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Chapter 3

Chaz stood outside of the Guild and he just stared at the building. He didn't know what to expect. It was a very emotional time for him. It took him nearly eleven years just to get over that night. That horrible, horrible night. He had everything that he had always wanted, a home, a family. He was at peace. Then it all changed. He thought that they had died, Chaz wondered how he survived, why he had survived. Maybe his sister could answer some questions about what had happened, thus the hesitation. The memories still haunted him.

{What a second.} thought Chaz, {What about her? She had lost her parents too. And they were her real parents, not just her foster parents. Not that I loved them any less, but I'm not the only one with pain here.}

And so with that, Chaz walked into the Guild. He walked over to the bar area of Guild. He looked around and then he saw her. It was Missy, his step-sister. She had the same hair, the all-around same look. Of course, she was much older now. Her arm was in a cast, which drew his attention. She turned her head and looked directly at him. Their eyes locked onto each other. Tears sprang up in both of their eyes. Chaz's heart had leaped up into his throat. She stood up and they move over to each other. Neither knew what to say.

"Missy, I presume." was all that Chaz could say.

"Chucky?" she asked.

Chaz curled his lip, the way he always does when he gets irritated. "For the last time, just call me Chaz already."

They embraced. The long lost siblings had been re-united. And the tears flowed as freely as a mountain stream.


A ship moved across the waters of Motavia. It sent another beacon down to the bottom of the ocean.

"I hate doing this. All of these vibrations from these beacons attracts bios." said Harry.

"I know, but unless we want to be...disciplined for not following orders..." said Mars.

There was no need for Mars to go into any further detail. The Master would punish some of his subordinates for the sole reason of showing them who was in charge. He only gave respect to those that he considered "evolved". To those that could use magic. Everyone else was just meat.

"What are we looking for anyway?" asked Harry.

"Will you quit whimpering! If the Master heard you like that, there wouldn't be enough left of you to ID in a morgue."

"I know, but....wait a second. The beacon's picking up something. It's one of those Leviathans!" shouted Harry.

"Great! Arm the electron gun." said Mars.


"All right now, you stupid creature. That's it. That's it. Come to poppa. Harry, adjust the electron gun. Aim it at 0-7-2 Mark 3-1-6."



The electric shot went down and it hit the creature, along with the fact water makes for the perfect conductor of electricity, the Leviathan didn't have a chance.

"Hey, those beacons work pretty good don't they?"

"Well, they did."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, that electric charge you sent into the water shorted them out."

Mars checked the equipment, activated a few switches, and then the beacons were back in working order.

"They're resistance to being tampered with. If it appears like they've been located, then they'll deactivate themselves, then if the proper code isn't given to them within five minutes, they explode. The Master is very cautious."

"Well then, shall we continue."


Chaz was still in an embrace with his long-lost half-sister.

"I can't believe you're actually alive. I thought that you might have died when....." tears continued to flow.

"And I thought that you....but, when I heard about the famous hunter...."

"Ahhh, isn't this cute."

Chaz's smile quickly faded away. He turned around and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Ray, I am only going to say this once, LEAVE." said Chaz through grit teeth.

Ray laughed, "OH boo-hoo! Boo-hoo! Chazy is having a bad day. So tell me, does that freak partner of yours now that you like actual women?"

Chaz entertained a thought of watching Ray disintegrate under his Megid, maybe the Hunters would throw him a party. Nobody liked him, and Ray could care less. According to most of the hunters, if it wasn't for his his rich father, who had a seat at the Government Building of Algo at Meese on Dezolis, he wouldn't even be here.

Chaz narrowed his eyes, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that last part."

Ray was a bully in every sense of the word. There were times when you should just leave well enough alone. This was one of those times. With the painful memory that was on the surface of Chaz's mind, he wasn't thinking straight.

"You know what I mean, that freak of nature with the horns on her head. But, tell me one thing, in bed does she..."

Chaz grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and slammed him against the wall, "Tell ME something, Ray. Would you like to see my Ray-Blade" reaching for his sword.

"Chaz stop!" shouted Missy.

"You know Ray, you're lucky my sister was here. Or else, you who knows what may have happened." said Chaz. Then he started to leave with Missy.

"Of course you realize," said Ray, "That I'm going to press charges against you."

Chaz looked around. He looked at the bartender. "Hey Jeff, he wants to press charges."

"Really, how come?" asked Jeff.

"He says that I assaulted him."

"Really? I didn't see anything."

Another Hunter by the name of Jaxso went over to the bar, "Are you talking about the way you threw him against the wall, threatened the life of another hunter after he insulted your family....I didn't see anything either."

