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Chapter 16

Chaz came to, he tried to sit up, but couldn't. He moaned softly as the pain in his neck streaked all the way down to his feet.

"Chaz? Chaz? Hey guys, he's coming to. Chaz, can you here me?"


Derren looked at Kyra, "Does he know?"

She shook her head, "I doubt it. He loves her deeply. She must be the first thing that comes to his mind."

"Uhhh. Where....where am I?"

"He's coming out of his delirious state."

"Uh, I can't....move."

"Chaz." said Derren, "The winds....they hurt you pretty good."

Chaz just lied there, "How bad?"

Kyra leaned over so that Chaz could see him, "Hush, you shouldn't..."

"How bad?!" growled Chaz.

Kyra took a step back in shock, "There has been a great deal of strain on the vertebrate in your neck. You may not...be able to walk again, or even move again."


"She's fine." lied Derren, before Kyra had a chance to say anything. "She's resting over in the next room."

Chaz could tell that something wasn't quite right, but he was about to press the issue on where his wife REALLY was when he lied back down and was instantly asleep.

"Rest for now, Chaz. Your going to need it." said Kyra, "I have envied him for a long time, but now..." she said tears flowing up in her eyes, I just don't know.

"I would not want to be in his shoes." said Derren, "Has Hahn come out of his coma yet?"

Kyra shook her head, "No not yet. I can't believe that someone would attack him and then just....just leave him there." Kyra was practically in hysterics.

Sarah but a comforting arm on Kyra's shoulder. "Easy there, Madam TemLe. This has effected us all, and we need you. As much as you need us."

"Madam TemLe?" asks Kyra, "You've never called me that before. I must have been really hysterical." she says, forcing a smile.

"It hasn't been easy." said Sarah, "Hahn was nearly killed, probably in an attempt to stop the kidnaping of poor Chaz's daughter, his wife is dead, and now he may not be able to move."

"Not necessarily." said Derren, "His vertebrate was merely strained, not severed. There is a very good chance, that he'll be able to walk again."

"I hope so." said Kyra, "I most certainly hope so."


Rika tried to sit up, but the restraints held her down. She tried to move, but she was still fairly weak.

"Easy there. We can't have you harming that little body of yours."

Rika looks at the woman that was speaking to her, but her eyes refused to focus. "Who...who are you?"

"I am the person that saved your life, honey."

"My life? I can't remember." with that the restraints retracted, and Rika slid down the wall. The Master came over and helped her up, while using a NaRes on her.

"Easy there, my dear. We're here." he then sent a telepathic massage to Neifirst, {It would appear that my implanted amnesia worked. But, we must test her.}

Neifirst nodded, "My dear sister, are you alright?"

"S..Sister? Who are you? Who...Who am I?"

The Master nodded, "I was afraid of this. You had fallen into the Crevice. You had been thrown out, fortunately, but you suffered many injuries."


The Master sighed, "I'm sorry, my dear. But, while you were unconscious you were thrashing wildly. It was for your own protection."

"I see."

"Your memory should return in time."


The Master sighed, thinking he should get an Oscar for this performance, "Yes, there is that possibility, but if such is the case, then we shall just build new ones."

"What is your name?" asked Rika

The Master gave Rika what looked like a sincere, innocent smile, but was actually an evil, manipulative grin, "Chaz, my name is Chaz Ashley, and you are my wife. And this is your sister, Neifirst."

Rika looked over at a nearby mirror, and then she say Neifirst standing by her side, "Look." she said cheerfully, "We look so much alike. If it wasn't for the hair, we could be twins."

"You are." said the Master. {And, she could very easily take your place since the you disappeared behind a cloacked ship that was modified to pilot in those severe winds. As far as they are concerned, Rika is dead.} The Master laughed heartily at the thought of his opponents squirming over the "loss" of their friend. Things were going very well, and according to plan, but if history repeats itself, as it often does, it's when things go according to plan, that the floor falls from underneath your feet.


Kyra moved over to Rune whom had just woken up, "Kyra, am I glad to see you."

"As am I. But, there were some...casualties."


Kyra nodded sadly.

"I thought I had felt something...something odd, hidden."


"I know, I know. I just wish...I've never felt so helpless!"

"All is not lost."

They all turn to face the stranger, "Who are you?" asked Kyra.

"We have a lot to discuss, and time is of the essence. We have to save Algo from a very old threat. My...sister, if you will, and Lassic's brother."

Rune looked at the woman strangely, one of his old selves seems to recognize her. "I was not aware that Lassic even HAD a brother. And I seem to know you. Who ARE you?"

"The name...is Nei."

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