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Chapter 4

Rune awoke from his dream. It seemed odd that he would dream about the Nei Weapons of Legend. Was it a vision? He might have to consult the counsel about this. But, before he would do anything of the sort, he would consult the Telepathy Orb and search through the memories of the Lutz of that time.

Morning came and Rune took absolutely no time in going straight to the Sacred Chamber to search through the memories of the Lutzs gone by.

"I must consult the Telepathy Ball. I don't care of Zio comes knocking on out front door. I am NOT to be disturbed." said Rune to the old man who always guards the door.

He merely nodded, "I understand completely, oh Reverent One."

Normally, Rune would start a fuss over the title of Reverent One, but something about that dream of the battle on Noah told him that he needed to look into Lutz's memories about Noah. He stood in front of the the Telepathy Orb, then he put his hands on it. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He started "looking" for memories of Noah, but he felt something, like something was wrong. Something alien. He "looked" for this alien source. But, it was more like residual traces of another memory. But that didn't make any sense. Rune caught a hold of the memory, and placed it in his mind. It was just an image. A dark image. He let go of the Orb and fell back. Rune turned and ran up the stairs.

"Reverent Lutz? Is there a problem?" asked the elderly Esper.

Rune just turned around and then he concentrated for a couple of minutes and then he applied a VERY strong spell that acted like a seal for the Sacred Room.

"Reverent Lutz! Is such a security precaution necessary?"

"Gather up the Counsel, I must speak with them on a matter of utmost emergency." said Rune, with a distant look.

"Reverent Lutz?"

"Move it!"

The elderly Esper got up quickly, "Right away Reverent Lutz."

"I just pray to the light that I'm not too late." said Rune


Chaz gave his sister a cup of coffee.

"I'm...sorry about Ray." said Chaz, "And, I'm sorry for...."

Missy simply held up her hand, "Believe me, I understand completely. My showing up out of the blue like this....well, it must unnerving to say the least."

Chaz merely nodded, he wondered how long it would be, before they would talk about the fire that destroyed their lives.

"Are you married?" asked Missy, trying to engage in some kind of conversation.

Chaz smiled, "Yes, I am." Chaz pointed to the picture on wall of Rika, "That's the 'freak' that Ray was referring to." the last part of that had quite a bit of venom attached to the words.

"She's quite lovely." said Missy, looking around "Where is she?"

"She's at the hospital in Krup."


"No, it's not for a physical injury. We...ah, just had a baby girl."

"Oh. So, now I'm Aunt Missy."

Chaz laughed, "Would you like to meet them?"

"Does in snow on Dezolis?"

Chaz smiled again, "Stay right here, I'll arrange for a transport to take us to Krup."


Chaz went to the public station to get two tickets to Krup. He had to use public transportation, because he left his LandRover at Krup in case it would be needed. As Chaz was walking back to his house with the tickets he started thinking.

"Wait a second. The telegram arrived at the Krup hospital, at Rika's room, and yet Missy didn't know where Rika was at. Oh, my nerves are shot, not only is my sister was alive, but that I'm also a father."

Then, Missy and Chaz left for Krup to see his wife and child.


Kazt and Plyst, the two Musk Cats who were discovered to have magical abilities arrived at the mansion, but all of the halls were empty.

"Where is everyone?" asked Plyst.

Kazt raised his ears, "I can hear a lot of discussion going on in the central area, maybe we're supposed to report there."

Plyst just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Whatever suits them."

Kazt and Plyst went all the way around to the back of the mansion, where two guards stood in their way.

"Halt! There is a meeting of Espers going on in there, no tourists allowed."

"Tourists?! Do we look like we're on vacation bub?" exclaimed Kazt

Plyst looked from his left to his right. Two security Espers started coming around the corner, and the two guarding the door were building up a few magic spells, "Ah, Kazt, now is not a good time to..."

"Oh, sure you think you're bad, but you're just a little pathetic..."


"...stupid, idiotic, moron. And I can see just how much of a man you aren't because your fly is down."

The Esper looked down at his pants, but his fly was up.

"Made you look."

The Esper's face turned bright red.

"Kazt, this is not a good time to be stupid." whispered Plyst.

The other three Espers started laughing at the security Esper's embarrassment.

"You two are going to regret getting on my bad side."

"What do you mean two?" asked Plyst {Oh, this is just perfect. What a great first impression. A fight with four security guards. Why, oh why of all the cats, of all the species, in all of Algo, do I have to get paired up with this one.}

"Oh, come on Frank." said one of the security guards, who was still laughing, "Where's your sense of humor."

"Yeah Franky, why don't you just apologize for being so rude to your two newest Espers." said Kyzt.

The other three guards stopped laughing, they looked at each other, then all four guards started laughing.

"Oh look at this."

"We've just insulted a new member!"

"Look out." said Frank, "They're going to use the Magic Tick Spell! We're all doomed!"

All four guards continued to laugh at them, but they didn't notice that the hairs of the Musk Cats were standing on end, and deep low growl of anger was emanating from them.

