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Chapter 26

The Master stood in the ship. The entire Nei collection gathered, possibly for the last time. Ever. He had lived with this pain for a long time. Now, was his last chance. He was SO close. And he wasn't about to let a streak of the worst luck possible in his past who knows how many years of life.

Slowly, he put each article together on himself. He felt his own power increasing with each item is added to his arsenal. But, without the sword, he couldn't call upon the true Power. At last the Holy Power of the Great Light himself will be his to command. Then, he is going to start gathering penance.

He laughs to himself. He could hardly wait. It is just too bad that his precious Espers will be his first sacrifices. So much work, but for such a greater glory. He laughs again, feeling his plan coming into being, despite all the recent setbacks.

"What's out ETA?"

"Two minutes, Master."

Two minutes, he thinks. Only two more minutes until he gain his rightful place in the cosmos.


The energy field around Chaz seemed to be glowing fully white, as if Chaz had defeated the Darkness, but then she came back almost fully encompassing his aura with red. The aura shown brighter each time. Clearly, the battle was intensifying. Rika has never felt more helpless in her entire life.


The master looked out of the main viewport. "Squadrons. Slow to one-half, and bring us in a little lower. Stay in formation, and keep it nice and steady." He then shut off the main communicator and looked forward. "I can't believe it."


"Look, straight ahead. That glow is Chaz, he is still fighting the Profound Darkness' essence. He must have a powerful will, unlike those fools Zio and Lassic. Which will make her all the more powerful when she finally commandeers his mind."

"We are ready master."

"All units. Plan A."

The ships dropped out of the atmosphere coming towards the front of the Mansion where the majority of the Espers had gathered to defend their home. The Elders had already erected their make-shift forcefield around the Mansion. When the explosions started, not from in front of them, but behind them. They looked back mentally to see fifty or so Dark Esper ships swooping out of the sky firing into the misty mountainous. They had already plotted carefully to find where any hidden ships would most likely be, and are following the made paths to the centimeter. Explosions from hidden ships rained throughout the mountains.


Rika looked at the monitors that Derren had set up. "Oh no! This is just terrible!"

Rune just grins and talks into the radio, "General, they've fallen for it."

"I copy that."

Then, on the monitor, they could see 65 Ice Diggers coming out of the hillside behind the Mansion.

"Digger Squadron, Lock and Load!"

"Yes sir! Ready sir!"

"Pick a target and fire!"

The Ice Diggers immediately open a barrage of laser and missile fire into the atmosphere destroying every single ship in a matter of five seconds.

"Those explosions?" asks Rika.

Derren presses a few buttons and some small hovering devices surface. "Targeting pods used by the military."

Neilast throws her head back and laughs hysterically.



"I have eyes!"

"Those Diggers are already moving towards the front. The Espers are firing too!" the ship then started shaking violently. "All ships are taking heavy damage."

"Aims the ships to Kamikaze into those Diggers and teleport down to the hillside." orders the Master as he Ryuka's down in front of the Mansion who immediately starts firing up at the metal annoyances, and the Espers above.

The other Espers are there in a moment, and as soon as they are, other ships come flying in from a short distance away, but from the misty areas, and starts shooting the ships down out of harm's way. The other Espers use variations of Hewn spells to blow them out of the way. And with no pilot in them, they can't compensate for the lack of direction.

"Fire at will!" shouts the Master, but just then explosions blow in the hillside, and several hundred Motavians jumps out of recently dug tunnels. They start charging at the Espers, but mostly not attacking regularly, as four much larger Ice Diggers set up a perimeter around them, and then they each connect electrically, as a lot of confusion and disorientation occurs to the once proud and organized Dark Espers.

"What the...?!"

Rune then steps out of the Mansion and looks down at the Master, and waves.

The Master holds up his hand, as do most of the Dark Espers, but nothing happens, while several Motavians stand a few feet off of them holding their axes, slashers, and all sorts of weapons at the ready.

"You must be the Master." says Rune, "I hope you didn't mind me feeding you the wrong information."

"You were the spy?!" exclaims of the Dark Espers.

"If that's what you want to call it." he says with a smirk.

Everyone except for the Dark Espers start laughing at the humor of the situation.

"Oh, and I hope you don't mind. I borrow the information gathered from my own spy to use your anti-magical field here. The Dezorians have even built this technology into their own jailhouses so Espers that you have corrupted won't be able to break in or out anymore."

The bright aura that was surrounding Chaz suddenly disappeared.

Chaz, with the help of Rika and Missy stumbled out of his room, but he was able to move about on his own for the most part.

He was helped to the front area. In his hands, was an unmistakable item. The Holy Sword, Elysdeon. Chaz looked right at the Master with a cold stare, and simply nodded once. It was about time.

The Master reached behind his back and grabbed a hold of the Nei Shot, even though the weapon had its magical energies suppressed, it still packed one helluva wallop. And that it did. As the Master fired it into one of the Ice Digger/Shield Generators causing a massive overload and a large explosion big enough to disrupt the shielding and release the Espers from their captivity.


Suddenly, hell broke loose. The guards had slacked off with the immediate threat gone, and while many reacted very quickly, many more didn't have a chance.

Chaz then moved over the Master with the Holy Sword in hand.

"Chaz! Wait! Your still weak from...Urgh!" exclaims Rune, has his jaw meets the back of Chaz's fist. Chaz then hands the blade over to the Master and he backs off.

Rika runs to Chaz with tears in her eyes, "What....What have you done?!"

"I just ended this." he says in a cold voice.

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