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Chapter 19

The Master walked through, and forced another door open. This one lead to a flight of stairs leading down. Meanwhile, something was following him. He turned around and scanned the room with his mind, but he could not find anything there. "Odd.", he then made a telepathic link with Forsha in the Skyhopper, {Forsha, there is something in here.}

{Like what Master? I can't sense anything.}

{I can't either. But, there is definitely something there. I'm not even sure it's alive.}

{An undead creature?}

{No. They still give off a telepathic reading, maybe....a WREN}

The Master dove out of the way of the oncoming Flares from nearly six Automech Model three wrens. The Model three was a special combat Wren, which sacrificed speed and mobility for power, strength and weapondry. Which made them ideal for defense, and attacking trespassers. Once the Master found himself at the end of his roll, he put up a magical barrier and after making a simple gesture towards the Wrens sparks flew and they all collapsed.

{I'm coming in.} said Forsha telepathically.

{No you are not. And I've already taken care of the Wrens. They were the old model threes. Simple enough to take care of. No matter what I need you in that ship. Once I get the Nei Armor, Lutz's shield will collapse, and I need you to pilot the ship, so that I have a way out. Because our little friend also mentioned that Lutz also made it impossible to Ryuka or Hinus out of here, he was very through with this trap, what with the Nei Armor being the strongest of the equipment next to the Holy Sword, of course.}

{Of course, I will obey.}

{You better.} said the Master has he cut off communication with Forsha, and then continuing on his way, not realizing that the model threes had a nasty tendency to reconstruct themselves with powerful little nanoprobes in their systems. Their internal circuitry was also automatically working on a way to ward off the effect of the Master's electrical attack, making them immune to it.


Neifirst embraced Chaz heartily. "Chaz, thank the Light your all right. And you can move!" tear flowing freely, thanks to the onions she had used before entering the room.

Chaz returned the hug, and said nothing. Something wasn't quite right. Neifirst could sense the growing hesitation. "Chaz, please talk to me."

"Uh, sorry. I just don't feel well." said Chaz, "It's good to see you too, but I really need my rest."

Neifirst nodded, "Of course, love. Whatever you say." And she turned and left.

"Love? She's never called love before." thought Chaz, as he shook his head, "By the Light, what is wrong with me? I'm driving myself crazy over a dream? Maybe what I need is rest."

And with that, Chaz lied back down, but sleep would not come to him. He seemed to be to worried about what WOULD come to him, had he gone to sleep. Kyra had started to say something about what was in the back of his mind. Maybe, that is what was bothering him. Chaz shrugged it off, and quickly fell asleep.


Kyra saw Neifirst leave Chaz's room, and she game over to him, "He's getting the rest that he needs, which isn't that bad an idea. All that exercise really tires me out."


"Yeah, fighting off all those Dark Espers, ain't easy ya know."

"I'd imagine."

"Well, I'm off to bed. Good night."

"Good night, Rika. It's so good to see you."

"You too, good night."

Kyra waved, and was startled by a voice from the shadows, "Hmmm, you don't seem thoroughly convinced of her sincerity."

Kyra turned with a start, "Ya! Nei, don't scare me like that."

"Shh! I don't want her to hear."

"Her?" asked Kyra confused, but after a moment of thought, she realized that she meant Rika, if that was really her at all, "Oh, her. Indeed."

"Let's talk in your office, and get Rune."

"OK. I'll meet you there."

Nei nodded and left. Kyra did the same.


It happened again. Chaz had fallen asleep, and this time, he had that weird feeling he gets when has a dream like this. He just seems to know that it's a vision. Often symbolic, and since he always seemed to be conscious when these occur, he decided to simply watch and process as much of the images as he can, and perhaps ascertain what they mean.

A darkness was gathering all about him, it seemed to have a presence, an intelligence, an agenda.

Chaz looked out at the Darkness, "Hello? Who are you?"

A laughter filled the skies and now decaying trees, and the grass which now turned into dust. The laughter was coming from a woman's voice, but she was unlike anything he had heard before. She was clearly not human. In fact, she seemed remarkably similar to the Profound Darkness, but they were indeed different entities.

"I say again, who in Algo are you?"

I am you.

"Uh, come again?"

I am you, and you are me.

"My dark side?"

Again that laughter, Something like that.

"Something in the back of my mind. Megid."

Not bad, not right, but not bad.

"Then what? Who are you? Or...who am I?"

Ahhh! Now you are getting warmer.

"You remind me of my step-father."

I think you need to take a step back, and look at yourself again. It is time for the Truth, the ultimate Truth.

Chaz took a step back fearing what IT could possibly mean.

No, not that truth. Something else entirely.

Chaz screamed at what came at him, but the sleeping Chaz merely snored, albeit loudly.


Rune shook his head, "I refuse to believe it. I mean, let's say, just hypothetically. That you were right. Why would they capture Tom, then just let him go? And these points that your keep making, they are all...."

"Chaz has had vision dreams." said Kyra

"W..what? He..."

"I checked through a telekinetic probe, approved by him. He has only an E8, but when I checked his subconscious area, it went...off the scale."

"Well, he DID learn Megid. And I imagine that the entity placed it in his subconscious so that he wouldn't get angry and destroy Aiedo over a hangnail or anything of the sort."

Kyra glared at Rune, "No, you don't understand. What I registered, it went beyond Megid. WAY beyond."


Kyra sighed and she started giving a few quick breaths, "It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. And it scares me to death."

Rune put his fingers on Kyra's temple and then quickly withdrew them, and probed Kyra's mind for what she had found. He withdrew his hand slowly, "I...I haven't seen anything like this."

Nei sighed, "Forsha had mentioned something about, the Plan. I don't know what exactly this refers to, but he seemed to be convinced that it has something to do with bringing out hidden powers. He said it was vital and he seemed to think that the recovery of the lost weapons and armor of Nei, not referring to me of course, were vital to the Plan. He has the Nei Met, I know. Because that was stored in Climatrol with us. And he is moving all around Algo looking for them."

Rune nodded, "Then that may give us a useful weapon, if we stop him from gathering one or more of the items, then we will be able to stay in front of them."

"Or," states Nei, "That could end up, us doing the work for them, but then again, if we just let it go, they will get them all eventually. And just have the Nei Sword, won't be sufficient leverage."

"They are in my past memories, but in order to sort through them all, espically for someone of that strength from that long ago, I'd have to consult the Telepathy Ball."

Nei nodded, and then the door started to open. Nei, seeing as how she wanted to stay in the shadows, couldn't find anyplace to hide. But, this was inevitable has Neifirst opened the door and took a step back, a look of shock and fear coming across her face. Nei got into a defensive stance, Neifirst did the same.

Neifirst scrawled, "You."

"It's been a while sis."

Rune and Kyra got into a defensive stance too, "No." growled Neifirst.

"This is between her and myself."

Neither Rune, nor Kyra liked it, but they obliged. And then Neifirst charged.

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