sat up and felt a wave of nausea and dizziness wash over her.


Some of the illness left, but it wasn't all from being fatigued.

"TemLe Kyra!" said Sarah walking into the room, "you should be resting."

"I'm fine, What I need to do is get up. How is our patient doing."

Sarah hesitated. "He's still in a coma."

Kyra winced at that. "Well, at least he will recover, but it will take time. Help me to the communication room."


"But nothing! If you want to save the lives of The Protectors, you will help me call Wren at Zelan, if he's still there."

"TemLe Kyra, what's going on? What in that man's memory did you see?"

"An old enemy and a BIG problem," said Kyra with a sense of dread, "Enough talk. Let's move."


"Rune," said Chaz, "isn't he Undead?"

"Good thinking Chaz," said Rune.

Most Undead creatures, meaning being that have been brought back from the dead, like zombies and ghouls have a natural weakness towards fire. Chaz made ready with his Zan tech, while Rune made ready with his Foi Tech.

"Firestorm!" they shouted at the same time.

Lassic took about two steps back, but then turned and faced the two insects.

"Well, that didn't work," said Chaz.


They both dove out of the way as Lassic cast Another Gate decimating the stone wall behind them.

Rika flew by and swung her claw at Lassic which just bounced off of him. He then grabbed her by the waist and threw her like a rag doll. No one caught her this time, but there was no need to. She did a somersault in the air and landed on her feet, but as soon as she landed she got hit with a Fireball from Juza who hadn't suffered too much from Demi's blaster. Juza then went over to Rika swung his sword down on her and was about to cut her in half, when he met Tom's sword on the way down.

Wren had fired several shots at Lassic, but they didn't seem to do any good. Lassic then ran over to Wren with surprising speed and using his strength alone, he riped on off Wren's arms off. Wren looked at him with surprise and he hit Lassic with with his free arm. Lassic doubled back, but it wasn't nearly enough. He approached Wren with the intent of taking all of his limbs off and beating him with them, but then


Lassic had focused all of his attention on Wren that he didn't even notice Chaz approaching him from behind. Chaz swung The Elsydeon down with the added strength of the Rayblade skill. Lassic had then done something that he hadn't done in since the battle had begun. He winced back in pain.

Lassic then looked at Chaz with all the anger and hatred of all of evil in Algo. He then looked at Chaz and Chaz alone. He held out his hands and he fired the Black Energy Wave at Chaz with all of his might. Chaz held the Elsydeon at Lassic and fired his Nathu Technique at him with all of the power that he could muster. The dark wave and the white light hit each other half way. Neither side was gaining ground, then suddenly Lassic stopped and the Nathu reached him and it hit him in the chest. Juza ran over to his master as the Protectors ran over to Chaz.

"You did it!" said Demi happily.

"Chaz?" asked Rune.

"He just gave up," said Chaz confused.

"It's not like Lassic to just give up," said Rune.

"I know, that's what worries me," said the still-dumbfounded Chaz.


Raja put the Ice Digger to its stopped position in front of the Musk Cat Cave. He saw the blocked cave.

"Either I didn't get here in time, or Rajim was able to warn them and they left. Oh, and I was hoping to convince them that Algo was ready for them to come out into the open again."

Raja heard something behind him. He turned around.

"Who's there?"


"Rajim is that you? It's Jn'Pokhan Raja. I've escaped."

Then there was a lot of movement. The blocked path was being pushed open, various Musk Cats were appearing around him, and the Elder flew over to him form the hillside, with Rajim on his back. The Elder landed and let Rajim get off, he ran over to his old friend and they embraced.

"I must say. You look good for a dying man," said Rajim with a smile.

"And you look good for a bad pilot. I saw the wreaked ship, but when I didn't see a body..."

"There is no need to worry about that. The Musk Cats have helped me a great deal."

Raja smiled at his friend. "You have done well, Rajim."

"That isn't the half of it."


"Yeah, look at what I was able to recover," said Rajim. He reached into his bag and pulled out his prize.

"The Eclipse Torch!" exclaimed Raja.

"Yes, Jn'Pokhan. The Musk Cats lead me right to it."

"Excellent, now we can finally save those people that are still trapped at Meese. And most importantly the Eclipse Torch is once again in the hands of the Great Light."


Lassic got up and faced the protectors with Juza at his side.

"Rune?" asked Chaz.

"I know they have some sort of protective barrier around them."

"What about the PsychoWand?" asked Rika.

"It's....ah...still in Ladea Tower," said Rune hesitantly.

"Well, what's it doing there?" asked Chaz.

"It's just a staff Chaz, it doesn't DO anything."

"Now is not the time for a Raja joke," said Demi.

"It's there, because I thought that with Dark Force gone, we wouldn't have to use it. He was the one that created Zio's Barrier."

"And you didn't think that the spell could have been repeated," finished Lassic with a smile. "You see, I know how you think old man. I knew that you would be too stupid to even think about bringing it. HaHaHa! You can't even hurt me without it."

"Ah, but we have," said Chaz, "for you see both you and Juza have had some difficulty staying where you were, and the Elsydeon had injured you, don't forget that." All the while Chaz was building up his internal strength, getting ready to use the strongest technique to have ever come into existence. "After the battle with the Profound Darkness, I promised myself that I would never use this technique ever again. It just is too dangerous and too powerful, but in the case of evil such as yours....I'll make an exception."

Wren stepped up and warmed up his Positron Bolt.
Rika stepped up and prepared the Deban Technique.
Rune stepped up and prepared the Legion Skill.
And Chaz prepared himself to use Megid.

It was time.

Tom and Demi stepped out of their way. The four of them stood their ground. Juza and Lassic did the same. Then the four protectors let loose the fury of hell - The Destruction Combination Technique.

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