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Chapter 7

"So, what have you got for me?" asked Kal as he walked into Kain's electronic store.

Kain looked up at Kal, and then wordlessly went to the backroom, Kal followed him.

"Watch da cates." said Kain as he replayed the tape.

The tape replayed, and Kal payed close attention to the crates as they were being carried out of the store. However, he noticed nothing in particular about them.

"What's so special?"

"Watch." said Kain, and his fingers dances across the keyboards. The view zoomed in close to a particular spot, and Kain replayed the tape slowly. "See, dem cates is pose ta have lots a heavy swords and arma, right?"

Kal nodded.

"Yet, these fellers of avage height an build is carrin' dem round, like they nothin'."

Kal nodded again.

Kain waited until a figure was carring a crate walked by the screen and he froze the tape. Kal leaned forward and saw that the crate was actually floating above his hand, if only by a couple of centimeters. As Kain played the tape slowly, he could see that it stayed a good 3 centimeters above his hands.

"Espers." said Kal.

"Yep, what I can't figur is, if dem guys can float stuff, den why don't dey jus' float 'em all inta Digger?"

"Assuming, I actually understood what you just said, I would imagine, that whomever is responsible for these robberies, they wouldn't want anybody to know that they are using Espers. It does explain a few things though. I'm going to have to go up to the Esper Mansion. The TemLe owes me a favor, and I think that it's time to collect."

"Don't do anyting stupid, ya hear?"

"I'm always careful. I'm going to need a copy of that tape as proof that Es..."

Kal didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence, because Kain had handed him a tape.

"This here tape has da distant an da close-up view of dem."

Kal took the tape and nodded at Kain, "Thank you Kain, if you here of anything or find anything else out."

"Den, I'll give ya a buzz."

And with that Kal turned and left for Esper Mansion.


"Couldn't sleep either?"

Chaz jumped with a start, "Ah, Missy, don't sneak up on my like that!"

Missy chuckled, "Sorry, Chucky."

Chaz groaned at the name Chucky, which only caused his half-sister to burst out laughing.

"Relax, Missy. It wasn't that funny, besides, you'll wake up the others."

"You have an adorable son, Chaz."

"Don't try to soften me up, because it won't work."

"And a cute wife. You have a loving family, something I can only wish for."

Chaz sighed, "OK, maybe it will work. And what do you mean 'wish for'."

"Oh....nothing." said Missy innocently.

Chaz sighed again, "You are a piece of work, you know that Miss?"

"I know."

They both laughed and enjoyed the moment, however they were both dancing around the real issue that was bothering them, their parents.

{Her parents} thought Chaz.

"Missy." "Chaz." they had said at the same time. They both laughed nervously. It was clear that they were thinking of the same thing.

"I, ah, suppose that, um, this was going to come to light...ah, eventually." said Chaz, suddenly finding himself more awkward, then he had ever been in his entire life.

"Yeah." said Missy, tears coming to her eyes.

"If you don't feel up to it, then..." said Chaz, noticing his sister's tears.

"No!" said Missy suddenly, "Ah, I mean, we need to talk about this."

Chaz nodded, all of the painful memories coming to the surface. It was like a natural adrenalin rush, which is probably why Chaz noticed the movement.

"What?" asked Missy.

Chaz's eyes become heat-seeking missiles, looking for an kind of movement in the shadows, "I thought that I...." Then he his eyes locked onto something.

"Get my sword."

Missy obediently retrieved his sword for him.

Chaz focused his energy onto one point. "Tsu!"

A beam of light and energy shot out and hit the corner of a house, but in the process, it had lit up the area, and they could see a figure dressed all in black staring at them. The figure cursed and rolled out of the way. Chaz once again found himself targeting the shadows, looking for whomever was there, by the time he saw him, it was too late. The shadowy figure had jumped threw the window and had kicked Chaz hard enough to send him flying into the far wall, but Chaz had an iron grip on his sword, so it was still in his hands. Chaz got up and held the sword in a fighting stance at the intruder. Missy had run behind Chaz.

"Who are you?" asked Chaz.

"Noone of your concern. Hand her over."

Chaz looked at Missy to try and determine what this person could possible want with her. The only thing he could see on her face was absolute terror. Not just fear, but pure, uncontrollable terror. It's as if she was facing the Profound Darkness herself.

"Over my dead body." said Chaz flatly.

"That can be arranged Palman."


"Defend yourself." said the intruder, and without a word he charged.

Chaz however was anticipating this, and he used his Rayblade Skill, not at him, but at his sword. Chaz's sword came at the intruder with unexpected speed and skill. The stranger put up his sword in defense, and used his forward movement as a means of offense. An attack that would have worked on an everyday fighter. However, Chaz was not your run-of-the-mill swordsman. His Rayblade met the intruder's sword and actually caused the intruder's blade to break. Chaz's strike did not stop there though, not wanting to kill this intruder, Chaz adjusted his stroke in midswing and brought the hilt of the sword with the full force of the attack into the intruder's jaw. A sickening Crack could be heard upon contact. It was clear that Chaz had broke his jaw. The contact also sent the intruder flying out of the window that he had jumped in threw. Chaz ran to the window, only to find the intruder had disappeared.

Hahn, Saya, and Rika ran into the room at the sound of the commotion.

"Do I really want to know?" asked Rika.

Chaz turned and faced his sister, "Someone came in here. They were after Missy."

The other three shared a collective gasp. Then they noticed that Missy was still standing there, white as a ghost.

Hahn put a comforting hand around Missy. "Easy Missy, he's gone now."

Missy shrieked and backed up against the wall at Hahn's touch. Then, the babies started crying.

Saya left, "I'll take care of the children."

"Is he gone?" asked Rika.

"Yeah, I thought I heard, what sounded like a teleportation spell."


"Could be. It's hard to tell, but he's definitely gone now."

Then the three of them tried to calm a terrified Missy Ashley.

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