You see, there are several mistakes one can make. Telling the measurements of Alys, The Eight Stroke Sword, is a similar mistake that will cause great harm to befall on you. Telling a Musk Cat that he or she has flees is another.

Plyst and Kazt looked at each other and nodded. They concentrated.


The four Esper Guards were knocked around by the gale forces of the Hewn and Zan spell combo. The two guarding the door were thrown completely back against the side of the inner building. The two along the side of them were just pushed aside by the spell. Kazt went to the one on the right, while Plyst went to the one on the left.

"So, us stupid little pussycats can't use magic, huh?" said Kazt angrily, "I don't like being treated with disrespect."

Plyst merely bowed his head, "All I ask for is an apology."

"Well what makes you think that your going to get one, hairy."

Plyst shook his head in dismissal, "I find it hard to believe that this is how Espers are trained to behave."

"It's not." said a very stern voice.

"TemLe Kyra, these....cats have attacked us. They have tried..." started Frank.

"Save it!" snapped Kyra, "I have been watching the whole time. And seeing in how I dismiss violence to solve problems, especially violence that comes from insults."

"Ms. Kyra, that was more then just...insults." started Kazt.

Kyra simply held up her hand. "If this had been a test, you would have failed."

"To test our tolerance?" asked Plyst.

"I said 'IF', Mr. Plyst. But, these guards were behaving like children, and they WILL be disciplined. Your quarters are in Section 3, room numbers 13 and 14. Please wait there until our meeting is completed."

"Well, I was thinking of..." started Kazt

"We'll wait there." finished Plyst, then he grabbed Kazt by his arm and dragged him off, "Do you think that you could of at least waited, oh, an hour or so before you got us into trouble."

"Oh quit whining." said Kazt

"I am not whining! I just wanted to make a good first impression."

"How? By getting down on your hands and knees and kissing her..."

"Kazt! Oh, I can't believe this!" said Plyst dismissively "What am I going to do when....."

Their voices trailed off as they went down the corridor, Kyra smiled inwardly at the two arguing Musk Cats. Then, a very stern expression appeared on her face and she turned around and headed for Frank. The other three guards returned to their posts.

"Why?" asked Kyra with a slightly angry tone in her voice.

"TemLe, I can't believe that your going to let them get away with..."

"They aren't even members yet. I have no jurisdiction over them until that happens. But you are an Esper! You must behave with respect!" Kyra was becoming quite angry, and if the Musk Cats decide to leave because of this "welcome", then she would would more then just a little upset.

"TemLe, they're Musk Cats, they claimed to be Espers."

"And how do you think they managed to push away you four guards?"

"I...ah...they behaved like they were...."

"Do I LOOK stupid?!" asked Kyra


"ENOUGH! I don't have time to punish you now, but I'll think of an appropriate punishment later." said Kyra, then she turned around and headed back to the inner area of the Esper Mansion.


He stood as the scientist entered his throne room. He was known only as The Master. His real name was a mystery. If any did know it, they either never mentioned it in public, or they were too afraid to.

"Climatrol has been located." It was a statement, not a question.

The scientist bowed, "Yes, my master. The SkyJumper is also ready."

"Then I shall leave immediately." said The Master

"You'll be leaving?" asked the scientist

The Master turned around and looked at him with an intense fire and anger. No one, and I mean NO ONE EVER talked back to The Master. The scientist, despite all that he had done for their cause, had reached the end of his usefulness.

{If only I could use magic.} This was the final thought that would ever emerge from the scientist's mind. The Master swung his arm and a blast of pure energy shot out and sliced the scientist into three different parts. At least it was quick. The Master then turned and walked past the two main guards on his way out of the throne room.

"Clean that up."

The two large guards immediately did as they were told.

One of the E18 Dark Wizards walked beside The Master, "A Word if you please, my great and powerful master."

"Of course." said the Master, but it was in a calm and soothing voice. He sounded, well human, "My door is always open."

"Master, I was thinking that killing off all of these non-magic users could actually be costly in the long run."

"I have thought of this myself, actually. I sometimes loose my temper with these lessers, I guess I should be more patient with those who aren't special. But, I can't become soft. I'm a leader. By the way, how are your studies coming?"

The Dark Wizard blinked in surprise, "Ah, there ah....coming along."



"Come on, you can tell me."

"Actually, Master, It's the Another Gate Spell."

"Ah, yes. That can be a difficult one. Do you know the Invisible Hand Technique? The mental 'hand' that allows you to direct the spell?"

"Of course."

"Well, when you reach the secondary plane, mentally. Use that invisible hand, and then pull it out."

"I never thought of that. That just might work. Thank you, Master."

"That's why I'm the Master." said the Master with a bit of a laugh, "It will be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it. It becomes as easy as a Foi."

The Dark Wizard bowed graciously, "I'll try that. I...ah, heard that you might be leaving."

The Master bowed his head. "Yes, I have something to get at Climatrol. That lesser developed a ship that land on water without sinking."

"The SkyJumper."

"Yes, now if you'll excuse me. I have to go."

"Oh, I'm sorry for holding you up. my Master."

"Not at all." said the Master with a smile. And with that he headed for the main hanger to fly the SkyJumper to Motavia.

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