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Chapter 5

Kal looked at the videotape of the robbery that he "borrowed" from the bank. He looked at every detail. Whomever they were, they knew what they were doing. They bypassed the security, like it wasn't even there. Then they cleaned the place out in less then fifteen minutes. There was something unusual about what they were doing. He didn't know what was bothering him, and it was driving him crazy. The streetlight had shorted out a few moments earlier, that's why no one had seen anything. He glanced at the side of the Ice Digger. There was a symbol along the side of it, but it was too dark to make out what it was. Kal knew that he needed someone who was a wizz at electronics, yet would keep his mouth closed about an active case. Unfortunately, there was only one person on Dezolis that qualified.

"I hate going to see that redneck Motavian, but it seems like I have no choice." said Kal .

Kal went to the driver's seat of his Ice Digger, and drove it down the street to Kain's Electronic Store. He got out of his vehicle and walked into Kain's store.

"Hey, what cha say?"

Kal just walked over to Kain, despite the fact that he was insanely annoying. Kal always felt like he could just Kain.

"Nuttin huh? Hold your gears for a sec, I need to finish dis her gizmo."

Kal simply nodded. It only took Kain a minute to finish doing the repair work on whatever it was he was working on. Then he looked at Kal and smiled.

"So, chum, what can I do ya for?"

"Do you know the Silver Armor Shop on the corner of Frost and Third?"

"Yep. Nice guy, da owner."

"He was robbed last night. The place was cleaned out."

Kain gasped, "I told 'em to get a new security system, I take it ya want me ta look o'er his system."

"Actually, no." said Kal holding up a videotape.

Kain smiled, "Equipments in the back."

Kain went into his room in the back, followed by Kal. Kain pushed a button that turned the sign in front to shop that stated that his shop was temporarily closed.

"Could you possibly enhance this area. I want to see the symbol on the side of this Digger."

"Well, lets see." Kain's fingers danced across the keyboard in front of the monitor. The picture closed in on the side of Digger, but the picture was still unclear, "Let me try dis." His fingers danced even more, and as they were carrying equipment into the Digger a shiny shield had reflected a distant streetlight. It only lit of the side of the van for a split second, but Kain had a talent for finding these kinds of things.

"That symbol....it looks familiar somehow." said Kal.

"I'll print it out for ya, then if ya like, I can run a check for dis symbol in da records."

Kal nodded, "Good. I know I've seen this thing before. But, there's still something about this tape that bothers me."

"If ya like, I can copy it, and then try some tings. Maybe ders something wrong with da tape."

Kal nodded again, "You have my number. Let me know if you find anything."



Chaz looked around. He was on Rykros. He could recognize the crystalline structures from a mile away. He looked left and right, he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. He walked around to explore, maybe he could find out why he was here, or even how he got here.

"Le Roof! Where are you? Why am I here?"


Chaz looked left and right. The voice wasn't coming from nowhere and everywhere. It came from the planet and from inside him.

"Hello? Who are you and where am I?"


"Say what?"


"I'm not on Rykros at all, am I?"


All of the sudden large thin crystals shot out of the ground and created a barrier all around him. He was trapped. He looked ahead of him, and he saw Rika, but Rika was fighting someone. He couldn't make out who.

"Whomever you are, you must let me outta here. Please, my wife is in trouble."


"But her odds are better with me, then without me. If something were to happen to her...."


"I can't make...." Chaz's eyes open up wide, and jaw hit the ground. She was fighting....him. Or at least a very good likeness of him.

"Rika, you must control yourself." said Chaz's 'twin'.

"Yeah? Control this!" said Rika as she swung at Chaz's mirror image, going at him with his guard down.

Chaz's mirror image doubled back as blood gushed from his side.

"Rika, why?" asked Chaz's mirror image as well to the ground.

"Because your not Numan enough for me." said Rika who then started to laugh hysterically. Rika was not well, mentally speaking.

"No matter what happens, I will always love you." said Chaz's mirror image as he reached into his boot and pulled out a knife, when Chaz's mirror image said those words of affection to Rika, she started to laugh, as if he had just told her a hilarious joke. She didn't see what was coming, until it was too late.

"Chaz no!"

It was too late, the knife had gone deep into her abdomen, it was a fatal wound.

