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Chapter 14

The mood at dinner that night was a solemn one indeed. Tom was still healing up at the mountain. Chaz still had bizarre thoughts of anger and confusion at Zio rampaging through him, like a run-away train. And everyone else was still trying to push the image of Plyst being torn apart by the Destruction Skill that Tom had used earlier out of their memories.

Kazt, the other Musk Cat, was silent. He didn't really know Plyst, and though he had fooled everyone, Kazt was taking what had happened, and what nearly happened to Missy very personally.

Then, the eerie silence was suddenly broken when a blast of lightning, destroyed a window, and singed part of the mansion. Everyone ran to the window, weapons and spells at the ready, almost on reflex. Then they saw Forsha at the top of hill, lying beside him was the limp form of Tom.

"Tom!" shouted Rika.

"Great Light no!" said Kyra quietly, as her face went pale.

Forsha waved to them once, before using a Ryuka. Then, in a flash both he and Tom were gone.

"NO!" screamed Rika.

"That son of a...." mumbles Chaz, "Attacking Tom, when he's still weak."

"That was probably the only way he could have been able to defeat Tom." said Kazt.

Chaz shook his head, "Yeah? Well, he's still a coward."

Rune turned to face Kyra, "Kyra, is that...?"

Kyra just sat down, her face drained of color. "Yes. That was Forsha."

"Who?" asked Kal.

"My Ex-husband."

Everyone was speechless. Then Chaz spoke up, "But, I thought that Espers married for life."

"We all thought that he was dead." said Kyra, "We thought..." her voice trailed off.

Rune put a comforting hand on Kyra's shoulder, and she responded by giving him a warm smile, which caused Rune to blush a little, much to the amusement of everyone else. Rune was about to get upset, but Rune noticed that it was as if Kyra hadn't even noticed. Rune sighed, but then again, she had a lot on her mind right then.

Rune sat on the table, "You see. Several years ago, this man by the name Forsha showed up at the Mansion. He was pretty beat up from a bio attack. Kyra saved him, and they grew close." Kyra shuddered at that. Rune continued, "He had absolutely no memory of what had happened, or at least so he claimed. Kyra was helping him with mind probes, trying to revive the memories of his past. She was the only one that he trusted to this, because he know that she would keep a secret about any skeletons that she might uncover. Though, ALL Espers would agree to not tell any secrets found in a probe. He only wanted Kyra to do it. Besides, like I said, they had grown close. After about a year of this he proposed to her."

"Which I blindly accepted." finished Kyra bitterly, "I didn't find what he hiding."

"Hiding?" asked Kyst.

"Yes." said Kyra, "He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He tried to undermine what we had here. He tried to take out Lutz, and claim the position as his own. But, when he struck..."

"I was ready for him." finished Rune, "That year I returned to the Mansion. And I found that he had kept up a barrier around his mind. The advanced Esper would be able to hide a block such as this, and though he was young, it was one heck of a barrier. He was going out of his way to hide something."

"He suspected you as being untrustworthy." said Chaz.

Rune nodded, "I told Kyra about it. That his amnesia may not be entirely accidental."

"I didn't let him go any further." says Kyra, sadness, regret, and pain are all evident in her voice. "I just...refused to believe it!"

"Easy, TemLe." says Kazt, "There was no way that you could have known. There was no way that either of us could have known."

Kyra smiled at that, "Your right you know. Your absolutely right."

Kal stood up, "The eyes of the heart are the eyes of the blind."

Kyra nodded again, "Yes. Well, I told him about that of course, and so he decided to move against Rune, but I was there, and I stopped him. There was a fury of spells, and then he jumped out of a nearby window, but I wasn't threw with him yet."

"Hell hath no fury." said Chaz, winking at Rika, who promptly slapped him.

Kyra chuckled and continued, "He ran for one of the Ice Diggers, since his teleportation skills weren't very good....at least, at the time. As he speed off, I threw a Legion at it, and the Ice Digger exploded. I went into a state of depression shortly after that. Partly because I had lost myself in anger, but mostly because I had killed someone in cold blood."

"It is our most vital law." said Rune, "No Esper should harm another. But, Kyra...."

Kyra held up her hand, "At least that's what I thought. Later, I realized what REALLY happened. I had only tried to disable the Ice Digger, but there were a few other Espers there, and we ALL attacked the Digger at the same time. That was what really caused it to explode."

"I see." said Chaz, "Maybe his teleportation skills were better then what you thought."

"It would appear so." grumbled Rune.

"We HAVE to rescue Tom!" said Rika.

"I know, but we don't even know where he is." said Chaz.

"Maybe I can help with that."

They all turned around and were shocked by what they saw, "Derren?"

He threw his arms up in the air, "In the Flesh!...er, ah, so to speak."


Meanwhile, on Motavia...

Hahn opened the door, "Ah, Rika! So, good to see you."

She walked in, and looked around, "Where Alys?" she growled.

"Rika? Are you OK?"

{Calm yourself, Neifirst! If your going to pull this off, you HAVE to be convincing}

Neifirst smiled and brushed some of her hair away from her face. "Of course! I'm just worried about her."

