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Interlude 1

Over 1000 years ago.

The circuits lay all over the floor.

"Pity, but she really was a BitXX."

Rolf turned and looked at Kain and shook his head. They were all pretty weak for the fight with the Mother Brain. What was worse was the fact that not just five minutes ago, they had just defeated something called Dark Force. Rolf had a feeling, like it seemed to retreat as apposed to being destoryed, oh well. There would be plenty of time to worry about that later. Because, he had just avenged his beloved Nei.

"Well," said Rolf, "I think that maybe we should go home now."

Everyone agreed to that. Rolf looked over and the sight he saw made his stomach churn. Amy was standing over Shir, who had a large gash across her forehead. He looked at Amy, the beautiful doctor that had joined him fairly early in this little jaunt across Algo.

Amy nodded at Rolf, "She's hurt pretty badly, but she'll be alright."

Rudo was being supported by Anna. He had also been badly injured during the fight. He was bleeding profusely from his right side. Anna had taken a rather nasty shot to her right leg, when she was hit she heard a loud snap followed by a sharp pain that went up and down her leg. She knew that it was broken. It was quite interesting to see. Rudo was leaning on Anna because of his side, and she was leaning on him, because of her leg. If you were to just walk up to them and just give them a little push, they would probably topple over. Then again, they were an interesting pair from the start. Rudo, a hunter, would not show his emotions at all since his family was killed off by bios. And on the flip side of the coin, there was Anna, a guardian, she hated and despised hunters in all shapes and forms ever since one had killed her boyfriend in pursuit of a bio and didn't seem to care that he had just taken a life. And yet, somehow they had found a way to get underneath each others skins. They had become very close in the past few weeks.

Amy used her skills to heal everyone has best as she could. She used a Moon Dew on Shir, she came around and seemed to be alright, she had on heck of a headache, but at least she was still alive.

Hugh also helped with the injuries, by using NaRes and applying a few Trimates here and there. "Well, that's about it. But, what are we going to do without Mother Brain."

"Rebuild our society." said Kain.

"Well then," said Rolf, "It looks like it's time to go home."

Everyone nodded at that and then they started to leave, but then they could hear the voice of Lutz vibrating through their heads.

"NO! Your job is not yet done. There are still people on the ship"

Rolf looked at everybody else, they simply nodded. Rolf looked behind where the Mother Brain used to be, and he could see a doorway, and behind the doorway, he could see people there. They moved through the debris that used to be the lifeline of Algo. He walked past hundreds of humanoid looking beings.

{If I didn't know any better} thought Rolf, {I'd think I was walking past a group of Motavians.} "Who are you people?" he asked aloud.

"Come." said a voice at the end of the room. They walked over to him.

"And who are you?" asked Rolf.

"We are the last survivors of a planet called Earth." said the leader.

"The last?!" exclaimed Hugh.

"That's right, Hugh Thompson, the last."

Hugh's jaw practically dropped to the floor. "How...how do you know my name?"

"We know everything. Do not forget that the Mother Brain was the central nervous system for your entire planet. She had information on all of you. But, you, Rolf Landale, we underestimated your resolve."

Kain pulled out a circuitboard from what used to be Mother Brain, he was planning on keeping it as a trophy. But, now he didn't want any part of the intrepid machine. He tossed it at the Earthmen Leader's feet.

"Oh yeah? Well I think she's broken."

The Leader merely laughed. "Oh, come now. DO you really think that we would be overcome so quickly? We who destroyed Palm?"

All seven of them were taken aback by that comment. Not only did he admit to killing millions of people, but he said it as if one might say 'How was your day?' 'Oh, it was fine, nothing special.'

"What?!" exclaimed Rolf.

The leader laughed a very sadistic laugh. The other Earthmen laughed along with him. It was quite clear that they were all insane.

"Besides, we'll just build another Mother Brain. Tell me, Mr. Landale. Would you like to know why we even built her?" said the leader with a cocky grin.

"No." came the blunt, angry response, "But, I have a feeling that your going to tell me anyways."

"Well, seeing in how you're all going to die anyways, I don't see why not."

"Control." said one of the Earthmen.

"Power." said another.

"Yes," said the leader, "We like controlling things. The control of Nature is the greatest control of all. Just think of it, nature right at your fingertips. The power of Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, even smog!"

