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Chapter 2

Josh made a few adjustments to the equipment in the Gumbious Temple. He put his tool kit down and turned to look at Raja, the Jn'Pokhan, or religious leader, of Dezolis.

"There ya be." said Josh.

{There was always a uniqueness to the Motavian accent. Especially in this one.} thought Raja, "Thank you, Josh. Will this forcefield prevent any kind of theft of the Eclipse Torch?"

"Yep. Now, will y'all come o'er here." said Josh.

Raja and his two aids, Rajim and Li'kara, came to see what the engineer was talking about. Li'kara was a very quiet person. She was one of the few female priestesses on Dezolis. She would often alienate herself from others, she was considered by many to be the greatest singer on Dezolis, but her quiet nature would prevent her from performing for others. Raja had heard her sing. In his words:

"She has such an angelic voice that it seemed to come from the Great Light itself."

Josh pointed to the keypad, "Now dis here is your e-lectronic shield devise. I have it set up for the passcode. Just punch a twenty letter slash number slash symbol code to deactivate and activate da shield. Now 'member da code, else I hav' to come bac' and reinstall the whole sha-bang, now what I mean?"

"I have no idea, what you just said." said Rajim with a blank look on his face.

"He said that it's all set up for a twenty character code," said Li'kara, "but, whatever the code is we have to remember it, or else he'd have to come back and reinstall the whole thing."

"Is that what you said?" asked Rajim.

"Yep. See, it sets off alarms all over the Dezo security net. Just to re-install the system. It fo' security. It's so that Mr. Smilth can't change da code. Howev'r, nuttin' is foolproof."

"Can it stop a transporter?" asked Rajim.

"Course! See, transporters got them there en'gy patt'ns...."

"And the forcefields stop the energy patterns from penetrating through." finished Li'kara.

"Yes Ma'am. Well, I'm dun, so 'less t'ers any oter kestions."

"What?" asked Rajim.

"Are there any more questions." translated Li'kara.

"No. Thank you, just send us the bill." said Raja.

"Can do." said Kosh, he waved as he left.

"Motavians," said Rajim, "can't live with them, can't understand a word that they say."

Raja broke out into laughter even though Rajim did not intend for it to be a joke.


"Sister?" asked Hahn.

"But, I thought that you said that you didn't know who your family was." said Rika.

Chaz turned to look at his wife, as if he had just noticed her for the first time. "Oh, sorry. It's a bit of a shock for me."

"We're pretty startled by the news as well." said Rika.

Chaz nodded at that, "Yeah, I guess you are. Anyways, she not my actual sister. If the person who sent this is actually who she says she is...." Chaz trailed off.

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Rika.

"Maybe later, please understand." said Chaz.

Rika nodded, "I do. When you're ready."

"You said she's not actual your sister?" asked Hahn.

"Step-Sister." clarified Chaz, "I was adopted when I was very young. I had a....." Chaz broke off again, has the memory was clearly an extremely painful one. Neither Hahn nor Rika would press it further.

"I must go."

Rika started to get up, but she was still in a little bit of pain from her surgery. Chaz wanted to give her a Trimate for her pain, but she's already had one, and the doctors have become very cautious due to the new health plan, so she had to settle with just being a little weak.

"Rika, dear, you need to rest. Hahn, stay with her, I'm counting on you." said Chaz.

"But...." started Hahn, he was clearly worried about his friend, and he wanted to come with him. But, Hahn realized that it was more about curiosity of Chaz having a step-sister as opposed to his concern for his friend.

"If this is from my step-sister, then it will have to be something for me to face on by own." said Chaz.

Hahn and Rika merely nodded. And with that Chaz left to met his would be sibling.


Ricto put the last of Kazt's, his brother, belongings in his suitcase. He couldn't believe it. His family seemed to have the Gift. The Gift was a legend true enough, but here his father had survived an ambush by a group of rampaging Dezorians, he and his partner, Kaman, had helped the Protectors destroy Lassic, and now it was discovered that his brother was an E10 magic user. Father didn't like the idea of him leaving the litter, but Kazt was always his own cat, he had to do things his way, or no way at all. He was very stubborn, but he always seemed to get what he wanted, and yet he wasn't spoiled. He wondered if it had to do with the fact that he was a gifted magic user. Well, maybe after a few years at the Esper Mansion would uncover the truth.

"All ready?" asked Ricto.

