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Chapter 6

"Wren, come here and take a look a this." said Derren.

"What is it Derren?" asked Wren.

"Sorry about disrupting your little, uh, get together with Demi, but I thought that you should see this."

Wren raised an eyebrow at the way that Derren had phrased his sentence, "Trust me, we were just doing research."

"Research huh? You mean like inter-android under the sh..."

"You wanted something?" asked Wren.

"Oh, yeah." said Derren with a smirk, "Look at this." Derren gestured at towards the monitor before them. "I was doing a general sweep of the entire area, like scheduled. I mean I have to do it since your busy with, ah... research."

"Derren." said Wren in a fatherly voice.

Derren laughed at Wren's irritation. "All right. When the sweep came to asteroid belt, I noticed something, it was a slight peak. So small one might consider it a glitch."

Wren looked at the sensor peak. He was a sensor peak that was an increase of only one-quarter a wavelength, if that. "Its barely anything to make a fuss about."

"Relax, I'm getting to that part. I focused on the area where the spike seemed to come from, and I magnified it."

Derren's fingers danced across the keyboard and instantly the asteroids around Algo's sun where given a close-up view. The screen was a little fuzzy with the distance that was being covered, but after Derren did a few adjustments the screen cleared up.

"Watch here." said Derren pointing in between two of the asteroids.

The screen moved by very slowly. Derren was replaying the tape frame by frame. Then the "anomaly" showed up. It looked like a bubble of static, and inside of this bubble was an outline of a ship.

"Most unusual." said Wren, "It looks like a cloaked ship."

"Yeah, that's what I thought two. Originally, I had only intended to trace down a bug in the system. I didn't realize that it would lead to this. This ship looked familiar somehow, so I took the outline of this ship with all of the known ships we have on record. And found this."

Derren pushed a button, and what come on the screen would have sent a chill down his spine, if he had one. It looked just like the shuttle that used to belong to Juza.

"I put in the memory chip."

Wren turned to look at Derren, "I tried to..."

Derren held up his hand, "Don't. I saw everything. I know what you did. If you hadn't spoke out to me personally, I wouldn't have acted out against Juza the way I did. I do remember activating my Spark Unit. I think that it caused a cascade that destroyed his ship."

At that point Wren and Derren embraced. It was something that they hadn't done since Derren had been created.

"What about this ship?"

"I have doing general sweeps, so as not to raise their attention. They seem to be moving from asteroid to asteroid. It's as if they're looking for something."

"It would be logical to assume that they're looking for something that had once belonged to Lassic."

"That would be my guess. What do we do?"

"Keep an eye on them, I'll contact the Dezolis Defense Fleet. All we have is the Landale, and that may not be enough."

Derren nodded at that and went back to the computer.

"Oh and Derren? Good work. I'm proud of you son."

Derren simply nodded again, but he did notice that for the very first time, Wren had referred to him as "son".


Chaz was still a little overwhelmed by his recent dream. He didn't like it when anything got to him, let alone a dream. But, this was more then just any old dream. He remembered every smell, every touch, every sound. It was like he was actually there. Wherever there was.

"Chaz!" said Saya happily, and she came over to him and gave him a friendly hug.

"Hi Chaz." said Hahn, "I take it that this is her?"

Chaz nodded, "Hahn. Saya. I'd like both of you to meet my sister, Missy."

"Sister?!" exclaimed Saya, but she quickly regained her composure, "I mean it's a pleasure to meet you. Hahn said that Chaz might have a surprise for me, but this isn't quite what I expected."

"Where's Alys and Rika?" asked Chaz.

"Alys is sleeping in the nursery with Jason, and Rika is resting in the bedroom."

"How is your son?"

"He's looking more and more like his old man with each passing day."

They all laughed at that, but then stopped as Rika walked out into the living room.

"I thought that I heard some familiar voices." she said.

"Rika!" scolded Chaz, "You should be resting."

"Relax," said Missy, "If she's half as strong as you've said a little movement isn't going to kill her."

Chaz turned to his sister and stuck out his tongue at her.

"Yep." said Hahn, "Their definitely brother and sister."

They all laughed. "Rika, I'd like you to meet Missy."

Rika offered her hand, "Pleasure."

