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Interlude 3

The Master looked at what was inside the chamber. "So, how is she?"

"OH, much better sir." said the loyal Earthman

"Good, good. Is she stable? I don't want her disintegrating like the last one."

"Oh, no sir! You see the cat woman had a poor molecular bondage, but we've increased hers, now it's twice as strong. Now, it's almost as if she is superimposed with a sort of armor in her skin."

"Interesting. You've done a good job. I may be forced to reward you. Keep me posted on her progress."

"Yes, sir."

The Master went back to his main study, and looked at the reports coming in on the status of the computer installments throughout Algo.

"He is a fool."

"Who isn't?"

"I am not."

"So you say."

"You mock me?

"Doesn't everyone?" The ship shook once, "My aren't we in a nasty little mood. Look, it was your idea to create this...warrior race. These new humans, or Numans...I don't trust them. Anyone with that kind of power, they just can't be trusted."

"And that's something you know nothing about, right?" asked Mother Brain sarcastically

"Well, YOU saw what that....armor did to Lassic. Granted it was fun, but you know as well as I do, that armor is what really killed him. It wasn't ready, I told you that there was no way that Lassic would be able to withstand it's dark power."

"Are you growing soft?

The Master scowled at Mother Brain, "You stupid computer, you can't even realize what kind of a mistake you've been making over the years can you?"

"HaHaHa! Is it MY fault that you've been unable to conquer these planets?

"Watch it." growled the Master, that was a low blow. "And who created you, hmm?"

Pause. "Do not start with me. It was I who engineered my superior intellect. It was I who have been running Algo, and it is I who has created Daughter"

"And tell me why she isn't working huh? Tell me why she fails to activate, and all those glitches in her programming."

"I will finish her."

"Yeah, I'll bet. Look, this bickering isn't going to get us anywhere. Your the one that know oh so much about this genetic engineering crap. Tell me why this so called superior species won't stay stable."

"Because, you twit, merging Musk Cat DNA and Human DNA is a complex procedure. And those human guiney pigs that you keep sending just don't fit the bill. However, since progress IS being made, don't you think a name would be appropriate."

"I suppose. Well, she was human, now she is not. How about 'Nei'?"

"Interesting. But, it needs something else, after if she is to the first of a superior race. Neifirst."

"Neifirst? That's a stupid name. However, it DOES fit. So be it. Neifirst should start at the Bio-Plant. I'm sure she can create some havoc there. Then, after I accidentally find her. I can move in, and she'll do EVERYTHING I want her to do."

"Hmm. A man after my own heart."

"What heart?"

"True, very true."


Chapter 15

Tom came to inside of a damp cell. He reached out with mind only to come smack into a brick wall.

"Tom? Are you awake?"

He turned and looked, but his eyes wouldn't focus.

"It's me, it's Rika." said a purple haired Neifirst who was trying to keep a straight face. OH, how she loved to torture those poor little prisoners.

"Rika? It sounds kind of like you. My eyes aren't too well, but it looks like you have purple hair, instead of your red...OUCH!"

Neifirst then game and did a swift kick to the side of Tom's already throbbing head. "Shut up, boy. YOu Espers are so much fun to torture!" She then kissed Tom, before kneeing him where it really, really hurts. "Maybe I could arrange it so that you and Sarah could never have children" she said laughing.

"YOur not Rika."

"Nooooo. Really?" said Neifirst sarcastically, "Boy you really are stupid. I don't know what makes the Master so concerned over your abilities."

"Come now." said the Master, "Surely you haven't forgotten how he all but destroyed a mountain, not to mention our little Esper spy. At least one of them anyways. Now, Tom. YOu see the shadows is actually a very good place to be. It's peaceful, quiet, and you can do what you want."

"YOu bastard" spat Tom

"NOw, now. I understand how you've been corrupted by the misguided TemLe and Lutz. They call themselves yoru friends, but in fact they are not."

"You expect me to believe this crap?" asked Tom

The Master continued unabated, "I am here to give you the treatments that you need to put yourself on the right path."

"I'll never join you." growled Tom

"OH, yes you will." said the Master confidently. Then the Master reached into Tom's mind and started playing ping-pong with Tom's mind.

The screaming continued for a good three hours before his mind shut-down.

"Not bad." said the Master, "Usually the first treatment only lasts about ten minutes."

"Just let me know dear, I want to be here when he starts screaming again." she said.

"Of course, love. Of course." then they both started laughing at the horror they were inflicting.


The first volley was off by about twenty yards, and caused several chucks of rock and ice to fall and get riped apart by the winds of the Crevise. The next volley got even closer.

"Ryuka!" shouted Rune...nothing "Dammit! It's that field again!"

"What field?" asked Chaz frantically

"In Lassic's castle, he toyed with me, made me fight but without magic. He used some kind of wierd anti-Magic field. I was able to break it, but it took a lot out of me."

Another volley caused rumble to fly out a mere foot away from the group.

"We may have to jump." said Derren

"Are you nuts?!" screamed Rika

"As a matter a fact, yes. Look, you'll all grab a hold of me, and I'll use my Barrier to hold us together long enough for Rune to Ryuka us out of here."

"Those winds will rip us apart!" shouted Chaz

Just then, a blast shot right behind them, and the group were thrown forward and they fell into the Crevise. They all managed to grab onto Derren and the winds took hold of them, causing them to go flying outward, away from the Ice Castle at break-neck speeds.

The last thing that Chaz thought before blacking-out was, "I hope this works."

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