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Chapter 22

"Master! Master!"

"What is it now?"

"It's...", says the subordinate out of breath, "It's about..."

"Take your time, catch your breath. Better. Now, what is so important."

"Yes, my lord. Sorry. It's the Transformation, master."

"It has started already?!"

"Yes, master."

"Damn, that complicates things. How are the weapons?"

"The slasher, the gun, the emel, the claw, and of course the sword are all unaccounted for."

"His accident must have sped up the process. This is not good. Tell everyone we are being forced to jump to Phase 6, have every available asset out searching for the Lost Weapons of Nei. They must ALL be found in a week, or else we may have to wait another 1,000 years, if another opportunity even exists, since the old crone is now dead."


Kal, the large Dezorian Hunter, sped his LandRover to the abandoned shack. He activated his communicator, "Kain, are you sure this dump is the place?"

"Yep! Dat iz wat da satite be showin' me."

"The what?" asks Kal annoyed. He was used to his unusual Palman accent, but over the years there was still a few things that just sounded weird. And it vexed Kal to the point of nearly popping the little bugger's head clean off. "The what showed you?"

"The satite! Ya know dat being ting up in da sky wit Wren and Demi."

"Ah! Of course. Do you mean to tell me that Wren actually let you track a lowly fugitive with his multi-billion meseta contraption up there?"

"Didn't ax 'em."

Kal shook his head and laughed. "Why am I not surprised." The little genius was always doing something that he shouldn't be doing. Kal got up, and set all of his equipment, in case there is any kind of trouble.


Tom groaned as moved slightly to his side. Kyra's ex-husband smiled and kicked him again. "Wake up!"

Tom felt drained. HE sat up lazily. He saw his attacker and tried to attack him, but he could barely manage a spark.

"HA! That was the best you could do? How...unimpressive."

"Sir Forsha."

"Yeah, Joe."

"Forget him, we need to get going."

"What? Why?"

"The transformation has started already. The master has initiated Phase 6."

"Damn! And things were going so smoothly."

"Should we kill him."

"Naw, I still have some entertainment with him, not to mention Kyra."

"The Master wouldn't like your using..."

"What he doesn't know, won't hurt me."

"Bad move." spits out Tom, "Kill me now, or I swear, you will NOT survive the night."

Forsha kicks Tom, sending him, some blood, and a tooth flying across the prison chamber.



The smoke spread like a thick, airtight blanket across what was left of the medical ward of the Mansion. Kyra cast a light wind spell disbursing the smoke. Chaz was floating there, like a glowing red orb. Actually, more like a cylinder.

"Where's Rune?" asks Neilast.

"I'm here." he says, as he comes running around the corner. "I can't reach him."

"The heat?" asks Derren.

"No. There is some black energy surrounding him. I can't send a mental probe to him. And the heat is too intense to get close enough to him."

"What do we do?" asks a very worried Kyra.

"I can remember something like this happening before. But, I can't remember too well. It has to be something involving one of the past Lutz's memories. I'll consult the orb. The rest of you.....the rest of you, will have to pray."


"Dezorian Guild! Nobody move!!" shouts Kal as he rushes into the large shack. Nobody moved, true enough, but there was nobody there to not move. "Great." He looked about the shack, and there was piles upon piles of weapons and armor. He checked the serial numbers of the some of the equipment. Sure enough, it was them.

"Kal to Kain. Are you still with me?"


"I'll assume that's a yes. Something weird is going on here. There is a lot of the equipment here. I don't know how much is here, and how much isn't. But, for the most part, it seems to have been abandoned. Some of the equipment looks like it has been severely damaged as well. Charring all over the place. As if they were testing it's strength."

"Save some fo' me. I can test 'em."

"Not much. I have to call this in, let the professionals clean this crap up."

"Better dem, den you."

"True. I'll bring some equipment to you, then come back and report this. Oh!"


"I've been looking for a crystal shield, and this one is undamaged. You, ah, better test this one too."

"HA! Sure ting."


"No, no, no, no!" shouts Rune as he punches the wall of the sacred chamber.

The old man, who has been guarding the chamber since he was five, came running in. "Reverent One, what is it?"

"It's not here. how the hell can it NOT be here."

"I....I don't understand."

"The memories. There is a definite memory of what is happening to Chaz there, but...it's as if it just isn't there, not completely anyways."

"How is that possible."

"The cult! That damn symbol I found in there. That has to be the explanation."

"What now, Reverent One. And what of the Chosen One."

"I don't know which is worse. The fact that I cannot help him, or the fact that I have to inform his sister that there is nothing I can do."

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