Rika and Missy started to shake hands, but then Rika felt a sharp pain go up her back it felt like someone just activated a roller coaster in her stomach.


Hahn ran over to her, "GiRes!" The healing spell took effect and Rika's symptoms immediately went down. "O.K. Rika, back to bed with you."

"She had some problems with the delivery." explained Chaz to Missy, "She should have stayed in the hospital, but sometimes I think that she's more stubborn then I."

"If that's possible." called Rika from the bedroom.


Kyra walked back into the meeting room. She did not look happy.

{We need to do something about Frank.} she said to Rune telepathically.

[What did he do this time?]

{Well, let's see. He convinced three security Espers that out two new Musk Cat recruits were just intruding tourists and assaulted them.}

"What?!" asked Rune aloud.

All of the sudden the active meeting became awfully quiet.

"Ah, listen everybody. The only thing that we know is that we know nothing. I don't know how an image of the Zio Cult Symbol got into the Telepathy Ball. And until we know anything for certain, nobody, and I mean nobody is going to start pointing fingers. Is that understood?"

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding.

"Good. Kyra, tell Frank to escort our two newest recruits to this meeting room. I think it's time to start the welcoming ceremony, unless there are any other matters that need to be discussed......no? Very well."

Kyra nodded and then went to tell Frank to personally escort the two newest Espers to Main Hall. Well, they weren't Espers just yet. They still had to pass the magical tests, but with the potential that she felt in both of them, she knew that they wouldn't have any kind of problem with that.


Kal looked around at the armor shop in Reshel. It too, was picked clean. Weapons and Armor shops all over Dezolis were being cleaned out. But, it wasn't just here. It was happening all over Motavia as well. People were getting worried. And they had reason to be. All of these robberies occurred in the exact same fashion. Someone was behind these burglaries, and whomever it was, they were planning something big. Kal looked down at his saber that was sheathed at his side. He hoped that one of these days he'd catch these guys. If they keep doing this they're going to make a mistake, eventually. Kal just had to be patient enough to find it.

"Kain ta Kal. Kain ta Kal, ya der?"

Kal took his comm unit from his belt and activated it.

"What is it Kain?"

"I've found something...disturbing."

"The video?"

"Yep. High tail it ov'r here."

"I'm going to finish my investigation here, and then..."

"Dis is impotant."

Kal just looked at his communicator. He had never known Kain to be pushy. And there was something wrong with the way he was talking. Something in his voice that disturbed Kal.

"I'm on my way."

Kal turned and started to leave, the Dezorian called out to him.

"Hey Hunter. What about my shop?"

"You have insurance." said Kal bluntly.

"What? How can you...."

"Look I just got a call from one of my contacts, it's a possible lead."

"Oh, well then go ahead and go."

"I wasn't asking for your permission, little man."

The Dezorian shop owner's jaw hit the ground at that remark. Not that Kal really cared, but he was quite curious about what Kain had found.


Normally, in order for someone to come out of cryostasis, several steps need to be followed so as not to harm whomever is in the cryochamber. It also took nearly three weeks for whomever was in the cryochamber to be able to come out without any harmful side effects.

However, the Master was impatient. But, with a little magic he could cheat science a little bit and speed up the process to nearly a week. But, he's have to be down here all of that time. He can't let anyone think that anything has happened to him. His pupils on Dezolis would be too far to contact telepathically, even for him. And even if he could contact them, the other Espers might, intercept his telepathic transmission. He had kept them in the dark for a while now, except for the fact that his little spy at the mansion had left his little "calling card" in the Telepathy Ball. He would deal with that at a later time. But for now, he would just have to contact his spy at the Guild and tell him to tell his subjects that he'd be busy for a week.

{Wake up, you fool!}


{This is the Master.}

The spy was immediately startled by this sudden contact.

{I will need to stay at Climatrol for about a week, send a coded transmission to the Dark Espers. Then, take a Hydrofoil and pick up the SkyJumper I've activated the tracer at Frequency 225.376, so it will be easy for you to locate it. Take it and return in a week.}

[It shall be done.]

{See that it is.}

The Master then cut contact and started to work on getting Neifirst out of her chamber.

"It's been a long time, my love."

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