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Chapter 20

Chaz sat up, and was instantly awake. He just had another one, he could feel it, but for some reason he couldn't remember anything from it. Chaz shook head, "Can't remember, or won't remember." he thought. His hind, and in fact his whole body felt like sledge. He got up and brushed himself off, and then looked at the clock on the wall. He'd only been asleep for twenty minutes. He walked over to the fridge that was in the medical room, because he was hungry, but then stopped after taking only two steps. He looked down at his legs, and realized that he was indeed walking. Before it took every ounce of strength just to move, now he was moving with ease. He took a few steps back, purely in shock. "I....I...don't believe this! Wait a second." He braced himself, and did a backflip onto the bed. Spun around, lifted himself up on a bar above his bed, and then jumped down, doing a double flip in the process. He then started doing practice swings and kicks. Everything was there, in fact, he seemed to have actually have improved skills. Chaz couldn't believe it. He had completely forgotten that he had felt one of his image dreams upon waking up, in fact, he didn't even care, he felt better than he has felt in a long, long time.


Nei and Neifirst were circling each other, trying to anticipate the other's next move. Other Espers had ventered into the hallway where the two were going after each other. But with a simple gesture from either Rune or Kyra they stayed out of it. For it was clearly a fight between the two of them.

"You disgust me!" hissed Neifirst, her disguised Rika voice now gone, and her regular voice, which sounded identical to Nei's voice, was now there.

"Do I?" asked Nei, "We are alike, you and I."

"We are nothing alike." hissed Neifirst.

"Ah, but are. You are the minus, and I am the plus. There are two sides to every coin. Separated there is no coin, there is no completeness. We are two halves that need to whole."

"Just shut up and fight!"

"For what?"

"For...what?" spits out Neifirst at a loss for words, "For victory, for death! So that the strong can survive, and the weak shall parish!"

"Is your memory that bad."

"What?" goofs Neifirst.

"Don't you remember what happened at Climatrol....


Rolf walked into the lower part of Climatrol. Everyone feeling a little awkward in their soggy uniforms and armor. Shir shoved her wet hair out of the way, "I hate wearing wet clothes!"

"Ya kna what ya can do wif them?" said Kain with a smile.

Shir glared at him, "If you just said, what I think you did."

Rolf quickly stepped in between them, "Enough!" he ordered, "We have an important job to do, unless, YOU want to be responsible for letting everyone die from this drought!"

That made both of them flinch back a little. Yet again, Rolf had somehow held this make shift group of COMPLETELY different people stick together. Nei sighed quietly to herself. As she watched Rolf reprimand his two good friends. Amy nudged Nei from behind and giggled, causing her face to turn a bright crimson, as she realized that she had been caught.

Amy walked over to Nei, "It's OK. To be honest, my blind cousin could see the connection that you two have."

Nei smiled, face turning redder by the second, "Maybe. I...I don't know. I might, no, I WOULD be dead if he hadn't stopped those mobs all those years ago. Ah, that seems like a lifetime ago." she laughed once at that, "For me a guess that would be."

Amy was giggled again, "Does...he know?"

"I don't think so, and after this...."


"Nothing, ah, Amy, can I ask you a personnel question? Woman to woman."

"Sure, anything."

"Just what to see in a guy like Kain?"

Now it was Amy's turn to blush with embarrassment. "I....ah..."

"Ah, come on, your not the only one with eyes."

Amy giggled again, "Well, I don't know. He just kind of grows on you, I guess."

"Come on you two!" orders Rolf, "We have a planet to save here. Besides, once this is takin' care of, we can finally get some R and R."

Nei smiled, stiffened and saluted, "Sir! Yes Sir!"

The others chuckled, and then they moved onward. After moving through Climatrol, they found what they were after. Or more specifically, who they were after. Rolf's jaw hit the ground when he saw what he what was in front of him. It was Nei. "Who...who are you?"

"My, you seem to know me." said Neifirst with a little surprise, "Did the Master send...YOU!"

Nei moves towards her alter-ego with what can be described more as pity as apposed to anger, while Neifirst shows nothing but anger and disgust.

"I am Neifirst, I was born two years ago. I am the product of a Bio-systems experiment combining humans with animals. The people felt the experiment was a failure and thus tried to kill me. But with some help, I escaped. I have created monsters to wreak revenge on the people who so carelessly and selfishly played with life. But there is another Nei inside of me; a Nei who is trying to stop me."

"It...can't be..." said Shir.

"You don't mean..." said Rudo.

"Yes, that...thing with you is a beast that was created to destroy. She hates all that lives."

"Don't confuse me with yourself." said Nei flatly, "No, I don't hate humans. In fact," she turns slightly and gives Rolf a smile, "I love them."

Rolf took a step back. It hit him, for the first time, it actually thoroughly hit him. But what surprised him even more, was that he realized just how much he felt about her too.

