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Chapter 8

Derren had been watching the cloaked ship for a good three hours now. It seemed to find the asteroid that it was looking for. It had been there for about thirty minutes. Derren had focused a camera onto the asteroid and was watching it from a distance. The picture was a little hazy, considering the distance, but it was relatively clear. He couldn't risk a detailed scan, because then whomever was out there would know that they were being tracked, and if that happened, then all they would have to do is adjust their shields to another frequency and then there would be no way to track them.

Wren walked into the room, "I've contacted the authorities on a secure channel, and they think that it's nothing to worry about."

"A cloaked ship has the same configuration has Juza's private ship is nothing to worry about?" asked Derren.

Wren shook his head. "Red tape."

"It looks like we'll have to look into this ourselves....that's what they want, isn't it?"

"That sounds....logical."

Derren sighed, something he picked up from his brief experience with Algolians. "Bureaucrats. So do you have any ideas?"

Wren shook his head.

"Perhaps we could use Kuran."

Wren shook his head again, "I don't think so. All of Kuran's systems are still down, and even so, they would still recognize a scan, no matter the source."

"No, not like that. You see you had used Kuran in various ways before. One space station can't scan an entire system, because the sun prevents a direct line of sight, right?" said Derren.

"Yes, I see. Someone could pilot the Landale to around the asteroid belt, and we could use the ship as a temporary relay until Kuran is back on line, or until the ship is needed." said Wren.

"And thus, we could use the ship to get a close-up view of the asteroid." said Derren, "I would like to pilot the shuttle, I do know a lot about hiding signals and what not."

"Good idea. But, once the Landale approaches them, won't they become suspicious?"

Derren thought a moment, "You're right. We'll need to communicate openly, so as not to arouse suspicions. If we communicate with a wide-open channel, then they'll know something is wrong, but if we communicate on a channel that is too secured, then they won't hear our rouse. Let's do a semi-secured channel, secure enough so that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry won't be able to hear, but open enough so that they'll be able to ease-drop. Most communicators are set to a frequency that is similar to their shield frequency, we should set our communicator a little more then 1 megahertz higher then their shield frequency, and we'll use a Class C scrambler. If they have enough technology to use a cloaking devise, then they'll be able to overcome that scrambler without any kind of difficulty."

Wren nodded again, "That sounds like a good idea to me. I'll stay here and keep an eye on them. You and Demi should go down to the Landale and make the necessary modifications."

Derren nodded, got up and left.


"She's finally gone to sleep." said Hahn who walked out of their bedroom.

"That guy knew Ryuka, that's usually a technique held only by Espers." said Chaz.

"But you know Ryuka, and your not an Esper." said Saya.

"Yeah, well I also know Megid."

"That's an interesting point." said Hahn. "What do you plan on doing?"

"I'm a Hunter. Perhaps it's time I did some hunting." said Chaz.

"I'm feeling healthy again, I'll go with you." said Rika.

"What about Missy?" asked Chaz, "I can't just leave her unprotected."

Hahn cleared his throat.

"Hahn," said Chaz, "I can't risk your life as well. But, could you, ah, take care of Alys for me, until I get back."

"We'd love to!" beamed Saya merrily.

Everyone laughed at Saya's overzealous behavior.

"So, just what ARE you going to do about Missy?"

"I'm not about to wait for another assassin to come along, and try again. I can't protect her forever. I know that it's possible that a non-Esper could have Ryuka, but my instincts are saying that this guy's an Esper. And I know someone who would be perfect for the job of protecting my sister."


Chaz nodded. "If an Esper is after her, then we're going to NEED an Esper."

"That makes sense." said Hahn.

"I've already arranged a flight to Dezolis. We leave in the morning."


TemLe Kyra looked up at Kal's image on the vidphone.

"You heard me." said Kal.

"I don't like the idea."

"I'm not asking you to like it," said Kal as he held up the tape, "I have the proof right here. Just make sure that I'm allowed in, when I arrive at the doors."

"I thought that we knew about everybody who has Esper abilities."

Kal shook his head, "Do you honestly think that you've searched the abilities of every single individual of both planets?"

Kyra sighed, "I guess your right. Hell, some people don't even know they have skills until they're forced to use them. And those people, are usually the strong ones."

"Like that Hunter fellow, um..."

"Tom Steiner?"

"Yes. According to rumor he created a spell that is the exact opposite of the Black Energy Wave, but I tend not to believe in rumors."

"Actually, the Light Pulse Spell seemed to come from the souls of the Protectors from the Elsydeon."

Kal waved his hand, "Whatever. So, will the gates be open."

"Yes. I'll have the guards escort you to my quarters."

Kal nodded and disconnected the channel without another word.

One more day. He would have his beloved Neifirst back in just one more day. This was tiresome though, he had to concentrate all of his magical ability into advancing the stages of getting Neifirst out of the cryochamber.

{How long has it been? 1000? 1100 years? It's so hard to tell anymore.} thought the Master {I don't even know how old I am anymore. But, soon, very, very soon, we'll have Algo at our fingertips. Neifirst, you will have your revenge.}

The Master thought back to SC 352.01. When he had met Neifirst at the Biomonster Lab. He also remembered personally programming Gaira to fall into Palm. He frowned a little at that memory. He just wanted to kill off Rolf and his party for what he thought they did to Neifirst, he didn't mean to destroy an entire planet! But, that was in the past. He didn't regret the destroying of an entire planet as much as he hated the fact some Espers had died in the process. The Master believed in survival of the fittest, but that was genocide. He DIDN'T believe in that.

But, life was a series of challenges, that was just another one of them.

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