"Why Chaz? Why?" asked Rika, tears forming in her eyes.

"Rika? By the light, what have I done?" asked Chaz as he backed away from her, then he picked up his sword and rammed it into his chest, killing himself instantly. He fell to the ground with a heap. Rika pulled out the dagger and tossed it her side, then she closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened them, her wounds had been healed. She got up and kicked the corpse.

"I'm probably going to have a scar now, you stupid (kick), stupid (kick), single-minded (kick), moron!" Rika grew with anger as she kept kicking and kicking the corpse.

Chaz watched on with horror at this madwoman who looked and sounded like his wife, but was not in any way shape or form.

"Rika!" shouted Chaz.

It was no use. It was like he was some kind of a specter watching a very sick play.

Then Rika grabbed her hair and tossed it at the corpse. It was just a wig. Her long purple hair flowed down to the small of her back.

Chaz stepped back in horror, "Stop this."

She kept kicking him.

"STOP THIS!" screamed Chaz.

"Chaz! Chaz!"

Chaz shot up in the seat. His eyes looked all around, a group of concerned looking people were huddled around him.

"Chaz, you must have been having one heck of a nightmare."

Chaz looked at the source of the voice, and found his step-sister, Missy.

"I...ah...I'm OK." said Chaz who was still breathing quite heavily.

Missy could tell that Chaz was clearly not all right. Whatever he had dreamed about, it wasn't pleasant. She decided to press it.

"I didn't think I was that tired." said Chaz.

"You practically passed out, as soon as we sat down."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be arriving at Krup in roughly ten minutes please make sure that you remain seated until the Rover has come to a complete stop. And thank you for riding, Mota Express."

"Looks like we're here."

"Yeah, sure does."

{Maybe later.} thought Missy, {Something is bothering him, and it's not just the memory of what happened at our home that horrible night. I'll give it a little time, then I'll try and see just what he was dreaming about.}


The SkyHopper hovered above the water, then has it slowly descended onto the water, and the engines cooled down. The hatch opened up and The Master stepped out into the sunlight.

"Ah, it's so nice to see something besides snow." said the Master.

"Master, what an unexpected pleasure." said Mars, as he brought their ship along side the SkyHopper.

"You are the two that found it. I always reward success. Now, tell me, what all did you do to the structure."

"Well, when we discovered the underwater structure, we sent a camera probe down to get a visual, but that's about it."

"Good, that means you've followed by orders to the letter. I always reward success and loyalty." said the Master, a small bag floated out of the SkyHopper and onto the the ship, "That is a bag containing 10000 meseta. That is your reward, now go."

Mars and Harry bowed, "We are most gratified by your generosity, master." And with that, the ship turned around and left.

The Master looked down into the water, "Maurium Field!" he shouted, and a bubble of Oxygen surrounded him. Then he floated down into the water and sank towards Climatrol to get what he was after. It took him nearly twenty minutes before he finally reached the bottom, he floated down to the structure.

"I'm surprised that it's lasted all of these years. But, then again, Lutz might have played a part in that."

He moved over to the underwater building, the air bubble still surrounding him. He floated up to the top where he noticed an airlock, he moved into the airlock, and the doors automatically shut behind him, and then the water drained from the airlock. After that was done the inner airlock opened.

"This place still has power after all of these years, amazing." said the Master, then he went inside. It was very damp inside. He could see an area that had been blocked off by the automatic doors, probably from an area that the water had come in and needed to be sealed off. He hoped that what he was looking for hadn't succumbed to a watery fate.

He walked all of the way down to the bottom of Climatrol. Then he saw what he was looking for. A chest that had a strong protective field around it. He moved over to the chest, he closed his eyes and thought for a long time, then he released the spell which brought the protective barrier around the chest down. He open the chest and looked inside.

"At last, I have the Neimet." said the Master, and he put it on, "Yes, I can feel its power. Its strength is as I expected. The Lutz picked a very interesting hiding place, if I don't say so myself. Hold on, what's this?"

The Master moved over to what had caught his attention. It was a cryogenic chamber, but that wasn't what caught his attention. What he noticed was that someone was inside of this particular chamber.

A name was on the chamber : NEIFIRST.

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