"It was terrible inside of her! Of course it was terrible in to be...what I am. But, it was worse to crave revenge for a mistake by creating all of those evil beasts."

"Fool! You say such things, but you are powerless to stop me! Just try it."

Nei walked over to her other half, she was very calm, "If you must."

Rolf suddenly realized what she was doing, what she was planning on doing. No, it couldn't end, not like this, not while he found out that she loved him, and that he loved her. He looked from one ally to the other, as they were all seemed to know what Nei was up to.

Neifirst growled, "Die!" she thrust her claw into Nei's stomach. Nei yelped in pain, and fell down motionless. Rolf cried out in terror at what he just saw, he looked at Neifirst with hatred, but Rudo held him back.

"Let me go! That demon needs to have its head removed!"

"Rolf, look."

Rolf looked and saw that despite the fact that Nei did not even touch Neifirst, she had a gash in her stomach and was coughing up blood.

"What the..."

Hugh stepped forward, "They were part of the same person, by killing Nei she killed herself."

"She sacrificed herself, to protect Algo." said Anna with awe at the Numan's bravery.

Neifirst stepped back, and before falling for what they thought would be the last time, she hit a large red button. Siren and alarms went off everywhere. Then computers started exploding left and right.

Kain looked around, "Dis place is toast, let us went."

"Right behind you." called Amy.

Rolf and co. left and found the rains coming without end, and thus moved to open the dams and save Mota. But, meanwhile back in Climatrol.

Nei was the first one to regain her senses. Neifirst was also starting to come to. But, Nei fumbled into her backpack and found a Trimate. She used it on her wound, she say that Neifirst's wound had been healed by it as well.

"How bizarre." said Nei to herself, she looked and saw just down from the now smoking computers two working Cryo Chambers that were hooked up to each other. Seeing as how, the they were going to be down there for a while, Nei decided to put herself and Neifirst into the chambers since there was no way out, and she wasn't sure what to do next, that seemed like the best option.


"...you can't kill me, and I can't kill you. But, I am willing to sacrifice myself."

"Just like before." said Neifirst, "You're still a coward."

"Not at all." said Rune, "What she did, made her a hero."

"You stay out of this!"

"Give it up." Nei then reached out as the two of them got close, an unusual glow seemed to surround them, they're hands touched, and they actually seemed to move into each other.

Neifirst grinned evily, "You'll lose again. You couldn't stand it before, you won't be able to stand it again."

"Wrong." says Nei, "For there are two things that you don't know, while I may be the good half, I still have a dark side, as you have a touch of kindness in that black heart of yours."

"Kindness. HA!"

"Whether you believe it or not, that is irrelevant. Because we will BOTH die once we rejoined."

"What sort of trickery is this supposed to be."

"I am the light, you are the dark. When we are joined, we will be of one person, of one thought, not two. Two unique personalities will become one."

Neifirst suddenly realized that she was right. She tried to pull away, but couldn't, "It's too late." said Nei, "The Joining has started, and it can't be stopped."

Slowly they moved together, their cells seemed to merge into one the two identical bodies, merged into each other, all the while the light surrounding them glowed with an even brighter presence.

A Large Dezorian was then pushing and shoving people out of the way, left and right. Kyra turned with a start and had to shield her eyes from the bright light. "Kal? Is that you? I had forgotten all about you. Where have you been?"

"I've been doing my own investigation on...certain events. Argh! What is with that blasted light!"

Suddenly the light died, and the Numan's single body fell to the ground in a heap. Her clothes had been burned away in all of the energy of the Joining. Kal instinctively wiped off his heavy jacket and placed over her. He looked up a blushing Rune, "What in the name of the Great Light is going on here?"

"I...I'm not entirely sure to be honest." said Kyra. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Ah, yes. But, not with all of these people around."

Kyra nodded, and then knelled down beside the Numan and she regained consciousness. "Nei?"

"Oh, my head." she held her head and sat up a little bit, then realizing that Kal's jacket was the only thing that was protecting her privacy, she held the long jacket around her, blushing slightly. "No." she said weakly.

"She sounds normal, but if she's not Nei..." said Rune.

"Ma'am." said Kal, "You've been through a rough experience. I don't know exactly what has happened, but it has left you without energy."

"I'm OK." she said, forcing herself to her feet, but still leaning on Kal for support. "But, to answer your question, Lutz. Yes, what Nei said before was true. Both Nei and Neifirst no longer exist. I feel...unusual. I have both of their memories, but it is as if they were different people than who I am. Who am I?"

Rune smiled, "Believe me, I know exactly what that is like. I have the memories and experiences of the Lutz's of the past. They have often made me think of what I was before, and who I am as an individual. But that will pass. So, what she we call you? Nei?"

She shook her head, "Ah, no. She is a part of me, but she is not me. Nor is Neifirst. Call me....Neilast."

Kal shook his head, "Interesting choice. But, it seems to fit. Ah, I think. Anyways, please to meet you, Neilast."

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