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Chapter 21

Note from the author:

Sorry for the long delay, year long if memory serves. But, things are finally getting back to a dull roar. Anyways, I want to thank those that e-mailed me about getting this thing going, and well, here it is. It's also been a little while since I've worked on it, so if there are gaps and such in the story, let me know via e-mail, and I'll see what I can do to fix them up in preceding chapters.

Chaz put a hand on one his arms. The pulsating strength and power emanating from beneath it, inside of him, was almost too strong to contain. It has a burning sensation. He looked at his arm and found out why, it actually WAS burning. His skin was partially charred from the sheer energy.

"By the Light, what in the name of the Torch is going on here?"


"AH! Who are you?" shouts Chaz apparently to nothing.

Hee Hee Hee, wouldn't you like to know?

Chaz then put his hands to his head, and tried to scream, but sound would not come.


"Chaz?" asks the still slightly confused Rika

`What do you want you little...'thinks the Master angrily, he was getting sick of her inquisitive nature. It's a wonder how the little boy...

"Ah, Chaz?"

"Oh, sorry Rika. Lost in thought."

"Why must I train like this? I don't think lethal force..."

"Rika, I will not explain this again. There are some bad folks out there. These techniques are the other things that will prevent your capture. I cannot and will not allow that."


"Enough whining, get back to your training."

Rika then reluctantly gets back to exercising and her training.

`Good. She is coming under my spell more and more with each passing moment. By next week she'll be able to...'


"Yes Miquealar."

"The new shipment of, ah," he says glancing a little nervously at Rika, "child development equipment has arrived."

"Excellent. Stay here, and make sure this cute little thing." he says giving a playful jab to Rika's shoulder, "doesn't stop working."

"Why does everyone call him Master?" asks Rika after he leaves.

"Not sure really, it is just something we all seem to call him."

Rika unconvinced, but not really willing to push it right now, goes back to her training and conditioning. Perhaps later. Perhaps later.


"How do you feel?"

Neilast wonders about a little uncoordinated, "Dizzy. It's as if my two halves are still fighting each other."

"Well," says TemLe Kyra, "that is normal, believe it or not. Everyone has a sort of a Yin-Yang respect to them. A little angel and a little devil, has they are often portrayed in comics."

"This isn't a comic." growls the annoyed Numan.

"I know that! It's just a reference. Sheesh. Anyways, as I was saying, you don't have those instinctive pulses anymore. When you were Nei, if some good needed to be done, then you'd do it. And just the opposite for Neifirst. Now, you have to decide what you need to do. And my help is always available."

Derren comes walking back into the courtyard, looking a little glum.

"Wren didn't take looseing his Landale too well?"

Derren shakes his head, "You wreck a one-in-a-kind relic of a spaceship, and then all of the sudden the world comes to an end. But, he has confirmed the location of the Ice Castle, and the only way to get there is by ship. It's impossible any other way to arrive there. And if we approach it with the same approach as before, we may have even greater losses."

Both Kyra and Neilast bow their heads in remorse at the loss of Rika, even though in reality she is only a few hundred miles away.

"Well," says Neilast, "At least it can't get any worse."

"Ms. TemLe!"

"Tom? What is wrong?"

"We just got a message from Saya."


"It's little Alis...she's been kidnaped," everyone gasps, even Derren though he doesn't even have any lungs, "And Hahn has been wounded. Badly."


"Make....it....stop." groans Chaz.

Make me.

Just outside.

"Look at that." says Derren

Kyra sighs, "How many times do I have to tell these Espers, Not in the Mansion!", she shakes her head annoyed.

"Wait a second." says Neilast, "Isn't that the medical ward?"

"Oh no! Chaz!!" they all say simultaneously.

Back in Chaz's room, which by the power that seem to be emerging inside of him, has created a powerful, and bright glow about himself. Not just a your typical magical aura, a powerful and dangerous one, as it is slowly expanding outwards, and is superheated, and some of the chemicals in the room are starting to get very hot.

"Is it getting hot in here?" asks Neilast.

"The temperature in this hallway is 10 degrees warmer then normal."

They arrive at Chaz's room quickly

"Wait!" warns Derren, but his warning comes too late as Kyra puts her hand on the doorknob and it is hot enough to burn, but only slightly. "I guessed as much."

"We must hurry!" exclaims Kyra, "If it's that hot in there, not only is Chaz in danger of being burnt, but there are some explosive chemicals in there.

Just at that very moment, the entire mansion shakes with the power and a massive explosion.

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