Hahn smiled, "Ah, yes. I understand. I remember quite a few of Saya's mood swings." He said with a laugh.

Neifirst fingered her claw, {No. I HAVE to do this.} "Indeed." She said as she brushed more hair away from her face, {Stupid wig!}

"So, how are you?"

"I'm good. You know a funny thing happened today at class...."

Neifirst rubbed her temples, trying to calm the emerging headache, {Oh, for crying out loud!} she thought, {That was just a rhetorical question!}

"Hahn, I'm kind of in a hurry."

Hahn stopped in mid-sentence, "Oh, are you sure?"

Neifirst glared at Hahn, "OK, your sure. Wait here." Hahn went into the next room, and he pushed out a baby carriage. Neifirst looked in and the child started crying instantly.

Hahn tried to convert her, "There, there. Don't you even recognize your own mother?"

{Little Brat! If this...thing keeps up this racket during the entire trip to the Ice Castle, then, I may be forced to cut off it's little head prematurely}

She shoves Hahn out of the way, and pushes the carriage out the door. Hahn just stands there shocked, "Sheesh. Something isn't right." he stepped out of the door, and followed her down an alley, "Hey Rika! I forgot to tell you something."

"Oh, will you shut up!"

"Rika, this isn't like you. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to take Alys back. I don't know what's gotten over you, but..AUGH!"

Hahn looked down and saw her claw in his stomach, "You know, your worse then that Hugh geek." Neifirst removed her claw forcefully, and Hahn collapsed on the ground and he wasn't moving. She kicked him once before taking the baby out of the carriage, and walking away laughing.

Alys never stopped crying.


Derren explained the whole situation. About the cloaked ships near the asteroid belt. About the close monitors, and on how they piggybacked a signal on their own radio transmission to triangulate their position.

Rune whistled once, "Boy, Wren did quite well with you."

Derren nodded once, "He's also doing quite well with Demi." He said while chuckling to himself. This was only met with a few confused facial expressions. "Well, the Landale is outside, shall we?"

Rune turns to Kal, "Are you coming?"

Kal checks to make sure that his rifle is fully charged, "Well, I WAS hired to stop these robberies ya know."

"Then lets do it."

A few moments later the Landale had taken off, and was on it's way. Rune and Kyra were concentrating greatly.

"Are you two looking for Tom?" asked Chaz curiously.

"No. We already know where he is. But, do to recent premonitions, I know that Kyra's ex," Kyra winced reflexively at the mentioning of Forsha, "Isn't alone."

Chaz nodded, "I was afraid of that."

"We are trying to create a mental bubble around the Landale, so that we can't be detected by another telemental."

"And you want me to go bug someone else, so you can concentrate." finished Chaz, and with that he let them be without another word.

The Landale approached the icy slope, where the Ice Castle was located. The ship flew in low, so as not to be easily seen or detected, but not too low, otherwise, they'd have been caught up in the winds of the Crevice, and the ship would be torn apart.

"I can't see anything." says Chaz, "Are you sure it's there."

"It's there." said Rune, who was still concentrating on his mental block. "I am detecting an enormous amount of magical energy here. It appears to blocking my probes, as we are blocking theirs."

"Are you sure they can't detect us?" asked Kazt.

"Positive." said Rune confidently.

Then the Landale shook as a blast hit it. "They're firing at us!" shouted Derren.

"Duh!" said Rune.

"Are you absolutely positive." said Kal.

"Shut up!"

"Derren!" ordered Chaz, "Get us out of here!" All the while the ship was being hit with blast after blast.

"I'm trying. I can't avoid their shots."

"Their magical blasts. There has got to be a whole army of Espers there."

"Wonderful" muttered Derren. Then another blast caused the Landale to go spinning, knocking everyone down. "Ah, attitude controls destroyed. Right Engine non-functional. Hull breach on sectors five threw twenty-six. We're going down. OH great, we're right over the Crevice."

"Rune, can you use Ryuka?"

"I need to concentrate. It's not something done on a whim ya know!"

"Well who cares about that! We're all going to be dead soon, unless..."

Suddenly a weird feeling came over everyone and then suddenly they found themselves standing on a nearby ledge of snow by the Crevice to the right of the slope that the Ice Castle was located on.


Derren smiled, "We installed teleporters on the Landale before. While you guys were bickering, I teleported us here. Teleporters are nice, but they're range is very limited. I'm just thankful that weren't damaged in the blasts."

They turned and saw the Landale spinning into the Crevice, the winds took it and the ship was thrown around and torn apart. Within a couple of seconds there wasn't much of a ship left.

"Oh, man." says Derren, "My dad's going to kill me when he finds out what I did to his ship."

Chaz turned and faced Rune, "Ah, Rune, we aren't safe here, could you?"

"I'm working on it. I'm working on it. Sheesh!"

Rika couldn't help but laugh, then she stopped when three ships were launched from the Ice Castle, and started scanning the slopes.

"What are they doing?" she asked.

"Checking for survivors." said Derren.

The three ships suddenly turned to face them and opened fire.

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