"Smog." said Rudo, "You have the ability to control nature, and you're getting a thrill out of controlling....smog."

"You aren't seeing the whole picture here. You don't understand what's really at stake here. By controlling the primal forces of nature, we can make it so that you we suffer. Pain. Misery. It's all for the best."

Rolf was getting angrier by the minute. "You killed Nei. You destroyed Palm. You had that Dark Force thing. You have caused all kinds of suffering, and it will end here and now!"

All of the sudden the seven Protectors found themselves being attacked by four-hundred earthmen.

"How dare you ruin Algo!"

"We shall make see how it feels to lose something that you love."

"I can see the confusion and pity in your eyes. I will never forgive you for what you have done."

"I refuse to be a slave of fate! I will be the master of my own future!"

"You have shown me the ugliness of continued existence."

"These are my parting words to you; those who give up are doomed."

The leader was the first to die, via the Nei Sword. The Earthmen were basically unarmed. A few had daggers, but that was about it. However, they had the Protectors out-numbered nearly fifty-seven to one. They were slowly being pushed back. Then Rolf stopped. He looked at the Nei Sword, then he looked at the continually charging madmen. He aimed his sword, then he gathered strength within himself.

"Not now, not ever again." repeated Rolf.

Then he reached out with his mind. His mind connected with not only the other Protectors, but with the other Nei Weapons. They began to glow and radiate with such an intense light that nobody could see what they were doing.

Rolf leveled his sword. He then put all of his effect, all of his emotions into an all-out Technique.

"I wonder what the people will see in final days? May the Great Light have mercy on my soul."


The other six Protectors winced as energy was partially taken from them in order for Megido to work. The Light that was shining all around them became a hot inferno of destruction. The ship shook violently as Megido turned it into ash. If any of the Earthmen had survived, then they would have been thrown out into space.

Suddenly, they was a void in space where a ship used to be.

Blackness. That is all that Rolf could see. He wondered if this is what it is like when you die.

"Rolf. Rolf, wake up."

Rolf opened his eyes, and saw that Doctor Amy Sage was standing over him, looking quite worried.

"What happened?" asked Rolf.

Lutz walked over to him, Nei Sword in hand. "I sensed the battle going on up there. When you used Megido, I grabbed the Nei Sword mentally, and then I pulled all of you back here."

"Did anybody..."

"No." said Amy, "We're all here. Except that when you started to charge the Nei Weapons Anna and Rudo lost the Nei Shot and the Nei Slasher."

"Their weapons were thrown out into space." said Lutz.

"I bet they weren't too happy about that." said Rolf.

"Well...ah...they retired to their rooms...ah...consoling each other. And, well, they've kind of been "consoling" each other for the past eight hours now." said Amy.

"Ah. That's....ah...nice." said Rolf, "So tell me, where ARE the weapons."

"Where nobody can get to them, that is all you need to worry about." said Lutz, "You see, I need to hide all of the Nei Weapons. I can't have such powerful weapons falling into the wrong hands."

Rolf nodded as he sat up, "Can you get me the Visiphone that Shir, um, borrowed from the Central Tower."

Amy handed him the communication devise. Rolf activated it and opened a channel. It was full of static, but the transmittion was still there.

"Th......mander of.....entral Tow...Go ahead."

"Hello Commander." said Rolf calmly.

"..ay again. Unclear sig....Hold on. Try......There. that's better."

The sound was coming in clearly, but the visual was nothing but static.

"I said, hello Commander."

"Rolf? Is that you?!" asked the commander.

"Yes. What's going on down there?"

"Everything's gone down. The whole computer system, the weather system, the AI's, nothing's working."

"That's because Mother Brain is dead."

Rolf heard a loud bang on the other end. It sounded like the commander had just dropped his Visiphone.

"Everything OK, down there."

"Yeah. Where are you?"

"Dezolis. In a place called the Esper Mansion."

"Esper...that sounds familiar for some reason."

"Their leader said that during the time of tyrant Lassic's reign, the magic users, known as Espers, were hunted down like animals."

"Oh that's right! Our entire computer matrix has crashed. Panic is rampart all over Mota. I need you to come back to Mota so that we can discuss on how best to proceed."

"And so that I can tell you just what happened out here."

"Of course. Oh, and Rolf? With the system crash, noone will know that you were once fugitives."

And the rest as they say, is history.

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