"I was born ready." said Kazt.

They were both acting like there was nothing wrong, but both of them were being torn inside out. They were more then just brothers, they were inseparable.


"Don't. You know it and I know it. But, father hates the show of emotions, and I don't have any intention on letting him down." This would come as a surprise to any who would casually witness this. In the past, Kazt displayed a natural defiance towards their father, however Ricto knew that this was just a defense mechanism towards their father's strict discipline. In reality, Kazt thinks the world of his father.

Ricto merely nodded. That night he and another Musk Cat by the name of Plyst left for the Esper Mansion, to train as the Magic Guardians of Algo, a not quite so quaint little name that Rune had adopted for the Espers.

Not one tear had left Ricto's eye when his beloved brother left the Musk Cat Cave. Kaman came up to Ricto after his brother had left.

"I'll miss him too, my friend. Perhaps a little training and exercise will help take your mind off of things." said Kaman.

Ricto turned and nodded at his partner and friend. "You're right. Let's go and do some training."

And with that the two of them took off for the open lands of Dezolis in order to train themselves for a time when it might be needed.


Dawn came to Dezolis. The city of Tyler slowly came to life. The shopkeeper went to his armor shop. He unlocked his door, and when he went inside he nearly passed out from shock. He hadn't just been robbed, his shop had been completely cleaned out.

Kal came into the shop. He was the first Dezorian Hunter to appear on Dezolis. He was a tall man and a very strong man. His family were killed a long time ago, and he never showed his emotions to ANYONE after that, not even to himself.

"Did you see anyone?" asked Kal.

The shop-owner who was still in shock over what had happened to him. He had lost everything. "I...Ah..."

"You need to concentrate." said Kal bluntly, "If you want your stolen equipment back, then you need to tell me everything."

"Here." said the whimpering man, handing Kal a Manila Envelope, "That is my entire inventory, I've listed everything that was stolen."

Kal took then envelope and glanced through what was stolen. Mainly Silver Armor, and a few Silver Weapons. "Hmm. A similar robbery happened at Meese. They could be connected." thought Kal aloud.

"So, you're already got an idea where to start?" asked the shop owner hopefully.

"Perhaps." said Kal, "I'll need to go over everything in here, and ask around to see if anyone saw...."

"Is...there something wrong?"

Kal shook his head, "No, actually, I just realized something else. Excuse me, I'll be back."

Kal left the weapons shop and went across the street to the bank across the street. He went in and stepped up to one of the clerks who smiled at large Dezorian.

"Hello, how can I help you?" asked the cheery clerk.

Kal took out his ID. "DHG, ma'am." (Dezorian Hunter's Guild) "I need to see your manager immediately."

The bank clerk nodded, "Of course. Please wait right here."

A chubby man walked out and offered Kal his hand, "Hello, my name is John Parkers. I'm the manager here at the Tyler Bank of Dezolis."

{Well isn't that nice} thought Kal.

"Please come into my office." said John Parkers.

Kal walked into Parkers' office. "I'll be blunt. The shop next door was just robbed clean. I know that you keep a camera by the front door of the bank. I need to look at the tape from that camera from last night."

"Well, Mr....ah.."


"Mr. Kal, the security camera film is for official use. Only camera officials or military...."

"Is a weapon slash armor shop. It was picked clean, some of it was heavy equipment." Kal takes a picture that John Parkers had on his desk. "I see that you have a family. I don't know who has the weapons, but I DO know that they aren't exactly cub scout looking for a new merit badge. If your family is killed by these monsters," Kal then crushed the picture of the manager's family, then he picked out the pieces of glass in his hand as if they were nothing, "don't come crying to me. Have a nice day." And with that Kal turned around and started to leave.

Kal could be QUITE convincing at times. This was one of those times. The manager looked very nervous, "Ah, wait...ah, Mr. Kal."

Kal stopped and looked over his shoulder, "I'm a very busy man."

John Parkers, the bank manager, sighed "All right. The tape room is this way."

Kal smiled, which is something he rarely does, as he followed the manager to a secured vault. Parkers went to the left and used his key to open another room that had tapes up and down long hallways. He looked for a little bit, but in a couple of minutes he had the tape in question.

"Now, ah, Mr. Kal. This is not to leave this room." said the manager handing the tape to Kal.

"I wouldn't think of it." said Kal.

Fifteen minutes later Kal left with a COPY of the security camera videotape.

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