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Chapter 27

"Do you have any idea what you've done?" growls Neilast.

"As a matter of fact," comments Chaz, not even bother to looking back, "Let me ask you something oh great and glorious Master?" he asks with a touch of sarcasm.

"Go away, rodent." he growls, and then starts laughing like a madman. Energy, very powerful energy starts gathering and swelling all around the Master. He could feel the energy surging through his system. "I can feel its power. My transformation at LONG last will be complete."

"And now you plan on getting rid of your helpers who were willing to give their lives right?" asks Chaz.

"Of course, they are nothing to a God. Now bow before me! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

The Dark Espers stop their struggles, they couldn't believe what they just heard, mainly growled in anger, and prepared to strike down the very man that they had hours earlier plagued absolute loyalty to.

"You really shouldn't have said that, because they are the only ones that can save you now."

"Oh really? And how will they...? ARGH!" the Master staggers back, as the energy grows more intense, he seems as if he wants to let go of the blade, but can't.

"OK, Le Roof." says Chaz, "I think you can take back your disguise now."

The shining white energy that had surrounded what was supposed to be the Elysdeon disappears. Leaving only a dark, sinister sword. A sword that draws in light like a black hole. It's evil aura starts interacting with the holy strength and power of the Nei Armor.

"That sword," explains Chaz, "was being kept on Rykros, and when I defeated the darkness inside of me, Le Roof contacted me telepathically, he then transported it here under the guise of the holy blade. As we both know your maddening desire for the Power would blind you to its true nature. Now, the negative aspect of the Evil Blade, and the positive aspect of the Holy Armor are canceling each other out. And you are caught in the middle."

"Y..y..you b..b..bastard!" growls the Master, who is suddenly thrown, quite violently off of his high pedestal. "You will die for this insult." as a blast of electrical energy surges through his body. The stench of burning flesh filled the air.

"It has got to killing him!" exclaims Missy, "Even he doesn't deserve this much suffering."

"There is nothing I can do to stop it now." says Chaz.

Rune shook his head, "I can't stand watching this, but he did have it coming to him."

"I...ARGH!...don't need your pity!"

"The very thing that would give you eternal power is destroying you. Good bye Master, die in obscurity." Chaz then raises his hand and fires off a blast of white hot energy at the Master sending him tumbling down into the precipice. And with one violent, last magical reaction, a massive explosion erupts at the bottom of the cliff, causing the entire Mansion and Hillside to shake viciously.

A glow appears within Chaz, and then exits. Chaz nods once.

Rune steps forward, "Le Roof?"

The light moves over to the destroyed tower and dissipates, but not before the tower reforms itself, causing the anti-magic field to fall back into place. The Motavians and Dezorians quickly capture all the Dark Espers, but seeing what happened to their leader, and what nearly happened to them, had pacified them, and they surrendered without resistance.

"Chaz?" asks Rika.

"Yes, its me...I think." he rubs his swore head, "I feel different somehow."

"I am still picking up one helluva an aura around you."

That is because Chaz has realized his true and utter potential.

"Le Roof." says Chaz, it was a statement, not a question. Le Roof's voice filled the voices of their minds, but he didn't take any kind of a form.

"What is he?" asks Rika, "I...I'm scared."

Le Roof chuckled a little bit.

Do not worry Rika, he is still after all Chaz, but with access to more power, and he has the knowledge of when and how to use it properly. He is the first and last of the lost Desans.

"The what?"

"Desans," explains Kyra, "Were a powerful race of palmans, motavians, and dezorians. According to Esper Legends, they lived on Rykros, and trained hard. They had gifts that noone even dreamed of. Power, that normal people couldn't even hope to wield. They were the originally designed fighters to fight off the Dark Forces that would come through every 1,000 years. Until they were defeated."

Very good. They were defeated, not just because the Dark Force had enlisted the aid of the those damn Earthmen, but because they had nothing to fight for. They trained hard, yes. They were the best, yes. But, they were soldiers from an ancient era. And the Dark Force had used that against them. IT sacrificed itself to kill off every last Desan, but a few survived and made it to the planets of Algo, where they're bloodline was carried down. And the next Dark Force hoping to strike back without any Desans to protect them, ordinary people would rise up and Protect the planet. Queen Alis was the first of these people. And Chaz was the last. There are no more Dark Forces, no more Profound Darkness, but as you can see with those Espers, there is still evil. But, the truly evil, are now gone. Enjoy your peace, and your the worlds shall be what you make of them.

And with that in mind, Le Roof left their minds. And sun set on one of the most important chapters in Algo's history.

The End.

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