"Boy oh boy, Ray." said Chaz, "It really likes there are a lot of people who are going to go out of their way to back you up."

"Just wait Ashley. Just you wait." said Ray under his breath as he watched them leave.


"Re-activate the optical sensors."

"Yes, Master Wren."

"Give me a readout of the CPU energy output level."


"Good, hang in there Derren, we almost got you."

A tear came up in Demi's eye. She had never seen Wren like this, when he brought back the remains of Derren after Juza had tossed in front of him in the Air Castle last year, Wren was heart-broken. He had the Lassic Crisis to take his mind off of it, but after that was done he had his grief to contend with. He took out what was left of Derren and just held it in his hand. He stared at it for hours on end, but when he ran a diagnostic on it, he discovered that Derren had stored his memories in a highly secured data section of the unit. When he discovered this, he worked day and night in order to get Derren back to the way he was, at least the way he was before Dark Force took control of him.

Now, nearly a year later. It is almost the time for Derren to return to them. It has been too long.

"Stabilize the EPS Manifold, Up the ITU to 321.598, and start the transfer of power to the ICPE (Internal Crystalline Power Emulator)."

Demi was working just as hard as Wren was. She could also tell that he was just as excited as she was about getting their child back.


"OK." said Wren, leaning back a taking a deep breath, which was an unnecessary task for an android, "Here goes nothing."

Wren reached inside and activated the ICPE. Nothing happened at first, but then the power relays started to come to life, and every system came in with a green light. It was working. But, the main question was, was Derren still Derren?

Derren turned his head and looked at Demi and then looks back to Wren. He seems unsure of just what's going on.

"Wren? Demi? Is that you? The last thing I remember was heading off towards Kuran in a shuttle."

Wren and Demi ran to Derren and embraced him.

"I can't believe it, your alive! It took quite a bit of work but you're alive!" exclaimed Wren.

"Hey, take it easy pop." said Derren with a bit of confusion, "Ah, just happened at Kuran." He turned his head, and he saw on the monitor the current shape that Kuran was still in. "Oh."

"Well, actually, it was more than just that." said Wren hesitantly.

"Is it something that I should know?" asked Derren

"I...I think you should know the truth." said Wren, a tear forming in his eye, he took out a computer chip and gave it to Derren, "This...is a copy of my memories of what happened after Kuran. If you wish to know, than you can put it in and find out for yourself, but I will tell you this. You aren't going to like it. If you don't wish to know right now, than that's OK, too. Just know that we're here for you."

"Please, can I be alone for a moment?" asked Derren.

Wren and Demi both nodded, "Of course."

They left the room to let Derren come to terms with what just happened to him. He seemed to be faced with his own mortality, even though he is an android.

Demi looked up at Wren, "I've never seen you this emotional."

"I've never had any reason to be, until now. It's very strange. I feel like a hole in my stomach has been filled, and yet it hasn't. This is most illogical."

"That's because, you have Derren back, but he has to deal with what happened to him on his own. It's not something that you can do anything about, you just need to give it time. And considering you're over one thousand years old, time isn't something that you should be overly concerned with."

Wren nodded at that, "That is very logical, I will admit."

At that moment, Demi and Wren looked at each other for a long time. They just stared into each others eyes. Wondering what the other was thinking, or what was going to do next. Then, Demi cleared her throat and went over to the nearby table and picked up a diagnostic scanner.

"I guess we, ah, should just, ah...." started Demi as she looked around trying to think of some way to change the subject.

Wren then walked over to Demi, put his arms around her, leaned forward, and then he gave a nice, soft, gentle kiss. She dropped the scanner onto the floor, and when it hit the ground it broke, but she didn't really care about that. Then, Derren started clapping. They looked up at him not even realizing that he had been watching the whole time.

"All right Wren! You get DOWN with your bad self!" said Derren who then started laughing hysterically.

No one in the known universe has even seen a brighter shade of red then what was on Demi and Wren's face at that point in time.


"I found something!" exclaimed Harry.

"What is it this time?" asked Mars.

The two had been going around Motavia, sending beacons to the bottom of the ocean. Mars went over to the radar that was retrieving them information from the beacons. On the radar was what looked like an outline for a building.

"That's get a visual. Launch the probe with the camera attached to end."

The probe went down into the depths of the waters just north of Uzo. It took about twenty minutes to get down to the underwater structure, but once it arrived at its destination, Mars smiled at their discovery.

"This is what the Master was looking for?" asked Harry.

"Yes. It's Climatrol." said Mars.

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